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Immagination Of The Heart

Quote- Your immagination can take you wherever you want to go. Go where your heart leads you.

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Cemeteries smell like old lady perfume?!

Kayla Sophia Chrona stepped off the bus, her foot laying lightly onto the road. She looked flatly around the cemetery that was the destination of their field trip, at the various other kids in the thin fog. As Kayla walked forward, her combat boots fended off most of the rainwater from her feet, her black jacket keeping her warm. She put her hands in her jean pockets.

“Ah cemeteries. Smells like dead people...”


“And old lady perfume.”

Kayla turned around to see her friends Emily Starr and Tori Abbot laugh and exchange conversation, like they always did. They had so many inside jokes that it was like they as linked brains and mentally decided on what to say. They even had the same blond hair and green eyes. However, Emily was quite a bit smaller then Tori, as Tori was quite a bit taller then Emily. Kayla remembered when she had fiurst met the two, at a carnival where they were terrorizing a clown.
Today Emily was wearing a purple jacket, and white shorts. She had her blond hair pulled out of her eyes into a braid, a purple hair-band holding it up. Tori, was wearing a green jacket, with black shorts, and had her hair pulled back into a regular ponytail, with a green hair-band holding it up.

Kayla smiled, laying a hand on a tome stone. “So what do graveyards smell like?”

Emily tut-tutted. Tori answered instead of her.

“Silly Kayla. Graveyards smell like dust, zombies, and wet dog.”
Kayla stared at the two as they chuckled, then shook her head in wonder slowly. She pulled her hand off the tome stone, and whipped her hand away as she somehow cut it on the edge, a drop of blood falling onto the stone.


The three girls turned, along with the rest of the 29 kids, to see their wonderful teacher Mr. Fletcher, who always wore a tie and a baseball cap. He said that people who wore ties and baseball caps together in one outfit had class, when other said it was weird (Which summed up what everyone always thought of him). Today he had a periwinkle tie, along with a red baseball cap. It hardly matched with his pinstripe shirt, or his black pants and black shoes. Why he wore that to a cemetery, Kayla had no idea.
Mr. Fletcher clapped his hands together.

“Today, we will be witnessing various tome stones, architecture, and history, all in this wondrous graveya-”

Tori frowned. “But it doesn't smell like wet dog.”

“-rd. So if you would all please follow me up this stone path here, we shall begin our tour.”

Kayla narrowed her eyes, zoning out as Mr. Fletcher began his lecture on the history of a ionic pillar. Rows beyond rows of graves were before her, stretching into oblivion, as far as the eye could see. Kayla looked at the headstones, picking out names she knew.


That was her mom's name. Rachel Chrona. Mrs. Chrona worked as a home Realtor, selling homes by the dozens. But of course not quiet literally. She was a strong woman, who always spoke her mind. She taught Kayla's older sister, Arabella, well. Now Arabella was in a collage across the globe, somewhere in Japan.
Kayla's head tilted up, looking at a tall headstone, and spotted a worn away name.


That was Kayla's dad's name. Arthur Chrona. Kayla never really saw him, because he was always working over seas, in England. Never really there when you need him.
Kayla swallowed tightly, blinking. Her eyes went blurry for a second when she remembered the rest of her family was over seas as well, scattered everywhere but in America, where Kayla and her mom made their home.


Kayla stopped in her tracks, bumping into Tori, who was a few inches taller then her. The two girls had fallen to the back of the group, Emily a bit before them.

Hey, shorty.” Tori said.

Sorry.” Kayla's eyes narrowed. “I'm not short just because your an inch taller then me.”

Tori shrugged. “That's short to me.”

Kayla looked at her dryly as she jogged to the front of the group, catching Emily's hand as she passed by and pulled her along. Kayla lingered at the back, looking at more gravestones.

Darryl Raisor.

Nolan Marafioti.

Penny Chaves.

Kayla Chrona.

Opal Phy-

Kayla quickly ran back to a gravestone in the shape of a cross, her hands flying to her mouth when she saw her name carved there. Kayla Sophia Chrona. She bent down to it, laying her hand on the stone to make sure it was real. But she didn't believe it. She couldn't.

She was dead?!

Kayla sprang from her position, looking frantically at the other markers. There! She saw her name again, over by that big oak tree! Kayla ran past other gravestones, too worried to take note of any of her surroundings. This marker was exactly the same, even down to texture of the rock.

“No...” she mustered.

Kayla sprang up again, this time around a corner created by trees. She tumbled over another identical marker, falling onto the damp grass. Kayla gasped slightly, holding her hand to her stomach.

“Impossible...” she growled. “Impossible!”

Kayla ran to another grave marker, still taking no notice that of her surroundings, of the the gravestone markers that were growing in size and number, the oldest dating 1906. She reached the next one, and saw the death date 1923.

“Liar!” Kayla yelled. “Liar liar liar!”

She bit her lip, the cut on her hand stinging. Kayla laughed nervously.

“You things are useless if you can't even tell the correct information!” she shouted. “Useless!”

Useless, Kayla? I think not.

Kayla stumbled back, falling up against a tall stone. She laughed again. The idea of a gravestone talking to her in her head is ridiculous. It even knew her name.

Yeah? What else can you do!” she shouted.

For example, we can do this.

