Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Dog!

Look! It's a few pictures I managed to scrap together!

Photo Taken Outside, while playing with her on a leash.

She's Kind of up-side down, but it's still her! Her name is Twinkie (yes, after the junk food. There's a reason for that), and she is a mix between a Bichon (Bichon Frise, not sure), a Poodle, and a Shih Tzu, declared a 'Teddy Bear Dog' by the breeder.

Now let me see if I can get another...

Taken Today, In the living room.

Yaaaaay! That was the first successfull picture I took today!


The last successfull picture!

Now! Persian Sheep!

This, is one of the two Persian Sheep. The other one is blue. Light blue.
There's this really long and weird inside joke about Persian Sheep (and Persian rugs) that me and my cousin have, that has to do with the Phantom of the Opera.

Try singing Persian Sheep to the tune of Masquerade. Yup. That's it.

And THAT, was Twinkie.

Oh! Should I make a SP character based off of Twinkie?

Monday, July 11, 2011


From the dates July 12th, to around July 26th, I will not be on the blog due to a trip.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Can you eat moose?


Okay, I am here to tell you that I will be leaving for a fifteen day trip on tuesday, out west!

I'll be going with my mom, and we'll take a plane to Colorado, by some other means get to Wyoming, meet up with my grandma, cousin, and aunt, stay at some hotels with really, REALLY cool pools (It's a freaking waterfall!!! A HOTEL POOL HAS A FREAKIN WATERFALL!), and then somehow thorough the trip make it to Montana.


I'll be writing on my handy dady ipod a STORY. A epic STORY, that includes March, a ship across the sea, annoying men from the New York sanctuary, another Sanctuary on the border of Wyoming and Montana, really wacky characters, diabolical villains, and A GIANT KILLER TEDDY BEAR (maybe). A STORY, that I have already written a prologue to, and that is RIGHT HERE!


Kallista Pendragon looked outside a window in Elysium Asylum, her face dark with worry. Inside, it was warm, a fire burning just feet away in a hearth where Kallista was standing, but if you left the mansion, you would be soaking wet withing seconds. The gloomy sky brought back memories of on fight Kallista had been a part of last November, against a Portuguese mad-man who could spontaneously combust.

But, that was a story for another time.

The laughing and conversations were like a back-drop to Kallista's thoughts, which were surrounding the events of five days before. Her friend, March Pathway, had been complaining about how that she had nothing to do. She had left the mansion, going into the nearest part of the city, a mischievous glint in her eye.

She hadn't come back.

“Kali.” Israel Elysium placed a hand on the black-haired girl's shoulder, eyebrow raised. His eye twitched slightly, as if he realized something. “...Ah.”

Kallista nodded, taking that Israel had used his magic to save a few seconds. “She's still not back.”

Israel gazed into the rain, the flowers outside dull and gray. “Maybe she-”

“Ran into trouble?” Kallista proposed the idea.

“Maybe vampires.” Israel nodded.

There was a slight growling from a certain brown haired girl who had been listening to the conversation. She walked up to the two, her friend behind her.

“Don't be ridiculous!” Mirtil Lucifer snapped.

“If she had run into any trouble,” Thalia Circe's eyes focused on the road away from the mansion. “Then we would have known. It's not easy to miss a four foot girl with flaming red hair fighting a monster with a frying pan.”

“Her height is four foot two...” Mirtil grumbled softly. Israel gave her a strange look.

Kallista tilted her head slightly, not convinced. “Then what's keeping her...?”

No one had a answer to that.



(Mir, can you put a little bio for your character in the comments? What she looks like, her power, prefered weapon...? Okay? Great, thanks..)

Yeah. That was awesome, right?

...right? because I'm not so sure.

NOW, if you excuse me, I need to go write more of that. Right after I eat a ice cream cone, muse over seeing my cousin who I haven't seen in a year, think about if you can eat moose, and look through gaming magazines. That's right.

