Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Superhero Bios Welcome!

Okay. I am pathetic. I didn't think it'd really be fair, but...

The superhero thing is going to stay open for a few more days or so. As long as I will it to be, because...

...er. Yes. Well, I haven't actually made my own yet. I can't decide on the power. Or the background. Or the weapon. Or the eye color, for petes sake.

SO, to be fair, I thought I'd give other people some more time (CoughPyrocoughHellboycough).

Write, children! Write like the wind!

And now I will respond to people's comments here, because I'm too lazy to go back to the comment section and respond there.

(We didn't have mac and cheese Sunday. I ate french toast instead. It wasn't the same... *tear*)

Kal- The more rounded a character the better. :3 For weaknesses, does the swimming still count? And what about if she's exposed to catnip she goes into a weird air headed mode? I just imagine cats giggling around catnip. Which is a bit weird. But giggling.

Thalia- I am better! Mwaha! But my mom's sick now, and no one's getting any sleep in this household. Weeeeeeird. There was only like a four hour period last night where everyone was asleep.


Octa- Er... like, what happened around him when the powers manifested? How did his parents react? Do his parents know? Dig deep, fellow blogger.

...Yes. And now I show you something funny. (Oh, for any new bios, put them below this blog post, not the other. My gmail's acting funny)

EDIT: Take not you people should still get a move on if you want to submit a bio, because I could decide mine at any second, and start on the story. MWAHA. Now I present you Loki and Anthony.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blaaaarrrg What Is This Jazz?

I'm sick again. I woke up this morning feeling tired, and slept in for as long as I could. I brushed it off as that I didn't get much sleep last night. No one in our household did. The air conditioning was all wonky and it was steaming upstairs.

But then I started to feel worse. I was all sore and my skin was sensitive to everything, and my head hurt. Instead of going to church I crept back to my room and curled up in bed again, intending to read. But then I fell asleep because I was too tired to move, not to mention I was freezing. Then I had a weird dream about nearly shooting a arrow into the guidance counselor's foot (And now I can't spell anything right. Thank you, spellcheck).

When I woke up I was really hot, and my temperature was 101. Wheeeeeeeee. Happy happy fun fun.

I've been reading Shadow and Bone since then. My head just now stopped hurting enough to blog. Because I felt the need to.

Aaaaaaanyway. The superhero stuff. I love all of your bios. :3 They're all so unique and interesting. However, I need so clearing up on a few things. Mary Hiashi and Octa-- I need a bit more background on you guys' superhero (But that's partly my fault). When I said source of powers, I mean how the powers came to be, and what happened around them when the powers manifested or whatever.

And, using all of the backgrounds, I'm going to edit them slightly and make a complicated prologue. Fun~

And... now I'm craving mac and cheese. The weird things that happen when you're sick. Earlier my mind was a living ipod. I started singing (In my head) the Bazooka Bubblegum Song, Tick Tock by Ke$ha, the Avengers parody to What Makes You Beautiful, and... something else that I can't remember. Gaaaahhh.

Just to remind people as well, the opening for Superheroes before I make the team's world is basically... Tuesday morning eastern time. I may take others later (If it fits with the current story), or if you had a big reason to miss it.

(Which is all horribly ionic because I haven't decided on my own superhero yet)

-That Is All-

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Superpower Would You Have?

"The League Of Extraordinary Bloggers."

Like the name? Yes, I do too. I had something like it in my mind since the superhero blog post, but then I googled the thing, and came up with the movie "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and I was all WHATTHEFLIPTHATISAWESOME.

Aaaanyway. That may be just me. I haven't even seen it (yet).

Then I walked downstairs, clutching my grey shirts that needed to be washed, I walked past the open screen door. A big gust of wind blew the curtains back, and I was hit with the smell of boiled eggs from the kitchen, and I was hit with with a massive burst of inspiration.


But I'm in a mood for monologuing, so just bear with me for a few more sentences.

For about a month I've been mulling over the whole "perfect bio-weapon" deal. Marvel has a bunch of characters like that. Super soldiers, Weapon X, yada yada yada. But what DOES make a perfect weapon? I've never really come to a conclusion with that. And while I was looking at old ipod notes, I came across something labeled "Files."

Hmm, whatever could this ever ominous "files" be? You'll never know. But I do. Mwaha.

Still thinking about the whole "perfect weapon" thing, I wondered-- "What about a perfect TEAM?"

And that's where you people come in.

This is going to be like the superhero blog post somewhere below this one. But you guys don't need to find a superhero that already exists and have their powers.

You can find your own powers.

Mix and match, powerful or not. Weapon or hand to hand. Physical super-powered appearance or hidden. I'll even let you guys decide on a costume, if you want to.

Maybe this sort-of came from the superhero genre study in school, and how I want to re-do mine, or whatever, or I sort-of want to keep making them, and one day sell them to Marvel for my own profit (Mwaha), or whatever. But like I said before. Comic books are a freak show. You can SMELL the crazy over there.

