Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Water you doing

Whispers Twinkie water you doing

t w i n k i e

Watcha doin

Why're ya sittin there

Do I nee t' bring out alla my slang- wait where're you goING TWINKIE WAIT


  1. barrel rolls onto your blog

    whispers "Homestuck"

    ollies outie

  2. I'm catching up with reading blog posts recently posted and "chatting" on chatzy and checking my email and composing an email in my head and planning on posting a poem or two and getting some writing of my FF in :D
    That's what I'm doing.
    I'm also ignoring the cold wafting in from the sliding hotel doors, and blocking out the sounds of the commercial on the tv off to my right and the people chattering. Instead, I'm listening to my fingers typing and smiling at what they say. :3