Kayla screamed as the nearest tome stone exploded, bits of rock blasting into the air. She turned swiftly, hiding behind the stone her back was to. Her eyes showed off pure fear.
But the tome stone that was behind the one she was hiding by exploded as well, blasting into the air. Kayla doubled over, holding her arms over her head. All around her tome stones preceded to explode, but not one rock hit Kayla, sparing her of damage.

“Stop it!” She yelled.

Asa you wish, Chrona.

Then...a pink ninja jumped in front of her.


ha ha ha!

take that, timothy!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger, I have a mission for you. It has two parts. 

One- rate this from one to ten. Honestly. 

Two- give it a title. 

The possible titles I have for it so far are "Ame no Aka", wich is Japanese for Rain Red. OR, just plain old "Rain Red". Could also possibly end up being "Pink Cross".

(You're not allowed to pick those! I FORBID YOU!)

Don't say it. (To Kallista's parents)


Yo. Currently, I am Mar-Chu. Why I said currently does not concern you. What does concern you, and why I'm talking to you, is the matter of Kallista.

You probably don't call her Kallista, but everyone here does. She is your daughter.

Yes, I have stated the obvious. Har Harr.

It has come to my attention, that you think Kallista is a bad influence.

Oh god, you are WRONG.

Kallista is there when we're sad, when we're mad, she's there whenever SOMETHING is going on! Kallista is kind, she's sincere, she's funny, and she is a great friend.

Kallista is a permenent fixture on this blog, and withought her we would all crumble into dust, never to be seen again. The people who are her closest friends would go first, because they could not bear to be on withought Kallista. Then there are the people who would stay on. They would find blogland half-dead whenever they come on, and soon they would just find it a depressing place. They would then leave.

Now, There is our golden god, Derek Landy. He would continue posting, but pretty soon, withought his comments and his loyal minions, his blog would soon close down, becoming a emty shell. With his blog gone, no one will have a good, hard reason to find our own blogs, and we would fade into oblivion.

Pretty soon the lot from youtube would come nd walk on our ahses, spreading thir empire everywhere, infecting it.

The online world would be infected by their wrath, and creative, artistic power would turn into a bland mush, everything blending together until it is all the same, tasteless object. That would be the fall of deviantart.

but pretty soon loads of people would be shut down from youtube from swearing, offensive manner, and just no sense of humor.

And whithought these main pinpoints of symbolism to guide everyone in the internet, all the other, less known sights would crumble as well, writing sights would be infected by swearing, ebay by hacking, and news sights by terrible reports of world wide crisesis, until nothing will be left standing, and not even people like Lady Gaga, or Ke$ha, or Bruno Mars can prosper, because there is nothing to spread the word of them.

That, readers, was the internet apocalypse, and it all started because Kallista's parents didn't allow her to blog.

...okay, well, maybe not the WHOLE internet, but our community on the blog.

if Kallista were gone, it would set off a chain reaction of events that led to the Dereksville apocalypse.

So don't say it.

Do NOT say that Kallista cannot come onto the blog.

Because we will all go-

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This...is the fresh, first, new copy of the rough draft of the Hacker story.

Well, really its the summary.



Jodi Harte, while walking down the street sees a 17 year old girl sprinting down the sidewalk. Two other men are chasing after her, screaming "STOP!". 
  So, naturally, when the men run by, Jodi trips them. She then walks away whistling. 
  When Jodi makes it back to her car, someone is already inside. The same girl from before, the one that was running down the street. The girl is sitting in the drivers seat, playing with a cellphone.  
  Jodi demands to know who she is and how ahe got in the car, and the girl answered by saying-
  "I'm a hacker. As you can see, I also hotwire cars." 
   This girl is Siren Caspian, and she has been recently hired by a unknown source to hack the English Sanctuary's computers. 
   But, She just needs one more person to help her. Someone who likes to play tricks, who can easilly get past the cleavers, and who knows how to create a distraction. 
  Ah, I see you are all pointing at Jodi. 
  Okay, you want to do it?


Thalia says hello.

We ate cake.

Thalia is twisting a miniature plastic trophy in my face.

She says not to say that.

I say I will.

She says "RAWWR!"

We both start to laugh.

Thalia begins to make star wars noises.


It is not letting me see what I am writing on my ipod.

Pardon me, but we have to take our leave.

(Thalia still smells like dead people.)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Hacker!

Ha ha!

I have a new OC!

And a new story planned! This one has a real AWESEOME plot!

Get ready!

The new OC is a hacker, but she's also a necromancer. She has really cool hair (in my opinion), a magical computer virus, and...

...Jodi Harte.

It will be dedicated to Lenka, and Jodi will be working a bit alongside Siren (my new OC's name).


Just hold on to something, because-


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beat That Timothy!

Hah! I lived through one more apocalypse then you!

What's up with the whole "OH NO! THE WORLD IS GOING TO END TOMORROW!" thing?

I don't pay attention to that stuff, because, well, they made a mistake, and APPARENTLY, SOME PEOPLE believed that the world was supposed to end LAST YEAR.

Then there are the people who believe that the world was supposed to end YESTERDAY.

And then theres our group of people who believe the world is supposed to end in 2012.


I really...

I really...




need to bash something...


Why can't I just...

...oh, just forget it.




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I SAID that I was to be doing another one of these brainstorming posts!

Okay. So this time, I have the ones that won the most votes last time, and a few new ones that I recently thought of...

