Friday, November 13, 2015

(15) amraphel

Amraphel has for sure the largest sweater collection in the world.

Other people have sweaters, sure, but they don’t really collect them. Amraphel’s fucking mission is to hoard as many as possible. Started out as a joke (you know how those go); someone made a crack about how she kept picking them up every time she went someplace new. Still going along with it, Amraphel made a point of picking up an even more ridiculous amount.

Now, her entire closet is practically bursting with wool and yarn and lama fur and cashmere and a few alien materials (which she really doesn’t know anything about).

It always gets too cold in the winter, after all. What’s up with all the ‘Winter Is Comingbullshit? At least in the south their urban legends didn’t look like they got locked in a meat freezer.

Whatever, she’s never been much for fantasy books anyway. She grew up in desert town, what the hell is with it with all the snow.

With the amount of sweaters she has, she can build a nest and hibernate.

Not many of the others seem to have an issue with the temperatures. Maybe Rex gets a little frozen, but he literally commands an army of heaters. He’s fine.

Everyone else grew up in the North, if Amraphel remembers properly. They actually know what to do when it comes down to it.

Amraphel just prefers NOT to go outside during that time. For one thing, she’d freeze to death, and another, at night she would get murdered. There are weird things in these woods.

There’d probably be weird things back home now, too, but that is soooo besides the point.

Her point: she is so incredibly done with the 16,000 miles of white bullshit.

She’s a normal kid, really! Amraphel grew up with a very loving family, they had a bunch of cats and plants, it was great.

There was just no snow.

Plenty of horror movies that take place in the dead of winter, yes, but no snow.

Maybe the sweater horde was a subconscious way to fight back against her fear of freezing to deathwait what who said anything about that?

Her only regret was that laundry day took way too long.

get it, shes the worlds largest sweater collector b/c it’s a post apocalyptic scenario

also who's still surprised i'm still doing this after almost a year