Monday, May 30, 2016

(32) trust

Louie the dog was sitting on the lawn right in front of the kitchen window, enjoying the fair summer day with a smile. In fact, nothing could bring her from her joy. Not even, apparently, Mulder the bird landing on her back to chill as well.

Mulder, Steven’s weird zero-zone1 crow.

What… Huh?

Behind Rui, someone else walked in-- Luke.

The older girl turned quickly, hissing “Look at this.”

“Look at what?”


He, too, was befuddled by the coexistence of nature.

Mulder ruffled their wings, settling in a bit more. Louie continued to relax with a look of content on her face.

Rui and Luke were still staring, open mouthed, when Will meandered in to refill his mug with tea.

“What are you two sods staring at--”

“No, no, shh, look at this!” Rui grabbed him, much to his dislike.

“Hey fuck off--”

“Look at what Louie and Mulder are doing!” Luke exclaimed in a hushed tone, as if the two animals could hear him.


“So, isn’t that a little weird?”

“I--” Will’s anger cooled, if only slightly. “Well. I mean, yeah. A little.”

He stayed to watch as well, if only a little sheepishly.

A few minutes passed by, and nothing happened. What the kids thought was going to happen was probably different for each of them, but they all stayed regardless.

“Whatchya guys doing?”

Steven!!” Rui and Luke both turned with matched enthusiasm. Will took a sip of his tea, averting his gaze.

“...Why are you all staring out the window?”

“Louie and Mulder are both coexisting!” Luke said.

“Um… what?”

“Isn’t that weird?” Rui pulled Steve forward a little to get a better look, but Steve just looked puzzled.

“You haven’t seen them do that before? They do it all the time.”

Um. What. No?

At their confused silence, Steve continued. “You’ve seriously never seen them do that before?”


Steve shrugged. “Huh. Alright.” He walked away.

Will sniffed, bringing his cup up to his mouth and slinking away. His face was red. Rui and Luke just looked incredulous for a few more minutes, taking a few more glances out the window before they too wandered off.

1. I was trying to come up w/ different names for the weird space in-between dimensions and came up w/ the ‘zero zone.’ There are probs a lot of different terms tho, like slang n shit.

also. i THINK i edited this. I think.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

(31) rain storm

He’d been there for too long, again.

It felt like he had sand in his eyes, and his back hurt. Gloss came and peeked in earlier, left a cup of coffee on the table for him to drink. He’d forgotten about it until it was too cold, but he still drank it anyway.

She looked so pale, just lying there.

Will felt like he couldn't blink too often, or else she’d disappear again.

He’d left his phone in his room, didn’t want to get it.  There wasn’t any clock in this room yet, so he didn’t know the exact time. It was early morning, that he knew. A storm had moved in a little while ago, and it was still raining.

The sheets on the bed were fresh, just recently cleaned, and she’d look as if she were sleeping if it weren’t for the oxygen mask on her face and the various tubes connected to her. The tubes keeping her alive, stable.

No heart monitor yet, but Artie had been reading up on the best ones.

Layla said they could all be self sufficient for a certain period of time, but she herself had only seen that once and wasn’t sure of the certain requirements for such a situation to take place. No one wanted to take any chances. This was a rare case.

Half of the time he just spent blankly sitting there, his mind clear of any thought or feeling, but the other half he spent replaying the events that lead them to this point.

The Change, finding her, losing her again.

The way she looked just… lying there. Why she was lying there. The…

...The way her brains looked splattered on the floor like that and Oh God Will you dumb motherfucker you could have stopped all of that why didn’t you you’re useless--

His breath caught.

The the rain thrummed on the rooftop. All else was silent.

He really needed to stop going there, mentally.

Focus on her. Study her face, how familiar it was. How it brought back waves of nostalgia.

He wasn’t going to let anything touch her ever again.

Will moved to drink from the coffee cup again before he remembered it was empty.

haha i wonder who that is

I dont wanna strinctly say b/c it’s a big part of the plot/will’s character arch in the final Story