Oh, and for the new ones I'll do a BIT of a summary, but mostly a sample I put up.)


Story One: A girl lives in a huge community, set in modern day. In this community are artists, mucisians, writers, philosiphers, and anyone who has a endless supply of wit. These people stay away from all the other people un-like them, those from another part of a community.

However one day she finds its all a lie. She's really in a brain stimulation machine, located in a 'insane' institute in a valley somewhere in the northern part of the world. Everyone in her community has their own room, and is hooked up to their own machine somewhere in the Institute. They are all kept there because they have the possibility to take over to world.

Or Destroy it.

(Basically the same thing as last time. But this time, I have a sample...)

Sample: Errr...well, you see, I actually couldn't think of any samples...

Pros: I can possibly see a future in it...once I have dinner. But until then...

Cons: Darn! No Sample!


Story Idea Two: The H-Tardis (Hellboy Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) expariment!

How will we turn Hellboy back to normal? Well let's at least have a little fun with it first!

Ha Ha Ha...!

Sample (prologue, really...):


Joe turned around slightly from the TV when he heard his blogger screen name being called. A small girl who looked about 12 years old (who also had blazing red hair) walked into the room.

"What? What is it Mar?" He asked, distracted. "I'm watching the Doctor!"

"Your watching the Doctor? Why didnt you-"

"Wait a minute...how did you even get here?" Joe kocked his head slightly, voice growing worried.

Mar waved him away. "Never mind that."

"But...you live in America...you live in OHIO..." Joe pestered the girl that he had been talking to online.

"So? Hey, what episode is this?"


"Oh no matter!" Mar threw her hands in the air. "I'll still watch it!" she ran over to where Joe was sitting on his couch, sitting next to him.

"But Mar-"

"Shhhhh! I'm watching it."




"Hush Child."

"March!" Joe snapped, leaping up from the couch.

"What?" Mar asked, slightly annoyed, not taking her eyes away from the screen.

"How on earth did you get here?Did you find Fetcher or someone? Is Skulduggedy Pleasant real? Did anything happen that I should be concerned about?!" Joe's voice grew more worried, and he shouted the last sentence.

"Rob let me in." Mar said shortly.

"...My dad let you in?"

"And he told me to call him Rob."


Mar blinked. "I wish I could make the noise the Tardis makes."

Joe stood there. "What?"

Mar looked at Joe, her face lit up with excitement. "Can you make the noise the Tardis makes Hellboy?"


"Really? Cool!"

"But I don-"

"Do it!"

"Huh? Well okay..." Joe took a deep breath. "Oooh-wee-ooh...oo-we-oo-oo-oooo!" Joe stood there proudly.

Mar leapt up, Grinning wildly. She sprang at Joe, giving him a hug. "COOL! DO IT AGAIN!"

Joe stepped back, gasping slightly for air. "Hooh-hwe-hooooh, hoo-hweee-hoo-hoo-hoooooo....."

Both Skulduggery Fanatics gasped. As Joe made the sound, he started to fade, Mar fading with him.

"WHATS GOING ON?!" Mar cried, gripping Joe tighter.

However all Joe could do was make the Tardis noise.

"Hooh-hwe-hooooh, hoo-hweee-hoo-hoo-hoooooo....."

And they slowly faded into oblivion.

And re-appeared in China, the year 5007.

Pros: awesome prologue, is I do say so myself...

Cons: We meet the doctor. And that's BOUND to be complicated...but, I guess its also cool, because I mean, WE MEET THE DOCTOR! ...this should be under pros, dang it....


Story Idea Three: Meet the MAR. A species from who knows where, that appeared on earth a really, really, REALLY, long time ago. They live beside the human race, can shapeshift into anything they like, have their own SUB-SPECIES, and odds are, where ever anything exciting is, odds are you're going to find a MAR.

Sample: Margaret took a deep breath. “I...want you guys to turn me into a MAR.”

March looked at Margaret for a second, then burst into laughter. Margaret sat there, quickly starting to feel like an idiot.

“What?” she asked. “What is it?!”

March doubled over, clutching her stomach. “What do you think we are?!” she gasped. “Freakin twilight vampires?! This is us MARs dude!”

Margaret sat there for a moment. Then- “...Oh.”



(Thalia, Mir, I know you're staring at what I wrote, and saying “Errr...why use that?”, but I did it, because one day I will be famous with this story, and then I will laugh very much like March just did at all of the bloggers faces, and their cries of “OMG REALLY?!”)


Story Idea Four: Gloss's lies are always true. Well, at first they're lies, but in the end their true. Why is that happening (Not that she isn't grateful that she's won a few court battles, its just that she's really curious)? A chosen street gang may be able to tell her that. In fact, they can all do the same thing.

And a group of super lying teenager who can possibly take over the world and attract loads of attention is never a good thing.

Sample: Where were you at noon, yesterday?” The judge asked, face tense.

At the mall food court.” Gloss Daedalus replied smugly.

The judge narrowed his eyes. “Then how come we have footage of you shoplifting in a store on the other side of the mall?”

Gloss pointed at him with cuffed hands. “That was not me.”

Play the footage.” The judge said quietly without taking his eyes off Gloss, who was busy looking around the courtroom from the witness stand. The bailiff rolled his eyes at her.

Hey,” she began, tilting her head at the bailiff. “How about you try staying in a cell for two days before court.”

