Friday, September 28, 2012

Oh my glob

omfg I just found a picture from last Halloween. I look like such a dweeb. asdfghjkl LOL I'M CRACKING UP HERE-

Thursday, September 20, 2012




Friday, September 14, 2012

Confession Time...

...ever since seeing all the home alone movies when I was seven, I always turn on all the lights when I'm home alone. Juuust in case people try and get funny and break in. But it's not like I'm defenseless or anything.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Post Thing

Ah, okay, hi there~

I said I was going to do a massive summer post thing, but as you might have seen, I haven't really gotten to it. It was to be all about what I did. So, in short, I give you a long list that might or might not be over-exagerated.

I went to art camp and met up with friends from my old school.
Turned out they're huge avengers fans, as well as Loki fans and Spider-man fans and Fantastic Four Fans.
I learned more French.
I pretended to be the weird rich guy Microft, who was on the titanic and nearly sent the captain overboard with his evil sister, Alida (it was a play. IT ROCKED)
I held my Aunt's sister's baby girl for about 10 seconds before she started bawling her eyes out, I freaked out, and shoved her into my other cousin's arms.
I went to Survival Camp, where sleep was sparse, bacon was wimpy, I hid a tiki man in the counselors bed, and we camped inside because of rain and were woken up by Shakira blasting through the speakers.
I went home. x3
Went Blueberry picking with cousins, where the girls (including moi) stood on one side of a bush, and the single boy cousin stood on the other side, and we pelted blueberries at each other
After blueberry war, we started walking and found a creepy pond that brought back memories of evil Swamp Monster stories. Ask me another time, it's such a creepy story that the adults told us when we were all like five.
Went to North Carolina.
Hiked in a bunch of trees. ON TOP A MOUNTAIN~
My mom swore she saw Sandra Bullock.
Hiked out to Dupont State Forest (where they filmed the Hunger Games), and hiked to a river. Then I proceeded to lie down on a rock, pretended to be Peeta, and grabed someone's ankle as they walked by. That someone was my mom. She got the FUNNIEST LOOK on her face. xD
Went to a park and saw a performance of Shakespeare's the Merry Wives Of Windsor. Some guy brought a parrot, and he had it in his lap and was petting it. Then it randomly squeaked at points. o.O
Hiked to Chimney Rock. Then I stood on top of it and shouted "I'M MERELY ONE HELL OF THE BUTLER!!!!"
White Water Rafting. xD I'm alive! And we got wet! So, so wet!
Cave Tours. I only had a near-panic attack ONCE, in a really narrow part! :3 Scooore!
Zip lining. At one point, I yelled "This is Spartaaaaaaaaaaa!", but then later on, I heard some guy yell "GERONIMOOOOOOOOO!" and my face was like- "DOCTOR TAKE ME WITH YOU!"
Went to the Biltmore Estate. It's SO HUGE. It's like a regular house and all of the property times twenty. AND I WON'T EVEN MENTION THE GARDENS!
I tried the mutant food Brocolini. (freakyfreakyfreakyfreaky)
Came home.
Got sick. D:
Started Archery. xD
Aaaaand school.


...I leave you with a parting chat.