Here's a guide to get you guys started:

Superhero Name: Think of something snappy. It could be your blogger name, if it's abbreviated or something like that, or it could be something you think goes well with the powers or stuff. Go nuts. Be creative and all that jazz. Play with names from other comic universes, as well.

Age: Name self explanatory. Make it in the teens, however. Oldest to be accepted is 18. Youngest 12.

Characteristics (While powers are activated, if they are):
Height- Anything you want. Tiny, or giant, or medium. Put height if they can shrink or grow or stretch or something, as well.
Weight- Keep in mind the same thing as stated above.
Eye Color- Whatever it is when powers are active. Do they glow? Are they a weird color?
Hair- How is it styled? Is it up, or down? Are they bald? Or is it a buzz cut? And what color, as well?
Body Build- When their powers are activated are they all muscular? Or is it the exact opposite? Or do they stay the same?
Personality- Are they the same, or are they like the Hulk and go all SMAAAASH and all that?

Costume: Try and have the costume relate to their powers. Use colors associated with their powers and such. Spandex? Unitard? Cape? Cool coat? Vest? Light body armor? And please, have them be practical. (Basically, for the girls, no skirts. Please. I will not have this turned into a sparkly magical desu thing) (I just laughed hysterically at my own plead).

Powers: Go nuts. Mix and match. Be creative! Nothing more I can say here, other then remember- this is not SP. Widen your miiiiinds, yo. Go psychedelic and.... stuff. I dunno.

Weapons: A bow and arrows? A bo staff? A snazzy gun? A chainsaw of doom? Laser lipstick? A boomerang? A flamethrower? A taser? Or do you not want any weapons, and just want to use your mad skills of hand to hand combat? Speaking of which...

Skills: Can they fly a plane? Are they a wrestling master? A master sniper? A master arsonist? Can they speak multiple languages? Or do they stumble around with mad luck skills?

Source Of Powers: Now might be a good time to look back into your memory about any superhero thing you've ever viewed. Mad scientist? Alien? Were they born with it? Was it science gone wrong? But many details, while you're at it. Remember, this is all going towards a story. Don't be afraid to make it dark or just plain ironic. But if you're making it ironic, please state as so.

Weaknesses: I will not have any mary-sues or gray-stus, ehem ehem! Everyone has a weakness. So what if it's you can't fly? What if you can't swim? Have a fear of heights? Act on impulse? Or do you have extensive money shortages? Does the public think you're a monster? Are you a wanted man in multiple countries for attempted murder? Maybe you-- gasp-- don't like to fight? Maybe you're deathly afraid of the other gender? Maybe you absolutely hate authority? I can go on all day, dude.

Villains: If you want to pick a fight with any villains or characters already in the Marvel world, now would be the time to raise your hand. Not mandatory. 

Motivation: Is their any particular reason you want to fight crime? Did someone kill your parents? A good friend? Maybe you want revenge on mad scientists? Maybe you're destined for darkness, but you want to try and be as good as you can? Or maybe you're just a witty anti-hero.

Principal/Goal: What is your dream in life? Avenge your parents? Find the lost gem of your family heritage that was stolen long ago? Not much I can help you with on this one. If you don't really have one, that's okay as well.

Secret Identity/Alias/Normal name: Nothing too wonky if they're not an alien. So basically, your SP name. And if you SP name is really random, tone it down a bit.

Characteristics (When not powered up. If powers don't change appearance, don't do this):
Eye Color-

Occupation: Student, or are you old enough to have another job?

Other- Mreeeeehhhhhhh I don't know what to put heeeeere~

Anyway. If you guys could fill that out and put it in the comments, that's awesome. :D


  • I'm still using the Elysium Asylum, Hellboy. XD
  • We'll all still be in Europe. I'm debating on Ireland or England. Or Wales! OOOOH maybe Wales. >:3
  • I'll be open to new blogger entry things for about a week or so. In that week you're free to mull over your superpower. As last time, this will be YOU, not OC. Next Sunday/Monday, I'll make another post showing all of the chosen superheroes, and more background in the story.

    Now to get you to comment- 


EDIT: Even though this isn't the latest superhero post, still put any new bios at the bottom here. Even if it doesn't look like it, I still get the comments.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


So, I was sitting in my room. On my bed. In front of the laptop.

When all of the sudden something bashed into my window, right besides me.

"AH!!! WHAT THE... WHAT?!" I jumped a foot. I leaned over to look...

...and a squirrel was there, fallen onto the roof... after having just smashed into my window, and nearly giving me a heart attack. I wouldn't have questioned a bird, but REALLY?!?! A SQUIRREL?!

I started screaming at it.


And then I opened blogger and proceeded to write this post.


EDIT: I just noticed that for this year, every month their have only been three blog posts. What's up with that?