Pros: oooooooh! Super lying teenager who can possibly tak over the world! Sounds FUN!

Cons: Errr....the samples font changed...

well there ya go. Brainstorming Mark Two is done.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 EDIT: I..well, I added more to the descriptions.

Okay. Time To begin a brilliant writing project.

But You're going to choose.


Vote for the two you like the best below. Then Maybe I'll morph something, take a little of this, a little of that, and dramatic music will play in the background, like it is now.

I set Up a few story ideas, and the Pros and Cons about each.

Idea Seven is mainly subections, so choose which one you want for the whole story.



Story One: A girl lives in a huge community, set in modern day. In this community are artists, mucisians, writers, philosiphers, and anyone who has a endless supply of wit. These people stay away from all the other people un-like them, those from another part of a community.

However one day she finds its all a lie. She's really in a brain stimulation machine, located in a 'insane' institute in a valley somewhere in the northern part of the world. Everyone in her community has their own room, and is hooked up to their own machine somewhere in the Institute. They are all kept there because they have the possibility to take over to world.

Or Destroy it.

Pros: Great Idea. It's just like school.

Cons: Hmm... I see a mix of Divergent, and a bit of Maximum Ride, with the whole Institute thing...


Story Two:

“Math Kills!”

Ever say that? One girl did. Or used to, depending on when you look at it. Because, It really did kill her.

 Sample: "Warning! I'm really her spirit. She died a while ago."

"...What killed you?"

"Remember that math test on lesson 3?"


"That did."


"Textbooks are very dangerous my friend."

Pros: I can SO relate. So can many of you...

Cons: Um...well that description wasn't very detailed...


Story Three:

When a Girl Sleepwalks, she wakes in another world.

Sample: "HOLY CRAP!" (Authors Note: ...I honestly don't know.)

Pros: Errr...I dunno. I thought of this on the bus, really...

Cons: Same as Pros.


Story Idea Four: I pick really cool actors, give them something to 'act' and write a story about it. List some actors or actresses below if you like...

Pros: I can have FUN with this...!

Cons: You'll possibly pick someone like Lady Gaga.


Story Idea Five: The H-Tardis (Hellboy Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) expariment!

How will we turn Hellboy back to normal? Well let's at least have a little fun with it first!

Ha Ha Ha...!

Sample: "Who the h*** are you?" The Doctor asked.

Mar rocked back and forth on her heels. She looked at Hellboy/Rob/Israel (Authors Note: errr...what should I refer to you as...?), who was looking around the Tardis in awe. Thalia, JimmyBelle, and Mir were looking at her, expecting her to say something. Mar looked down at the frypan that was rigged with other technology. Mar looked back at the Doctor, feeling a weird sense of Deja Vu.

"Why...I'm the... Dentist."

Pros: I nearly give JimmyBells dad a heart attack. Story to possibly include a Sonic Frypan. Whatever that is, if I can make it...

Cons: We all fall on Hellboy at one point...


Story Idea Six: Something Clever.

(Don't Actually Vote For That, LOL!)


Point Of View: First Person, Second Person, Or Third Person?
Short Story or 'Novel'?


Story Idea Eight: A girl gets sucked into a video game, where she meets all different weird proto-types, pixels, and bosses.

Sample: "...Why shouldn't I go into the candycane forest?"

"Because the unicorns will eat you."


"Well, they DO breath fire."

Pros: Cool characters~

Cons: Um...various...pixilated unicorns. Yeah. That breath FIRE!


Hmm... Well, I may have another post like this later.

Remember, two story ideas, and everyone must vote for things in sub-section seven.

Basically: Two story ideas and sub-section seven!


Point Of View: First Person, Second Person, Or Third Person?
Short Story or 'Novel'?


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Fletchers Presents.

The Skulduggery version of the post before this!


On The twelve day of christmas, Fletcher gave to me-

12 Faceless Ones,
11 Tanith Swords,
10 Soul Catchers,
9 Fedora Hats,
8 Fists Of Fire,
7 Killer Beasts,
6 Revolver Bullets,
4 Hair Spray Cans,
3 Possessed People,
2 Black Cleavers,
And A Brand New Bently From Tv!


Okay. Done. Finally.

Way to Go Fletch. You gave me twelve gods that will kill me, after slowly torturing me.
Whatever a 'Tanith Sword' is...
Woo Hoo. What every girl wants. 10 snow globes that will catch me evil spirits.
8 Fists of fire to protect me from the
seven killer beats you also got me!
I can also kill them with my six revolver bullets!
Haha. Everyone remember the four elementals. Sorry adept guy whos name I can't remember. You're a elemental to me now!
...eww. Fletchers hairspray cans.
Now I shall make a quick getaway in this brilliant Bently car~


ehem. If any of you have anything to add, feel free to say.

...hmm? why did I make this in the middle of May?

I had a rough day. Still havent properly eaten dinner.

So I sang~

Finicks presents

On the twelfth day of Christmas Finnick gave to me-
All 12 Districts
11 LEGAL turkeys
10 peacekeeper uniforms
9 of Snow's mouth scars
8 Mockingjays
7 Capitol buildings
6 Brand new arrows
4 Golden tridents
3 New cars
2 Red roses


yeah! Me and my cousin made that up one snowy day last winter. we TRIED to sing it last night, but we couldn't remember it. 



This is from the hunger games, ignorant ones. 

if you already knew, GREAT! 

