Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Remember Glitch? Wait, did I tell you about Glitch? Maybe some of you. Anyway, here's a quick blurb about it.


Through a small vertical crack in the wall, you will find a hidden street. It was lost, when one day someone found it, and formed a small community there. A street, that goes on for 13 miles. A secret community. Well, that's welcoming. But if you do know of it, you aren't allowed to tell anyone outside. Leave them to find it on their own. But people rarely have the correct stability to do that and remain sane.

This place, is called Glitch. Why? That's all that it is. A Glitch. Something that was never supposed to have happened. People who are born there do not exist. The government doesn't know about them, and they hardly ever leave Glitch, save for a few brave souls. Anything that goes on there was never have supposed to have happen. Apparently, it's all a lie.

The people of Glitch formed their own small community, and they have a basic layout. Crumbling on the edges, apartments and small houses come next, then shops and stores, to the bigger businesses in the center, much like the way a city is built.

The one caution you must take in Glitch, however, is that there is a caution of traveling alone. People are disappearing. And what's replacing them, isn't what you see that often.

Or ever, for that matter.


Yes, well, I'll probably alter the plot bit by bit if I need to, but that's the general main idea. 

Now. For the first time in Glitch history...I present to you...The prologue!


Violet was running not for her life, but for her family's life. She ran as she clutched the single shopping bag to her chest, her clothes sticking to her body.

All she had were her little sister, Rain, and her little brother, Conrad. Rain was 8, and Conrad was 5. Violet topped both of them put together with her age of 15, but because of loosing their parents, the two younger kids had to grow up a bit faster. Truth be told, Violet didn't remember anything before one icy day in December when she had slipped and hit her head. Her past didn't feel real. Certain words would have a feeling, but lacked a meaning in them. Because of that, she was never able to fill out any paper for a job, and thus, she was forced to stealing for food.

“Stop! Thief!” A old store owner called from the front door, his face red. “Someone stop that girl!”

Violet hugged the shopping bag harder against her grubby tank top, her jeans getting muddier and wetter by the second from the rain puddles in the street. Her dirty, previously white sneakers were soaked, swamped with water. Violet shivered. She needed to get a coat.

As she pushed her way through the crowd, out of the corner of her eye, Violet saw a cop car pulling up to see what the commotion was. She pressed on running, looking forward.

Her feet skidded on the ground as she turned into the nearest alley, breathing heavily. She could hear the whistles and yells of the police. Her wrists twitched in fear of having cuffs around them. Violet pressed on running.

“No!” she shouted in frustration as the alley ended in a dead end, cursing. She should of stayed with the larger crowds of people. Turning around slightly, Violet saw one police officer with a billy club running down to her.

That couldn't happen. She couldn't get caught. Even if she were to go to jail for one or two days, or pay a fee (she didn't have any money to begin with), who would take care of Rain and Conrad? She had made a promise to Rain just earlier that day.

"Violet?" Rain had asked, walking into the dirty kitchen, where Violet was scraping together what food they had left. Rain had long curly blond hair, like Violet, however Violets' was a dark brown. They both had the same hazy light sea green eyes.

Violet had turned around, holding an empty soup can. "Yeah Rai?"

Rain shuffled her feet. "Are we...are we going to starve?"

The older girl had froze. "Where did you get that idea?"

"I overheard you last night. You were in here, and you were holding an apple and talking to yourself. You said it was the last."

Violet bit her lip.

Rain had continued. "That's...that's the same apple me and Conrad ate for breakfast today, wasn't it?"

Violet slowly nodded her head. "Yes Rain, yes that was."

"So...what are we going to do now...?" Rain asked.

In a flash, Violet had scooped up her younger sister, hugging her tightly. "Don't you worry about anything Rain. I'm going to take care of you and Conrad, okay?”

Promise?” Rain asked.

Violet had nodded. “I promise.”

Now Violet was going to break her promise by being a reckless fool, soon the bank would take their house away because they couldn't pay the debts, and Violet got herself caught stealing food.

She pressed her back to the wall, staring the police in the eyes. Violet edged along the wall. Maybe if she distracted him, then she could slip by him and run away. Maybe. She slid along the wall, but suddenly...

