Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well Lookie Here...! A Picture...!

I was extremely bored in study hall today, so i got out my notebook and started to doodle. before i knew it, this THING happened.

March us completely oblivious to Dragna, who is going to take revenge for his shoe by jumping on her. However, Mir the little demon is right next to March and will bite Dragona, like she always does to people who attack her friends. and those who call her cute. Israel is really angry at Dusk for no apparent reason, and has huge lips. Sorry. My pencil was getting stubby... Dusk looks like a girl, and is completely off guard when Israel comes. The Aquila-Cat is falling out of a vent, and looks like she has something in her eye. Thalia and Kallista are racing to the top of something ona ladder ad a rope, Kallista was originally going to be on the rope but she turned out littler then Thalia so i switched them. Thanks to that, Thalia looks like a little girl. But she still has a sword, and a Mir who bites. On the top there, i didn't wann leave out Vamires one, two, and three, but in the middle they became a cross of a zombie. the people they're chasing are the sensible mage from the commons, and the drunk one who is once again drunk.

Maybe tomarrow I'l draw Thalia punhing Fletcher and Mir biteing someone...


  1. :D That's awesome!! I love your writing style :]

  2. :D LOL This made me laugh heaps, Mar. Doodles xDDD

    I should post some of my doodles...needless to say, they are definitely not as awesome as these, but they;re ok, i guess.

    Lol nice stubble on Israel's chin! :)

  3. Love it, Mar xD

    *waves at Hellboy*

  4. yay! you two finally met!

    ...or did you already...?

    *raises eyebrow*

    *puts cap on*

    *drinks tea*

    *thunder storm outside*

    (it actually is storming outside now...)

  5. @Hellboy

    Hello to you to!

    *jumps at thunder clap* Well, at least it's not snowing...

  6. it was snowing a bit yesterday, but only in flurries.

  7. NO! It's almost spring break! NO SNOW IS ALLOWED!!!!