Day five used to be-


But It just didn't fit. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Labyrinth: SP FanFiction Prologue

Sorry Phantom.

No 'Past the point of no return'.

It was just too long.

Labyrinth? Go google it. It gives some hints on part of the story to come. (The Greek one! The one with Daedalus!)

Ah. March's past. Magical times in the makings.

This part is just basicly how She and her dad started that weird travling journey to lots of places, looking for Alida (March's mom).

This part, as well, really isn't that descriptive, and..you know...a award winner.

But I do take pride in the two year old humor.


"Alida...Please Pick up...Alida!" Erebus Donnelly pleaded into the phone, when all he got in return was a low, continuous drone.

His daughter, Zoey Donnelly, looked up at him from the floor with large, crystal clear eyes. She took in her fathers urgency in his own matching crystal eyes, the way his midnight black hair was unkempt. He had the phone pressed to his ear, rapping his knuckles on the table.

Zoey looked around the room they were in, in all of its 1947 kitchen glory. She played with a small, plush, cartoon mouse, Mick something or the other. Zoey's little one year old brain could only comprehend that he had really big ears, a smile, and a tail.

Erebus stood abruptly from the kitchen table. He turned down and picked Zoey up into his arms, looking hastily at all of the windows.

He walked into the next room over, where a coat was draped over a chair. He placed Zoey on a small couch, where she commenced playing with the mouse.

Zoey looked at Erebus. "Mouse." she said.

Erebus managed a small smile her way. "Yes, that is a mouse."

Zoey looked down at the mouse. "Goat."

Erebus frowned. "No, that's a mouse. Mouse."


Erebus sighed. He put on the coat, and slipped his hand in a pocket to confirm that his wallet was there. Satisfied, he nodded and picked Zoey up in his arms again, where she held tightly on to the 'Goat'.

"Goat!" Zoey laughed.

"Of course it is Zo." Erebus sighed again.

He walked into the NEXT room over, where a baby's crib was. Erebus quickly changed Zoey from her pajamas into a little dress.

Zoey frowned. "Pants."

"You're wearing a dress."



"PANTS!" Zoey screeched.

Erebus looked at Zoey. "Good god, what are you going to be like when you're older?"

Zoey smiled. "Boom!"

"That cannot be good."


Erebus managed another smile. "Come on now. We need to get going."

In five minutes flat, the two were ready to go, Zoey in a small black shirt and a pair of purple shorts.

The two were soon well on their way out of the city of San Fransisco, California, leaving everything behind, all for the 'goat', a briefcase filled with various things, and a 'carrot'.

Zoey held the cookie high. "Carrot!"

Carrot, anyone?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doctor Who



"Doctor Who?"


Monday, May 9, 2011

So here we are...


Well, Really I've known it for a bit, but I'm just telling you all now.

I'm going to follow a few peoples lead, and write a fanfic about March's origins.

However- it will start when she is very, very, TINY, because she was born into magic. I'll cover her traveling with her dad, and hen living with her grandparents, what HAPPENED to her grandparents, living with Mir (oh dear god...), and so on and so forth.

It shall be called...

"Past The Point Of No Return."

A little Phantom-ish, a little regret-filled-ish, and a little mystery.

I'm grinning widely right now, I am...


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Heeeeeeeeeeeey! Hey! Hey! Hey Mom! Welcome to my blog! 


...Yes, well, now that you're done-

*swiftly punches Thalia to get her to stop waving* 


This, is my gift to you on Mother Day. 



March Pathway smashed into the padded wall, shinai flying out of her grip. She quickly spun out of the way as Erebus Donellys hit the wall where she had just been with his own shinai.

March stumbled back, falling on her butt. She sprang up, flipping backwards onto a training hurdle, balancing on the middle.

She stuck out her tongue at her father. “Too slow!”

We'll see about that!” Erebus retorted with a smile, his gaze playful.

March slipped from the hurdle as Erebus launched himself at her, shinai swinging in close. She landed lightly and crouched for a split second before jumping in-between the hurdle, tackling Erebus's legs. March latched herself on to them, laughing.

Erebus bounced on one leg, failing in trying to shake March off.

Speed beats Strength!” March chimed.

Erebus laughed as well. “Oh really?” He fell into March, making the small girl shriek.

March tried to curl off his leg, to no avail.

Get back! Back I say!” she yelled.

Not unless you beg for mercy!” Erebus taunted, picking her up bridal style.

March reached out and poked him in the cheek. “Nah.”

Then I'll make you!” Erebus threw March up, and she shot into the air of the Elysium Asylum's sparring room, where only the two of them were having a practice fight. March could see from the view from the ceiling various weights in one are, more hurdles in another, and an array of weapons hung on the walls. The ceiling was a huge skylight. There was a large area in the middle which was cleared, to be used for practice fighting (However, considering the way March grew up and how Erebus raised her, their fight was scattered throughout the whole room).

Erebus and March were using kendo shinais, which were four pieces of bamboo held together by leather fittings. Also known as a bamboo sword.

As March fell, she felt her normal appearance be 'blown away' as she shape shifted into a startling white snow leopard.

Naturally, she fell on all four of her paws, and watched as a black panther was where her father had once been, blue eyes sparkling with amusement. March un-sheathed and sheathed her claws, her whiskers twitching with anticipation.