There was no wall.

Violet's back hit the ground as she fell into the vertical crack at the corner, and she scooted farther into it. The farther away from the cop the better. The cop was looking around as if she had just disappeared. Standing up, Violet raised an eyebrow. She slowly started to back away, the turned, breaking into a full out sprint.

She wasn't sure how far or how long she traveled through the crack in the wall, but when she came out onto the other side, the sun was just breaking through the clouds, illuminating the new world she had just entered.

The first thing she saw, was a street sign with one word, the first letter lower case and the rest upper case.



Yayyy! How was it? Please tell me! Comment! Right now! Pleeeeaseeee!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alice's Adventues In Stormyland

Its raining, (with lightning and thunder), and I'm sitting in the little space under my bunk bed, where I have my bookcase, and I'm reading Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Its a good book, so far.

But, my thoughts are now all spoken (at the moment) in a formal, british accent. Haven't that faintest clue as to why, but I have a feeling it has to do with the book.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if books could talk? The older books would have more stories then the ones printed, that's for sure.

Many story plotlines are twirling in my head, but I'm rather tired, and I don't know which story line to pick, and I'm still confused about what happened when we drove home, so I think I'll just go back to reading.

(My mom and I were driving home, and there were these two Idiots riding bikes on the wrong side of the road. Worse, it was at a intersection. My mom nearly ran one over when we turned, my mom called them Idiots, and I reconized the two as kids from our school. Lets see if Mir and Thalia can guess who, hmm? The one I reconized fully's initials are MM. Hmmm, he was in me and Mir's social studies class last year, I despise him with all my heart, he's obviously a numbskull, and he was in Ariah's pride last year as well. If you two guess it by the first day, I'll buy you guys some cookies in the lunchroom)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can You Whistle Or Not?

How Many Of You Can Whistle?

Because I...can't.

How Many of you can't Whistle?

Just Wondering...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hi (Kallistaaaa! I know your there! C'mere!)

Hello. How are you all doing today? Great...I'm doing fine, thanks.

I'm in the Washington DC airport right now. Reagen National Airport. Had a great view coming in. We saw a lot of monuments. I saw the Capitol building. Washington monument. Jefferson. Lincoln. Didn't see the White House however. Dunno where that is.

Our flight is delayed. Big, big storms. Two people today went to the hospital already. We flew through the same storms, however, and we're okay. Low on gummy worms, but okay.

So, this is time to reach another point.

KALLISTA! Come over here! I wanna talk! And now is the perfect time!


I'm late!

We're late! The plane is late! God god, just add everything in there!

Screw this. I'm sprouting wings. We're flying alone.

Ya ta, big metal bird!

(Yeah, well, we're flying home today. Aka Akron, then we would drive home. But first we would fly to Washington DC, then to Akron. BUT, Oh, look, THE PLANE IS LATE. About getting home at ONE IN THE MORNING!!!!!!! Jeez, just give us that Hurricane to be (Emily, in case yur wondering), and we'll do just DANDY)

Columbus? We're not goin to Columbus! I don't wanna go to Columbus!

Now a word from my inner Characters.

Rex: well this sucks.
Micky: no duh, genius.
Scarlet: Yup.
Arthur: Scar, your the one with wings.
Scarlet: I'm...working on that.
Conrad: I'm hungry.
Rain: I'm hungry too.
Scarlet: I know, kids.
Micky: we just had Wendy's...
Rain: look! A racoon!
Conrad: It's a badger!

(Um, badger raccoon thing inside joke.)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


At the wedding reception in Florida! My mom gets to Facebook, I get to blog! Take that FaceBook!

Well, yes, I've been to the beach in case your wondering. Got stung by a mini baby Jellyfish. We all did.

Oh, and the movie Finding Nemo's status has now been restored to my favorite movie.

I will name him squishy and he will be mine~

...the screens all bright. My Uncle called my name about thirty times before I finally looked his way and was blinded by the flash of his camera.

Bye for now! Be back on around...Wednesday?

(MIR! Are you doing Cross Country?!?! ANSWER ME CHIBI!!!!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Managing Stories

Hello there!