(I'm excited about the new legend of Zelda game! YOU CAN RIDE A GIANT BIRD! I think the chickens have evolved! I LOVE DA FLYING CHICKENS! I remember the good old days, when I would sped hours messing around with flying the chickens over Lake Hylia. Good times, good times...)

(But seriously, does anyone know if you can eat moose?)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


(I had this weird daydream when I was watching Doctor Who)

*Mar runs by screaming* 

*a bunch of Mini Daleks fly by, chanting 'EXTERMINATE!'* 

*the mini Daleks zap Mar's head, and she wobbles around screaming* 




*Mar throws A fez at the Daleks, and they scatter around the room*

*The Ninth Doctor Runs by, waves, then trips over a brick, hits his head, and is suddenlythe Tenth Doctor*

*Mar stares in confusion* 

*The Doctor runs out of the blog post* 

*on the edge something blows up, and the Eleventh Doctor runs by, with a broken screwdriver* 

*Mar leaps up from where she fell off the couch, in the real world*

*Mar sighs in relief* 

*a real size Daleks flies into the room* 


*Mar runs away, and ironically, the ipod starts to play 'A whole lot of running'*

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Behind The Facade.

-The Girl With Flaming Red Hair And Crystal Blue Eyes-

Do you ever wonder, why March Pathway's hair is a flaming red, and her eyes a deep crystal blue? The answer lies deep behind the making of the OC, something that would reside in the heart of her creator.

With heavy guilt she types these words, feet on the ground and headphones covering ears, blocking out the words. Pushing past the facade in front, you find thoughts swirling in her mind, and ideas in her very soul, a headache pulsing slowly.

You think she is a carefree being? Then you are wrong. She chooses these words carefully, each appearing in her head the second before typing.

This girl walks with a guilt, so common in her heart that she knows its image as a darkness. Something she doesn't want to talk about.

Now let's travel back to March, the girl's hair flying behind her, literally flaming, the fire engulfing her body, anger clouding her mind. She, as the girl writing this, screams and cries in agony when her friends are hurt. When her friends are bullied, when there is a fear, when someone is striking a negative emotion. She wants to rip the bully apart, this reason for her friend's torture.

But she's too afraid herself to do anything.

Later when alone she cries for her friends pain, something that has become her own, a vile taste in her mouth, that would one day turn March's eyes a sad, aqua blue, sparkling ever so slightly from the tears. The empathetic feelings affect her, when she reads anything that is even fantasy, or sees something on the news about a third world country on the other side of the world.

Her mother and father try their best to make their daughter feel happy, and to make her feel safe, and she does.

On the outside.

She cries when she herself has hurt one of her friends, and something breaks slowly. It is always breaking. A torture that will follow her everywhere. Afraid to say no about anyone else's opinion, she edges around the word, and most likely always will.

When she sees someone in pain, on the blogs she so likes to read, she wishes she could be with them, to hug them, and say the exact words that will comfort them.

But she can't.

The words are stuck in her mouth, probably never to be spoken aloud.

“Your not stupid. You're great the way you are, and that's why I chose you as my friend!”

“You have no idea how much God loves us all. He is always watching out for us, even if we don't want him to.”

She wants you to know, every one of you, that she will never abandon you.


Even if you don't want her help, she will always think of you, will always pray for you, and she will never, ever, make you feel worse then you may feel at the moment.

Even if she has exhausted herself, she will still be thinking about you. Even if she isn't there, she will still be thinking of you. Even if the guilt of something you may not even be aware of if weighing her down, the thoughts will be drilling in her head.

All these thoughts and feelings have formed the image of the girl you know as March Pathway.

She cries for others pain. Thus her crystal blue eyes.
She is protective of her friends. Thus her flaming red hair.
She feels your pain.
She wants to help you.
She is afraid of causing other's sadness.
She is thinking of you.
And she feels guilt even by typing this, to accidentally say something that will hurt someone.

She just wants you to be happy.