Erebus zoomed towards her, low to the ground. When he was a foot away, March jumped over him, landing on the other side. However, Erebus was ready for her, and lashed out with his back legs, taking his weight on his front paws. His legs hit March in the head, and she rolled to the ground, laying on her back stunned.

Erebus quickly leaned over March and pinned her down. But before he could hit her again, she sliced her sheathed claws across the soft flesh of his belly. She wiggled out from under him and shifted back into a human, laughing with a good nature. Her flaming red hair pulled back into a long ponytail, sleeve-less green shirt sticking to her with sweat. Light blue shorts let her move freely, skinny black boots supplied with a cooking ladle slipped into it.

Erebus shifted back into his human form again, lying on his back, winded. He slowly smiled, his midnight black hair in his crystal clear eyes. March's matching crystal eyes met his. Erebus slowly sat up, hiss black t-shirt in the same state as March's sticking to him with sweat. His jeans were slightly ripped in places.

March skipped back as Erebus stood, her pony tail swinging from back to forth.

This is fun!” she said. “We should do this more often!”

Erebus was about to speak when he seemed to spot something behind March. His eyed widened, his mouth hanging open.

March!” He yelled. “Duck!”

March turned around, just in time to see a Hollow Mans fist comes crashing towards her face.

So Naturally, she collapsed and curled into a tiny ball.

The hollow mans fist carried it over March with the momentum, and he tumbled to where Erebus was ready with his fists.

March looked behind herself again, and saw more hollowed men.

She grinned. “It's the return of the paper men!"


...I'm trying to get the...print...nor...mal...


Another part to come soon, with insults you can scream at the hollowed men to annoy them. Sort of. I highly doubt they can register a taunt, but oh well...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Deadly Pencil Led

Mom: *yells from upstairs* breakfast is ready!
Me: woo hoo~ eggs.

*moi gets up to walk downstairs*

*steps on something pointy and sharp*

*jumps back and falls on butt*

ow ow ow ow OW!

*looks at bottom of foot, expecting something deadly sharp*

*sees pencil led injected into foot*

*eyes widen*


*quickly pulls the led out, wincing*

*screams to mom*


Mom: ah! Is that a new idea for a story?

Me: *walks upstairs* n-no, I just stepped on a piece of pencil led.

Mom: oh... *confused expression*


Yes. True story.

*looks at foot*

I can still see the path it poked.

...oh look. it bleeding a bit now.

note to self: CLEAN UP PENCIL LED!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I now have A ego.

I now have a ego.

a big one at that.

Let me explain.

So, on my bus, there is a strange little boy child. He's in the same grade. He gets on my nerves so much, It worries me.

(as for the bus and my nerves in general, I should find a therapist)

So, little squeaky kid (nickname for him) was goofing around. He was listening to his ipod, jumping from seat to seat. He came to sit on the edge of MINE.

I shoved him a bit. He shushed me. So I stared at him with my WTH??!?! face.

Then, I saw a opening.

He was wearing a t-shirt, and his shoulders were kinda open at the top, on his collerbone. like...well, on TOP of his shoulders. If that makes any sense.

And I rememeber what I always do, that I take pride in.

I jabbed my finger in his pressure point.

He fell on the ground, wreathing and squealing.


He was all like- "Oh my god! It hurts! Oh my god! Was that a preassure point?! Was it?!"

And I was all like- *nods*

and he was all like- "What the heck!"

and the boy across from me was all like- "Wow!" *laughs*

and squeaky kid was all like- "That was the first time anyone has ever preassure-pointed me! And it was done by a GIRL!"

and I was all like thinkin like- "SCORE ONE FOR MAR!"



So, now, I have obtained a huge ego.

Because I am awesome like that.

now, i leave you with this picture.

And now you're all like- "OMG ITS DARQUESSE!"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SC (Shugo Chara) FanFiction: Dream Guardians Part Ten

Sorry. No Links. If you're already reading up to this part, you'll know where to find the other parts. 

This part is...I feel its un-realistic. 

But thats just me. 

I have to do a LOAD of work to make it Mar-legable. 

Its a pet peeve I have. I MUST have EVERYTHING I write be REALISTIIIIIIIIIIIC! 


Shana felt powerful. She could feel the nieteno no shana in her grip, her friends beside her. She felt...like...

The fox boy was in front of them. Shana...Shana felt it. She stopped in her tracks abruptly, and Holo and Erza fought the fox boy without her. She smiled. Wait for the moment...and...NOW! Shana jumped into the air backwards, over Mei, who had been sneaking up on her. She landed on the other side and spun, lashing the nieteno no shana at her. Mei easily backed up, smirking.

Shana lunged, the sword barely missing Mei.

Mei clucked her tongue, shaking her head. “Tsk tsk. I was expecting more.”

Shana clenched her teeth, re-lunging, and missing once more.

Mei leapt back, the sword she had summoned out of nothing earlier disinigrating into nothing. “Well, I suppose I should have seen this coming. After all, you did loose all of your charas! And you weren't trying! I lost my three origonal charas, and I wanted then to go!”

Shana's eyes widened slightly. “Shut up!” She growled.

Mei crossed her arms, shaking her head. “No.” Mei smiled. “Theres a pattern here. In all of our lives, we've grown up together. And...oh. I always have the upper hand!”

Shana said nothing.

“I have a more powerful chara even!” Mei gestured to the small doll-like chara floating besides herself. “Doru.”