I'm sure your all wondering when I'll be posting the nest part of my various fan fictions, am I right?

Well, I am here to explain that all.

Lets see...where to begin...well, lets start from the beginning.

Ah, the SP fanfiction. The first one. Here's a picture that may re-fresh your minds.

Remember? Okay, well, don't ask why its to the side like that because I never intended for it to be.

The deal with this fan fiction is that it will probably never be continued. Never. That was merely me experimenting with fan fictions. It had no plot what so ever, so BYE BYE fan fiction.

Even if I were to continue, it would be the most messed up fanfiction ever, and it may end with us all being turned into vampires, or worse, falling into a large black pit with spikes at the bottom.

That, is one of my worst nightmares on how to die. Being sliced and chopped up...but still alive.



Ah, yes. Cirque De Birds.

Maximum Ride fan fiction, about us, as kids with wings. Only wrote the prologue to that. May pick that up again sometime soon, may not. Or I may make another Maximum Ride fan fiction, because that serious gave me a whole new way to fly, my most wanted dream (I first flew on a airplane when I was under the age of three. I grew up going to airports. Now Its my favorite place to people watch. Of COURSE I'll want to fly!).

Aaaaaah...Red Shoes Magic...a truly morbid tale of what happens when the Red Shoes are actually real. Poor, poor Kasch. At least she has Bela.

WELL. The thing is, with Red Shoes, I may continue it, or I may not. Depends when inspiration strikes. Be patient.

The Shugo Chara fan fiction, Dream Guardians.

Well, you see...

Don't be ridiculous. Of COURSE I'm still gonna write that with Mir and Thalia!

Labyrinth. The story of March's past.

I'm deserting that. Truth it, I really don't know what happened when March was little. And the times and dates and stuff confuses me.

No picture for that.

The Hacker...that story about how Jodi Harte and my newer OC break into the sanctuary...well, I never really started that. Maybe will. Inspiration will strike....

Aaaaand...that's about it, right? 

Well. That is all.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Puking Turtle

I was searching for a random monster generator, and found one on a interesting site, Seventh Sanctum. Google it if you must. So, I was using their random monster generator, and looking at the really creepy names. I came across this batch.

Brute Returned
Dart Regulator
Killing Caster
Puking Turtle

PUKING TURTLE?! WHAT KIND OF MONSTER IS THAT?! Does he puke on anyone who defies him, or WHAT?!

That is all.

Monday, August 1, 2011

March Pathway


This is a bit awkward, but this thought has been thrown around in my mind too much so...I'll just come out and say it. I think. Aaah...

Well, I'm sure you are all aware of my OC, March Pathway. If your not, offence, but...yeah, um, so you are all aware of March, you know, has a frying pan, is on Dusk's 'Kill' list.

I've...been considering this for awhile, and...ah, what the heck.

Should I re-write March's bio completely?

She'd still be short, be a shapeshifter, and have the same weird hair and eye color, but besides that, I'd change a bunch.

I realized...maybe I'm not satisfied with her or something? With her strange raw curiosity? Maybe I just need something (or someONE, rather) to help me with writers block? Or maybe I should just make a different version of her alltogether? Like, keep the one now andmake a copy or something?

(I apologize for any typos. Ipod is being a idiot)

Or...I honestly dont know. Help? Please?

Maybe I should just make another character alltogether...I've already made three others.

Rex: Thanks for agkowlaging us.
Arthur: Shut Up, Rex. She's talking.
Micky: what are you guys doing?
Micky: I think you spelled that wrong.
Arthur: me?
Micky: no, Rex.

...yesss...? Noooo...?

*shuffles feet*

They're...not from the Skulduggery world, if your wondering.

Arthur: But I blow stuff up.
Me: Your an assassin, you kill PEOPLE, not machines.
Arthur: was. Was an assassin.
Micky: Oooh, is this online? HELLO...O...O...!
Rex: I apologize, for them.
Me: thank you, Rex. For being serious.
Rex: but I have the cool boots.
Me: *headdesk*
Micky: no you don't! I do!
Rex: Yeah right!