Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yeeaaaahhh hi

Uh I'm not really gonna address my abrupt inactive state here on ol' ye blogland. It's kind of?? I don't exactly feel comfortable talking about it?? Yeeah let's leave it at that. No individual person here was to blame if that kind of clears it up. It's something else. 

But on to current events! 

I'M COMING TO EUROPE THIS SUNDAY!! My mom, dad, and I are spending 15 days in Hungary! And two days in Austria. And briefly an area that used to be Rome and another in what was Transylvania. But hey! Europe! My mom decided it's time to go for the entire cultural effect. Aaand the fact that when he visit my Grandparent's home town we have to figure out cemetery arrangements (Because sad to say the next time we go to Hungary it'll be as a big family to bury both of them). I'm super pumped for the trip because EUROPE and we have multiple connecting flights through Canada and Germany each way! (I'm probably gonna be the one to kidnap the camera for the most part)

In regular life I'm still writing! And I'm playing a heck of a lot of pokemon. All. The time. And writing about it and then playing it some more. There's also other fan fictions like supernatural and marvel and some original things too tho! 

Oh uh also does anyone here know why birds in Texas have such long legs like??? WHY??? We were down there visiting family and all these birds kept strutting over to me and eyeing me and it crept me out. Their legs were like. As long as the rest of them. It was weird. Really, really, weird. But the Dallas side of the family was uber fun!! uvu

And lastly (jeez why am I prone to rambling in most blog entries this is weird) I come with a writing thing! It's short and tiny and uncompleted (ha hah, what else is new certainly not that) but I wrote it at 2 in the morning and for some reason it's quite possibly the best thing I have ever written. Idk why. I just want to frame it and hug it forever. It was originally supposed to be a self indulgent fan fiction that I'd never ever show anyone ever but things happened and I changed the name of the city so no one will ever know hAHAHAHAH

Oke read on my blogging friends

I forgot how to make a line break so I'm just gonna leave this ok ok dragon pokemon rule got that

The first thing Cat Williams noticed about the Durnheist City Train station was that it had a certain smell about it. The industrial musk of the city, woth a soft, underlying aroma of baked goods and oil. It fit well. Normally at that time of day the wide windows would be streaming coppery beams of sunlight onto the people and surrounding shops, but the lower building was surrounded entirely by the murky grey mass of skyscrapers. 

Cat would've giggled if she hadn't been nervous about finding her current guardian. 

Uncle Joe had said to meet her at the main entrance/exit, by the giant lion statue. Well, that was where Cat was now, but as she stood in her stuffy black windbreaker on the base of the iron feline, she couldn't see anyone even resembling the awkward wall that was him. Or anything else, for that matter. She lost her glasses somewhere in the bottom of the big blue dufflebag by her feet, and while she wasn't that bad off without them,  they still helped to define the iner features of life. 

A quick glance to the wallclock told her it had been roughly 30 minutes after her train had arrived. 

With a huff Cat let herself drop into a sitting position at the base of the statue. 

The crowd buzzed around her. It wasn't congested enough to make her feel uncomfertable, but definitely so much to make walking tricky without bumping in to a few people here and there. With a small shock Cat realized the entire city would be like that. Goodness knows it smells like it already. Then there's the whole thing with Durnheist's crime issue. 

But Cat had had previous experience with that topic. She was pretty sure she could handle it; sock a few people in the face if need be. 

A whistle of a train sounded from not far off. 

In the buzz of the surrounding atmosphere, Cat just heard someone calling her name. She perked up from where she had propped her head on her hands, bright violet eyes expectant. 

"-Cat?" The short teenager jumped involentarily and let out a small shriek as her Uncle's voice spoke DIRECTLY behind her; in close proximity to less. With a spin and a shout Cat nearly fell off the base of the lion.

"Jeez! You scared me!!" 

Drawing up to his full, built height, Joe Williams laughed and tucked his hands into his long brown trenchcoat. "Sorry. Couldn't resist. You're normally on the ball about something like that, too." 

Cat scowled for a total of three point one seconds before she crossing her arms and giving a 'humph!', standing up to her shorter height but still trying to look inportant. "And to think I thought I was going to receive a warm welcome!" 

"Well, yes. I'm going to carry your duffle bag." Her uncle said matter o' factly, jumping down to normal floor level. Like a spell, the crowd in the train station seemed to already melt to avoid him. Maybe this city is nicer then everyone makes it out to be? 

Cat's face cracked into a smile. The two hugged, and Cat's nose was filled with the sudden overpowering smell of metal and man's cologne. "Hey, Uncle Joe." Her muffled voice drifted up to his ears as she dropped the act. 

His tone took on the same likeness of someone doing something they've done far too many times before. "Hi Cat. Ready to move in to my apartment?" 

The small girl snorted. "Yeah, why not." 

Stepping out into the street to hail a cab made Cat realize how warm the inside of the train station actually was. Warm in tempurature, tempurment, and color. An almost exact opposite of that interior would be the streets of Durnheist. It didn't help that the summer day was much colder then it should have been. Puddles from a previous rain shower littered the pavemet, and just walking Cat could feel the condensation rubbing up against her like a real feline. 

It also smelled like pollution. And like 5 people already clipped her shoulder walking past her (they didn't do that to Uncle Joe, though. He probably looked too threatening, like a lumber jack attempting to be one with the trees). 

Uncle Joe DID carry her diffle bag, though, as he said. Cat smiled at that. 

The cab ride zipped along with surprising efficiency in the near bumper to bumper traffic. Sights of buildings, people, one park, and more buildings zoomed by, slowing down in front of a tall, dark red apartment. 5 levels in an elavator of small talk later, Cat's Uncle was jiggling a key in a lock. 

Nice, but not expensive enough to attract the wrong attention. Wood floors, a small kitchinette, leather furniture, and a few more rooms off of a tiny hallway. It smelled cool, like it constantly had a blasting air conditioner. Cat liked it. It was nice, while oh my god there's a giant dog jumping up at her. 


  1. Hey Mar! Sorry for taking so long to read this, only I don't check my dashboard as often as I should.

    It is so wonderful to hear from you again. I hope you enjoy Europe. It's fantastic! But you're coming to the same continent as me and you don't come visit? I guess since you aren't coming to the UK it makes sense. I can always give you a virtual hug.

    I loved the story that you posted. Cat sounds like a lot of fun. And I'm glad you posted. I've been chatting a lot with Thalia and Aria and Lyd but I still miss you. I gather you don't have facebook as this is now our main chatting place.



  2. whOA SON i just saw this

    it's v good i like it a lot i missed your writing