Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Drawn By Mir!



Red Converse (RED SHOES DESU!!!),
Melon Bread,
A Pikachu (Not to mention in a basket),
Epic Smileys,
Mar buttons,
being on top of the world (it's fun up there~!),
notebooks and pencils.

THANK YOU MIIIIIIIIR!!! now my new favorite picture.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Red Shoes Blog (kinda)

Red Shoes History

'ello again!

Remember the Red Shoes Magic fic I had? Yes, well, I'm re-writing it! Woo hoo!

So, there was a poor girl named Kasch, who was cursed with the Red Shoes, items that had insanely magical power that everyone wanted. She had a friend, Bela, a magical talking cat that kept her safe. But in Ireland, still looking for a doctor in the magical...arts?, they had a run in with vampires at a old wearhouse. Some sanctuary agents just happened to be in the area, but while fighting, I got to kill Thalia Jane Cir- ah, I mean, a vampire killed her. ...Yes.

NOW, I will be re-writing it, with a different plot line.

There will still be a Kasch with the cursed red ballet shoes, with her magical talking cat friend Bela, and yes, Thalia will die. For the THIRD TIME, thanks to a certain glitch.

Ah, but thanks to thinking about the certain 'immense magical energy' in the shoes, so...heh, the Red Shoes will have a whole DIFFERENT type of adept magic. Red Shoes Magic.

The only setback, as Thalia said, is that from the hours of Twelve to One in the morning, the wearer of the Red Shoes is forced to dance.

Now, with the magic type, it can be used with any red shoes, so the curse varies according to the history and type of the shoe. Like that man in the first Skulduggery Book, who was practically immune to fire, but was pulled apart when he was in the water. The red shoes grants the user with un-imaginable power, but it in-turn controls them with the power for one hour.

The power comes from the shoes (I said that, right?), like a necromancers ring, or, cane, or knife.

And...I think that just about sums it up.

Ah! No!

So, the red shoes are more of a..okay, they're a rare type of magic, and you can either do it immediately, or you can't. Never. Nope. It's like natural born magic. The red shoes choose you from the start. They wait until you're ready, then BAM, they're there.

Only old, extremely experienced mages can take them off, but then they pop back right at midnight.


Ah, and the fic will be on a new blog. BECAUSE...Well, with this blog, the lettering...and the...lettering...its all screwed up. This Blog'll be for my nut-job rants and other notable things, but, right here is the writing one-

Yep. Well, that's about it. Now, I guess I need to press that button. Y'know, the one that says Publish Post.

*Publishes Post*

Saturday, September 17, 2011

(It's really a Sci Fi rant!)

I think one of the reasons I watch Doctor Who is for the theme songs.

They alone, are BRILLIANT! But with the Doctor, they are even MORE BRILLIANT!

I mean, seriously. Fantastic...all shows need themes like that...

This brings me to another point. Torchwood. How theme songs and Torchwood are connected, I have no clue.

From watching the fourth episode (which may I note has seemed to emotionally scar me, however not as much as the Nightmare Before Christmas may scar a three year old [NOT ONE WORD THALIA!]), Torchwood is a bit more...out-right darker then Doctor Who, including one large pterodactyl that quite frankly creeps me out (But that's not really DARK...its just a pre-evolved bird. I think).

BUT...I need to keep watching it. I'm just naturally attracted to Sci Fi stuff like the Doctor, Torchwood, Aliens, weird tech, traveling through space (not to mention time), polar bears in deserts (In deserts that are the dust and remains of New York), and planets where everyones a cat and there are giant t-rex-like things called Tangs, and the destruction of the universe. Again.

But I've never really gotten around to watching stuff like stargate and startrek. I have memories of my dad watching those a lot, however. Have the random memory of random episodes...

...yeah. Oh, and If anyone wants a epica book series that's Sci Fi, read the Pendragon Series. It's about Bobby Pendragon, and how he finds out that he has to save the world (not to mention seven others, and the past and future of earth as well). He travels through space using a 'Floom', this, worm hole thing?

Yeah, and he's fighting against this evil shape-shifting demon named Saint Dane, who is bend on destroying everything, because quite frankly, he's not a nice guy.

Ah...well, I'm not sure if I ever quite got what he was aiming at. Causing Chaos? I dunno. Because, in the end he had that creepy 'perfect community', with his headquarters as the taj mahal...but then again he-

I smell pancakes?! WHAT?!

*runs away downstairs*

Oh, and did you ever realize that the magical girl color rainbow is often Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow/Orange, and Purple? It's true. And creepy, kinda. that I re-read this, this is more of a rant about Sci Fi stuff...

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Watching Torchwood Now...'s freaking BRILLIANT.


But I found out that my Dad watched it since when it first started. But then how come he didn't know about Doctor Who?

Weird. He usually knows that stuff... When I first asked him "What's Doctor Who?" he said he couldn't explain it...I had to ask you guys...and wikipedia, of course.

Just to repeat, Torchwood is BRILLIANT!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Characters Please!


I am in need of some characters for a story. It's not a Skulduggery story, or a fanfic at all for that matter.

The D.A.

The Dumpling Army. A army of Dumplings. Long story. Began last year, with me as the founder. The actual D in real life is nice though. He gave us pudding at the end of the year. Yep...well, no. This is called "The Digital Army". 

The Dumpling Army will still make an appearance somewhere, and it has the main villans (D and his evil elifin army,) but the army is a digital program. takes place at school. School! High School, really. But some Middle Schools, however. Maybe. Probably. 

So! Characters! 

I already have the main character, A girl who's a freshman in high school (aka Ninth Grade. Or...whatever you call in. Ninth Years? They don't have those at hogwarts...thats...Fifth Years). 

Her name will most likely be March, with some random last name. 

There is D, aka Doctor D. Or Just Mr D.

(Mir, Thalia, what do you guys think on that?) 

The characters for the army are not your basic teachers pet, no. They're a bit of delinquents, and have a few mental problems. But, they all have like genious talents or something like that. 

And keep in mind that I may continue this idea, and take it to publishing, so if you want to keep your other characters for other things, fine by me (But I DO need some, so if you wouldn't mind...).

The places open for characters are- 

A few teachers (Maximum 3 spaces open, and I will be making two other teachers).

Students (As of current time, no limits to spaces open)

The teachers would have less exciting roles (But there may be a teacher with a major character role), and the kids would be the ones fighting D. 

Oh, and about D- he's a evil scientist who created an army of biogenetic humans who resemble elves and have strange powers to take over the world, if only one step at a time, starting with being the Headmaster of the school. However he made the wrong choice by making an enemy out of the new girl with psychological problems, and she desinged an army to fight him using a computer program. Go figure.