Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Post Thing

Ah, okay, hi there~

I said I was going to do a massive summer post thing, but as you might have seen, I haven't really gotten to it. It was to be all about what I did. So, in short, I give you a long list that might or might not be over-exagerated.

I went to art camp and met up with friends from my old school.
Turned out they're huge avengers fans, as well as Loki fans and Spider-man fans and Fantastic Four Fans.
I learned more French.
I pretended to be the weird rich guy Microft, who was on the titanic and nearly sent the captain overboard with his evil sister, Alida (it was a play. IT ROCKED)
I held my Aunt's sister's baby girl for about 10 seconds before she started bawling her eyes out, I freaked out, and shoved her into my other cousin's arms.
I went to Survival Camp, where sleep was sparse, bacon was wimpy, I hid a tiki man in the counselors bed, and we camped inside because of rain and were woken up by Shakira blasting through the speakers.
I went home. x3
Went Blueberry picking with cousins, where the girls (including moi) stood on one side of a bush, and the single boy cousin stood on the other side, and we pelted blueberries at each other
After blueberry war, we started walking and found a creepy pond that brought back memories of evil Swamp Monster stories. Ask me another time, it's such a creepy story that the adults told us when we were all like five.
Went to North Carolina.
Hiked in a bunch of trees. ON TOP A MOUNTAIN~
My mom swore she saw Sandra Bullock.
Hiked out to Dupont State Forest (where they filmed the Hunger Games), and hiked to a river. Then I proceeded to lie down on a rock, pretended to be Peeta, and grabed someone's ankle as they walked by. That someone was my mom. She got the FUNNIEST LOOK on her face. xD
Went to a park and saw a performance of Shakespeare's the Merry Wives Of Windsor. Some guy brought a parrot, and he had it in his lap and was petting it. Then it randomly squeaked at points. o.O
Hiked to Chimney Rock. Then I stood on top of it and shouted "I'M MERELY ONE HELL OF THE BUTLER!!!!"
White Water Rafting. xD I'm alive! And we got wet! So, so wet!
Cave Tours. I only had a near-panic attack ONCE, in a really narrow part! :3 Scooore!
Zip lining. At one point, I yelled "This is Spartaaaaaaaaaaa!", but then later on, I heard some guy yell "GERONIMOOOOOOOOO!" and my face was like- "DOCTOR TAKE ME WITH YOU!"
Went to the Biltmore Estate. It's SO HUGE. It's like a regular house and all of the property times twenty. AND I WON'T EVEN MENTION THE GARDENS!
I tried the mutant food Brocolini. (freakyfreakyfreakyfreaky)
Came home.
Got sick. D:
Started Archery. xD
Aaaaand school.


...I leave you with a parting chat.


  1. Do you think you got sick because of the brocoli?
    *hugs Mar*
    Sounds like you had a great summer. YAY! :D
    Thanks for sharing. SOunds liek so much fun. (though I would not go down a zip line) :P

  2. I remember that conversation. xD
    I also remember the rude wake up call at camp. The beginning of the song was a horn, so I sat bolt upright and thought:

    1. I would not mind a certain Brit coming. *waggles eyebrows as she thinks of the Purple Poet*