Thursday, October 15, 2015

(14) sunlight

Scarlet was sad again.

It was completely uncalled for, of course. It was another great day, the sun was shining, and they had the house all to themselves. Rui kept peeking over the top of her book, attempting to secretly analyze her girlfriend. Said girlfriend was currently sitting at a table across the room, mindlessly looking over old papers.

For a moment, Scarlet glanced up, and Rui hastily pulled her book back up over her face. She waited a bit before peeking out once more. Scarlet had went back to her reading.

It was around 3 pm, now. Rui carefully placed the book down, slinking off into the kitchen.

When she was gone, Scarlet looked up once more before morosely going back to the papers.

Rui came back with two glasses of lemonade, setting the first cold glass right next to Scarlet’s elbow. The second glass she kept to herself, cradling in her hands as she settled across from her girlfriend.

“So.” Rui smiled.

“Hmm.” Scarlet replied.

Rui tilted her head. “Do… you want to do anything today?”

“I’m… kind of tired.” Scarlet said after a pause. She certainly looked the part.

“It doesn’t have to be anything too active!” Rui suggested.

Scarlet turned to a new page. “I’m just not feeling very well.”

Rui nodded, sliding back down in her chair to take a sip of the drink, watching Scarlet out of the corner of her eye. Then, she froze. Wait. What the… those aren’t even-- those are her mom’s old bills!

Rui took another moment to really look at her girlfriend. The redhead’s eyes weren’t even moving. She wasn’t reading them.

“Is there… anything I can help you with?” Rui prodded.

“Not really.”

“Any,” Rui leaned forward, “problems in particular on your mind?”

Scarlet took longer to answer that. Then, “No, not really.”

Humph. Rui placed her glass on the table in exchange for the papers. “Anything I can help you with here?”

Rui.” Scarlet snapped, raising her voice briefly as she yanked back the papers. “I’m good.”

“I-- ok. alright. Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” Scar’s voice cracked, but she still didn’t show any sign of revealing what was really on her mind.

Rui fell back in her chair, deflated. After a minute of silence, she got up and slunk from the room once more, this time down into the basement.

Once she was out of sight, Scarlet ran her hands through her hair and sighed. Looking out the window for an uneven second, bothered by something, she quickly gave in and drank from the cup that had been offered to her before.

Now she felt kind of obligated to read all of the papers.

She’s doing just so when there was a thump from the bottom of the basement steps, followed by the long sound of something being dragged. Then came a grunt, and another brief thump before footsteps began to slowly ascend.

Rui emerged with a bigass record player, of all things. She hefted it onto the coffee table (which wobbles ominously from the weight), stopping only for a moment to catch her breath.

Ok, now she had Scarlet’s attention. The other girl fumbled with something she had tucked under her arm on the way up (probably a record?) before getting the record ready. Pausing for a second, as if to absorb the moment, Rui finally placed the needle precariously onto the chosen record. Almost immediately, music begins to play.

She spun, opening her arms to go “Ta-daaa!”

“Don’t--” Scarlet can’t help it, she let out a small smile, “Don’t those usually come in cases of some kind?”

“Do they?” Rui’s arms dropped. “I dunno, if this had a case it’s gone now.”

In the background, Frank Sinatra begins to softly serenade the room to ‘Strangers In the Night.’

Rui stepped forward into a hasty bow. “May I have this dance, m’lady?”

“Ah, well…” Rui’s still bent, waiting for Scarlet to stand up and take her hand, but, “Isn’t this a little slow?” Also does she really feel like dancing?

“Is it too slow? I think we have some harder rock, if you want.”

Scarlet laughed. “Well, no, that’s fine.” She stands.

A thought occurred to Rui, and she twirled back around to fiddle with the needle. This time, ‘This Town’ began to play. “This one’s somewhat more upbeat!”

“I didn’t know your mom was a fan of Frank Sinatra…?” Scarlet took another step forward.

“Neither did I! There’s all kinds of weird stuff in the basement, though. There’s even a sword, although Steve may have left that at some point.” She took Scarlet’s hands in her own, pulled her closer.

...Maybe this isn’t such a good idea, maybe she should sit down--

They start to dance at Rui’s lead, at first shuffling around in a weak homage to a waltz.

Scarlet almost immediately stumbled. “Is this good--?”

“Yeah! You’re doing fine, Scar.”

Doing fine. Doing fine!

Soon, they begin to improvise, moving out of the pathetic ballroom dance onto something more liberated. They don’t think much about the dance-- Rui twirled Scarlet, Scarlet shifted to one side, Rui followed. Soon, they were both smiling and laughing. There wasn’t any formula to the dance that they were doing.

In the end, it was Rui who ended up tripping over Scarlet’s foot, sending them both to the floor. They lied there on the carpet, laughing, enjoying each other’s company until the record ended. Rui moved to turn it off when Scarlet surged up to hug her around the stomach before she could rise, taking her back down again. They ended up curled together in a broad pool of sunlight.

“What do you want to eat for dinner?” Scarlet asked.

Rui shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe… italian? Noodles? Or we could go somewhere for food.”

“Anything’s fine with me.” Scarlet said, twirling a finger around a lock of her girlfriend’s hair absentmindedly.

“Do... you want to get on that now?”

“Let’s just lie here for a little longer.”

THIS GAVE ME SO MUCH TROUBLE im done. im so done.

i’m afraid this doesn’t represent their relationship as well as I could represent it otherwise but. im done. i scream now.