Thursday, July 23, 2015

(13) bad luck

“So let me get this right.” The police officer raised his eyebrows as he read what he had on his notepad, “You and your wife were having dinner, only for someone in a cape to crash through your main picture window, wounding your wife in the process?”

The man standing across from him nodded stiffly. “That’s right.”

“Said caped person was pursued by someone wearing,” a lengthy pause, “An absurd amount of khaki. Following the sudden entrance, there was a fight involving knives. The khaki intruder was stabbed in the confrontation, and promptly bled to death.”

The officer wasted a small moment to glance at the man. The man was still looking at him with that damn determined look. The officer looked back at the notepad. “With the khaki intruder dead, the caped intruder ran off, leaving the khaki intruder to lie there and disappear after a few minutes.”

The man nodded once more. “That is exactly what happened, and also what I have been telling you for the past hour and a half.”

The officer said nothing, instead choosing to look the man up and down once. Then twice more.

Why didn’t he listen to his grandmother when she told him being a cop was a bad gig?

“Why aren’t you doing anything? This is a national conspiracy!” The man was shouting now.

The officer still stood there. This guy seemed basic enough. They were standing on the man’s immaculately kept lawn, after all. From what he could see, the house was pretty put together as well (aside from all the blood and broken glass, that was).


The man was still shouting, however, waving his arms at the house with a little hop.

“Sir, can I ask what you were having for dinner? And what else you ate earlier in the day?”

“Oh!” There was another shout, this time from the man’s wife, presently sitting in the back of an ambulance getting stitches. “You forgot to tell him about the goblins!”

Christ almighty, the officer blanched.

“I wasn’t going to tell him about the gremlins because they weren’t important in this conflict!” The man called in response, oblivious to his wife’s nagging that they were goblins, Ben, not gremlins. Gremlins don’t exist!!!!

The police officer nodded to the nurse standing in the ambulance. The nurse nodded back, seeming to understand the situation well enough. The policeman returned his attention to the screaming man in front of him.

He cleared his throat. “Sir, why don’t you talk to my superior? I think he’s better qualified to handle this situation.”

“Alright.” The man was still talking way louder than he needed to be, but at least he didn’t resemble someone trying to smack a fly anymore.

“Chris, Brooks! Over here.” The police officer waved a hand over to two of his coworkers. They made their way over from where they were standing by the line. The police officer cleared his throat, “Can you escort this man to your car? I think he needs some special attention.”

“Oh, don’t worry.” Brooks nodded as she and her partner got a firm hold on the man. “We heard his description of the incident.”

“Well, finally someone is listening to me.” The man proclaimed (loudly, still). “I knew my taxpayer dollars were going somewhere.”

Wow. Wow.

Not so distantly across the street, a figure in khaki was watching the scene with mild disinterest. He sighed, casting the scene one last look, before turning.

Then he was gone.

who dat

im not even following the rules of the prompts anymore, i am ON THE RUN. fCUKGING ON THE RUN JUST GO. NO REGRETS.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

(12) head wound

“Do you ever wonder about how we could die?”

The night was only mildly warm. There was a slight breeze up on the hill, which was to be expected. Will didn’t answer immediately, not taking his eyes off the city below them for even a second.

It wasn’t their city. This was someone else’s, but even so, it was pretty. Pretty large. Will briefly wondered how much power a city of that size required.

“Will?” Marcy asked again.

“We die all the time.” He eventually supplied.

The smaller girl scoffed. “No, you idiot.” She took a bit from her sandwich, waiting for a moment to chew and swallow before speaking again. “I mean for real. Permadeath. Could it happen?”

Will shrugged. “Probably. Don’t fall into any lava anytime soon, alright?”

“Ooh, geez.” Marcy shuddered.

But that was what they always said when someone brought up the topic. What if there was some injury they couldn’t recover from? She had a legitimate point, he realized.

The calm he was feeling slowly started to simmer and evaporate.

They still scar.

“What do you think happened to Artie?”

There was a sharp gasp, coming from Marcy taking in a sudden breath of air.

The question left a dull taste in Will’s mouth.

He swallowed. “Sorry, that was dumb.”

She nodded. “It’s ok.”

Silence once more. The lights of the city twinkled. Will was suddenly feeling a lot less reckless than he was when he asked that question.

A bird chirped nearby. The wind blew the trees in a gentle dance.

It was Marcy who finally spoke. “Wanna go get ice cream?”

“Fuck yeah.”