Doru curtsied. “Pleasure.”

Shana bit her lip. “You're that little creeper who blew up the window!”

“Shana.” Mei interrupted. “Just give up. We've been having these useless fights since when we were little kids. I'm sure your sick of them. I really am. Who cares if you have a chara or not? You did just fine before you had one. All those little faeries ever did was cause you trouble.”

Shana's free hand curled into a fist.

“I mean really,” Mei continued. “Whats the use of them?”

Shana's grip tightened on the Nieteno No Shana. “There's more to them then you may think.”

“What?” Mei snarled. “So they can make people go insane?”

“You...idiot!” Shana screamed. “You only take the guardian characters for granted! You only care if you have a powerful one! Idiot!”

“Now Shana.” Mei's voice got dangerously quiet. “Let's not yell.”

“You idiot!”” Shana yelled, diving at Mei and throwing the Nieteno No Shana behind her.

Shana gasped slightly as Mei grabbed her by her shoulders, throwing her to the ground. Mei leaned it, whispering.

I'll be waiting on top of the old Christmas company building. Two in the morning. We'll finish this there. Tell no one.”

Mei stood straight, a firm look on her face.

“I'll be leaving now.” She stated quietly. Mei backed away quickly, fading into the back round of trees.

Shana stood up, gritting her teeth. She picked up the nieteno no shana and slipped it into the 'sheath'. It disappeared. “I'll. Be. There.”


Thalia'll post the next part! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Well. I am in a foul mood.

So, I was sitting in front of the desktop with a raging headache, ready to start writing the individul parts of the weapon fic or a few people.

However, I sat there.

And sat there.

And sat there...


And realized...I can't do that.


(With my own characters I can change anything! You know March? Yeah, Of course you do! Well, She used to be an elemental!)

I also realized that writing about weapons will HAVE to EVENTUALLY include fighting, aaaaand...well, Its very hard to write five star stories with a headache pounding in my head.




Now I'm on the laptop in the basement, which is a couple degrees cooler then the ground floor.

So, my headache is coming along WONDERFULLY.

(sarcasm sarcasm)

Yeah. Moving along, I'm going to still be doing another fanfiction, still including various facts and back stories on our weapons.

When the headache is gone, expect some epic fighting scenes.


Wish Me Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck~

SP Fic Red Shoes Magic Parts Three, Four, and Five.

 Okay. Since Thalia has nagged me for about two to three weeks to post this, and the program I was using to edit this is annoying the fudge outta me, here are the next parts of the red shoes fic.

At the end you really get to see what my writing looks like in its...second draft of re-writing, withought any editing.

So the details are a little screwy.

To show example, I highlighted a messed up two sentences in blue.

Enjoy The wonderful-three-part-non-edited-red-shoes-magic-skulduggery-fic. 

Her Harr. 


Part Three

Kasch collapsed onto the top of a crate, shivering with sweat. Her feet burned, the blood dripping slowly. Her stomach growled.

"You're hungry." Bela said, padding up softly.

"Thank you captain obvious..." Kasch said sarcastically.

"We need to go. Can you stand?" Bela asked.

Kasch placed a foot on the ground, crying out softly. Her other foot landed on the ground, and Kasch's eyes watered. "Yes." She lied.

"You're a really bad liar."

"Un convincing, really..."

Bela shook his head. "Stay here. Hide in a corner. I'll go and get food."

Kasch curled up on the crate again. "You're the best..." She called as Bela sprinted away.

"Yeah Yeah." Bela muttered, dreading the day that when he got back, Kasch would he missing.

He had no idea how close that day was.


Israel Elysium stood on the edge of the warehouse, hands in pockets. The day was cloudy, the ground wet.

Israel turned to greet two mages who would accompany him in this taks, Mary Hiashi and Thalia Circe.

Thalia tapped Her foot impatiently. "So when are we going in?" She asked.

"Soon. We're just waiting for-" Israel broke off as a small grey main-coon cat jumped on his shoulder, purring. "-Mar Chu."

March Pathway flicked her tail, her shifted form tense and ready for action.

Mary tipped her head. "So I guess we're going in now?"

"You guessed correctly."

The group walked slowly into the building, taking care not to make a sound. The building was unfortunately in a low-profile place in Dublin, so not much traffic could mask their feet.

Israel saw Mary fade out of view, he was sure to surround the girl.

Israel stopped at a corner of a large crate, turning around slightly to press a finger to his lips at Thalia and March. He turned back around, peeking past the crate. There, lying on a rectangular crate, was a young girl about 14.

The girls skin glistened with sweat, her tangled blond hair in a mess behind her. A black jacket was laid over her, and her head was resting on a pile of jeans. Her feet, poking out from the jacket as she was curled up, were wearing red ballet shoes. The red shoes. The ribbons were covered in fresh blood, and the skin was raw from where the ribbons rubbed it.

The girl's name was Kasch Fantine, and she was last seen in Dublin City. She had been noted to be traveling with a small black cat, who possessed a huge amount of magical power. Kasch was cursed by the red shoes three years earlier, when she had been eleven. The red shoes contained vast quantity of dark magical power, capable of vast stunts that had been recorded in the past.

March tensed on Israel's shoulder, and he had a vague sensation of his magic flowing into her. Mar curled around Israels neck, trying to be as small as possible. They both saw the same thing in the future.


