Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blaaaarrrg What Is This Jazz?

I'm sick again. I woke up this morning feeling tired, and slept in for as long as I could. I brushed it off as that I didn't get much sleep last night. No one in our household did. The air conditioning was all wonky and it was steaming upstairs.

But then I started to feel worse. I was all sore and my skin was sensitive to everything, and my head hurt. Instead of going to church I crept back to my room and curled up in bed again, intending to read. But then I fell asleep because I was too tired to move, not to mention I was freezing. Then I had a weird dream about nearly shooting a arrow into the guidance counselor's foot (And now I can't spell anything right. Thank you, spellcheck).

When I woke up I was really hot, and my temperature was 101. Wheeeeeeeee. Happy happy fun fun.

I've been reading Shadow and Bone since then. My head just now stopped hurting enough to blog. Because I felt the need to.

Aaaaaaanyway. The superhero stuff. I love all of your bios. :3 They're all so unique and interesting. However, I need so clearing up on a few things. Mary Hiashi and Octa-- I need a bit more background on you guys' superhero (But that's partly my fault). When I said source of powers, I mean how the powers came to be, and what happened around them when the powers manifested or whatever.

And, using all of the backgrounds, I'm going to edit them slightly and make a complicated prologue. Fun~

And... now I'm craving mac and cheese. The weird things that happen when you're sick. Earlier my mind was a living ipod. I started singing (In my head) the Bazooka Bubblegum Song, Tick Tock by Ke$ha, the Avengers parody to What Makes You Beautiful, and... something else that I can't remember. Gaaaahhh.

Just to remind people as well, the opening for Superheroes before I make the team's world is basically... Tuesday morning eastern time. I may take others later (If it fits with the current story), or if you had a big reason to miss it.

(Which is all horribly ionic because I haven't decided on my own superhero yet)

-That Is All-


  1. *hugs gently* Oh Mar! I am so sorry you were ill! :( I am glad you were feeling good enough to eat mac and cheese! I hope it tasted good. :) I also hope your air conditioner begins doing it's jo b better!
    I am excited to see what you have planned for our OC's Mar. :D Do what you must to m ake it work for you ridea.
    I heard Pyro is in the process of making an oc. I hope he gets it to you in time. :D It would be nice if HB could do one too. :)
    *hugs again* Get better Mar. We are all sad when you are ill.

  2. Don't die on us, Mar! D: Get better sooooonnnn

  3. I hope you get better much soon, Mar *hugs*

    ...Oh crap. I should start on my superhero bio .__.

  4. I too have been horribly ill :( But I'm mostly better now. Yes Pyro is making a superhero and should be done soon.

    Also what exactly do you want to know about my superhero?

    So Octa was five years old when he came down with yellow fever. The yellow fever was seen as peculiar because it does not occur in Asia making this the only known case. The yellow fever virus was a mutated strain that infected the host with magical ability (which is how Octa gains his power) and the opium used for treatment enhanced and maintains his abilities as the magic naturally given by the strain of yellow fever is less potent and temporary- lasting only 5 years.

    The rare strain of yellow fever was created by the Chinese Triads and discarded as a failed experiment as the yellow fever which was designed to target only Caucasians failed to meet the infectivity rate required for a major terrorist attack and was thrown into a river. The Triads remained unaware of the magical properties of this strain of yellow fever.

    Well Octa is unaware when his powers first manifested as he was unable to distinguish his illusions from the illusions induced by the opium. It was only after his family moved to Tokyo in an attempt to cure Octa from his opium addiction that he started to regain a disctinction of the real world and was able to differentiate between reality and the illusions he created.