Thursday, August 25, 2016

(35) family

Marcy’s parents never spent much time with her.

They were too busy working, or going to parties for work, or going on business trips for work then staying there for a little rest and relaxation.

Although she was small and young, Marcy spent most days with her aunt and cousins. Never physically alone, but neglected all the same.

Her parents got her a dog when she got a little older, something to keep her company when she was without any other supervision. She named the dog Louie and quickly grew to love the companionship.

It might have said something that she was more comfortable with the dog than her parents.

In a way, her parents loved her. She was their only child, an engineering prodigy. Her parents were never reluctant to claim her when the opportunity arose, and yet… it rarely did. They never seemed to be around when it mattered.

Though Marcy craved for their attention, for the single good job, well done, for the sparing smile, she found support elsewhere. Rui took her in like a sister, Rui’s mother never turning her away. Even Steven’s siblings never blinked twice at Marcy’s presence.

It worked, for a time.

Then things started to change. She died, for one, gaining a little scar on her neck. It was easily hidden by a scarf, not that it would have been spotted in the first place.

Things got worse. She went missing for a week. Marcy’s friends worried, her robotics teacher worried, her dog worried, but her parents did not notice. They didn’t notice her absence, her prolonged silences, the ugly scars on her hands.

They weren’t even home when she got back.

Then the world ended and Marcy lost any chance of a normal relationship with them at all.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

(34) super nova

She popped back into the room with the smell of burning wood and ozone.

Scarlet's breath was loud in her ears, her heart thundering in her ribcage. She felt sticky, much too hot for comfort.

The bedroom was dark, the fireplace empty. It was maybe 2 in the morning. She was alone.

There was a note on the cork board by the door, written in blue ink.

"Out w/ Mar n Will :)

-Rui <3"

Looks like Scarlet was the first one back. Adrenaline was still pumping through her veins, causing her hands to shake with worried fervor.

Everything was still too too too hot.

She took a cold shower, wetting her head quickly and cooling off before she slipped into bed and swiftly fell asleep.

Bird songs woke her up, from the tree outside the window. The comforter was too warm, jolting her upwards to kick off the covering. Images of solar flares and bright skies filled her vision, coming in intrusively before she was able to focus on reality again.

Cold air nipped at her bare feet. Her phone buzzed on the nightstand. She picked it up after a few seconds.

Chrys: Is it ok if I borrow ur jeep?

Scarlet: yeah, sure.

Scarlet: bring it back in 1 piece

She dressed in shorts and an open flannel, letting her hair wave about freely. A little too light for winter, maybe, but she’d be fine for now.

Steven and Gloss were in the kitchen.

"Hey, I didn't know you were back already." Steve said, plucking two pieces of toast out of the toaster.

Mmm. Too hot.

Scarlet nodded, going to grab orange juice from the fridge. "Got back last night."

"Welcome, traveler." Gloss mumbled out through a mouthful of sandwich. It looked like the blonde had tried to fit as much between two buns as humanly possible.

"Gloss, that's gross." Steve tutted.

"Eff off, little man."

Scarlet added ice cubes to her orange juice. If either of the other two kids noticed, they didn't say anything.

"Who has time for manners nowadays?" Gloss took another bite.

"Civilized people, apparently."

"You sound like Will. Scarlet, doesn't he sound like Will?" They both looked at her.

Scarlet smiled. "No, he does not have the accent."

Gloss looked scandalized, holding a hand over her heart. "You're supposed to support me here, girl!"

"Nah, don't do that." Steve sat down across from Gloss to eat his toast.

The two continued to bicker as Scarlet downed her glass. The cup felt cold in her hand, and she held onto that. The ice cubes chimes merrily.

She relaxed, if only a little bit.

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