The crates directly behind Kasch were blasted into the air as the vampires surrounded her, where she jolted upwards, only to wince in pain.

Israel drew his loaded shotgun. "Go!" he shouted.


Part Four.

Kasch Fantine tumbled off the crate, glass showering from a large over hanging window she hadn't spotted the night before. A man in a thigh length coat ran past her, a shotgun in his hand.

Kasch's head whipped around to behind, and she was met with the sight of a vampire barreling into her. Kasch was pinned to the ground, a vampire with rank breath holding her there.

"Your breath reeks." Kasch muttered.

A small main coon cat jumped on the vampires, yowling bloody murder. The vampire jerked back in surprise, twisting off Kasch. Kasch curled into a ball, feeling her back hit another crate.

Someone breathed in her ear. "Are you okay?”

"I hate it when someone asks that question." Kasch scrunched her nose up.

A shadow jumped off the crate behind Kasch, and blurred, appearing to be a onyx haired woman. The woman blurred again, and practicly flew on the back of another vampire.

Kasch averted her attention to a girl no older then her. The girl had a short sword, and was currwntly jabbing it at the nearest vampire.

The girl was shouting curses this way and that, and it was probably the best no young children were present at that moment. The girl roundhouse kicked the vampire, sending him sprawling.

The maincoon cat padded over to Kasch, large eyes trained on her.

Kasch nervously smiled. "Hello."

Kasch's head jerked back to te girl with the sword, who was crashing into crates. The girl laid there, unmoving. The vampire walked towards the girl, savoring the moment.

The cat leapt foreward, its skin rippling. As if being blown away, the cat disappeared and a girl was left in its place, hitting the vampire on the head with a frypan.

"Back off creep!" the girl screeched.

The vampire whipped his arm around, knocking the cat girl back towards Kasch.

"Stupid question time, but are you okay?" Kasch whispered.

The cat girl moaned in reply, her face contorted in pain.

A scream echoed in the warehouse, coming from the girl with the shorter sword. The girl was on her feet again, stumbling away from the vampire. She had a hand pressed to her arm, blood seeping through it. The vampire darted forward, and hit the girl again.

"Get out of here Thalia!" The other man with the shotgun shouted out. "Thalia Circe, you need to get the heck out of here!"

The girl, Thalia, cursed as her back hit a crate and the sword fell from her grip. As the vampire approached her, glass showered upon the warehouse as more vampires fell onto the ground, surrounding the group. A vampire tackled Thalia to the ground, hand pressed aggainst her neck. Thalia let out a mangled cry, as thrashed on the floor, trying to escape the weight of the vampire. The vampire clutched Thalia's neck until her face turned blue.

Thalia kneed the vampire in the stomach, throwing him off her as she rolled away. Thalia lay on the floor, weezing.

The woman in black, who reminded Kasch of a ninja, darted forward at the vampire who had nearly choked Thalia, barrling into him. The vampire pushed the woman away, and turned and led the woman away from Thalia. Kasch struggled to sit up, every portion of her body screaming at her to do something.

Then she froze.

A vampire stood between her and Thalia, a gun pointed at each of them. Kasch's heart skipped a beat, her eyes widening.

"No..." She breathed.

The vampire turned his head to Thalia, who was struggling to sit as well. The vampire grinned, the smile reaching his eyes.

"No!" the man with the shotgun yelled, from his position of being pinned to the ground.

The vampires hand tightened on the trigger, and all the vampires around them stood impatiently.

Thalia's face turned pale, and her mouth opened and closed a few times. She whimpered.

The vampire looked at Thalia....

...Then he pulled the trigger.

Thalia fell back onto the ground, her life quickly seeping away. Blood blossomed on her shirt, the bullrt having hit her heart. The organs were torn, he insides not able to function properly, Thalia collapsed on the floor, her skin pale, her eyes claiming a glassy look. Then she stopped moving, lying in a pool of her own blood.

"No!" Kasch and the man with the shotgun screamed at the same time as all the vampires laughed and congradulated the shooter.

Kasch looked at the hollow eyes, Thalia's white lips.

She really was dead.

Thalia Circe, who not 15 minutes before a natural born mage, was dead.

Kasch struggled to sit up, every portion of her body screaming at her to do something.

Then she froze.

A vampire stood between her and Thalia, a gun pointed at each of them. Kasch's heart skipped a beat, her eyes widening.

"No..." She breathed.

The vampire turned his head to Thalia, who was struggling to sit as well. The vampire grinned, the smile reaching his eyes.

"No!" the man with the shotgun yelled, from his position of being pinned to the ground.

The vampires hand tightened on the trigger, and all the vampires around them stood impatiently.

Thalia's face turned pale, and her mouth opened and closed a few times. She whimpered.

The vampire looked at Thalia....

...Then he pulled the trigger.

Thalia fell back onto the ground, her life quickly seeping away. Blood blossomed on her shirt, the bullet having hit her heart. The organs were torn, he insides not able to function properly, Thalia collapsed on the floor, her skin pale, her eyes claiming a glassy look. Then she stopped moving, lying in a pool of her own blood.

"No!" Kasch and the man with the shotgun screamed at the same time as all the vampires laughed and congradulated the shooter.

Kasch looked at the hollow eyes, Thalia's white lips.

She really was dead.

Thalia Circe, who not 15 minutes before a natural born mage, was dead.