Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wow, what could I be working on now??

I'll give you a few hints!! (includes blurry pictures!!)

  • It's definitely something I do a lot.
  • snow? snow
  • oh wow

  • probably unnecessary teenage actions
  • oh what could this be

  • friendship fluff
  • what
  • i just noticed how cute leonardo dicaprio is 
  • why doesn't he has an oscar
  • i'm attracted to his acting
  • dANG SON
  • so much plaid
  • wow
  • i don't want to do my math homework
  • also for a final hint i'm going to flaunt my other blog. You might know it from where i posted one SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT fanfiction, as well as a HUGE FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST FANFICTION (both of which i nEVER finished wow what a surprise)
  • Pchooooooooo
  • yeah i don't know what else to say i'll touch base again when i have something more of the currently super secret thing
  • mAR OUT