Friday, June 5, 2015

(10) rebirth

whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother,
you’re staying alive, staying alive
feel the city breaking and everybody’s shakin
but we’re staying alive, staying alive
ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive, staying alive,
ah, ah, ah, ah, staying aliiiiiiiveeee

It wasn’t how Steve had expected it.

It took Marcy screaming for him to realize anything had actually happened. The sensation was sudden, a shock, but it didn’t really hurt until he looked down and realized oh God there’s a knife in my chest.

The pain became almost unbearable. He tried to struggle away, but the attacker wasn’t keen on letting him go.

The knife went out-- slick pain oh ssssssshit shit shit shit-- and then struck once more, this time in a different position.

How much time had passed?

Steve’s veins were still pulsing, maybe from adrenaline or pain-- was that feeling really pain-- and something knotted in him when the knife twisted and

Maybe he blacked out or something of the sort. Things got a little faded. Maybe he was on the ground. Someone was looking at him from above, grabbing onto his shoulders.


Then light invaded his senses. Life. Confusion took hold of him until Steve realized this was a familiar feeling.

He’d jumped. He didn’t remember jumping… did he?

He wasn’t alone. He was on a street, like something out of the 1930’s, old timey cars and all. There was a park on the other side of the road. Steve was on the sidewalk in front of a few apartment buildings, it looked like.

A crowd was gathering, people pointing at the kid sprawled on the pavement. Whispering. Looking concerned.

What happened? Was this… was this what happened when Marcy got shot?

When she died? That means he must’ve…

He died? Oh.

A big belatedly, Steve looked down and instantly tried to cover up the massive blood stain on his shirt. No wonder people were staring. God, his hands were stiff. Also covered in blood… like his shirt.

He just had to wear white today, didn’t he? This was a nice shirt too, fuck. He was going to wear it to his cousin’s wedding, and-- not the time, dumbass.

Scrambling to his feet and curling his arms around himself, the teenager tried to grin. “Hey there.”

The crowd looked affronted.

He could maybe try to unbutton the shirt? But the shirt under it was white too. That wouldn’t help. He didn’t think these people would appreciate it if he went entirely shirtless, either.

A groan came from the ground not that far from Steve, and that’s the person who stabbed him.

The teenager let out a squeak and flinched so forcefully he literally bounced backwards a few feet.

Someone came forward from within the crowd. Long coat, billed hat. Police club. Built shoulders and the attitude of someone who wanted to get issues over with quick. He demanded something in a different language that decidedly wasn’t from Steve’s Earth.

The crowd around him shuffled as if they were afraid to say. Was there tension between the police and the people? Understandable, but really not the time to be thinking about that.

Steve skittered backwards a few feet, inadvertently drawing attention to himself from the policeman. Whoops.

The man opened his mouth and scowled, saying something else. A brave onlooker said something in response, which in turn made the police a little confused.

...Yeah, Steven really could not understand a word that was going on. He took a hesitant step backwards, and when no one said anything, he took a few more.

The police only raised his voice to a shout when Steve was practically halfway down the street, sprinting as fast as he could go.

He needed to get back home.

at first i was singing that song because i’d successfully finished the school year but then i realized it kind of matched this part and i was like yes, perfect

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  1. oooohhhhh this was Good. although i'm wondering about the ppl steve saw?? like...what did they look like? did they looks like steve's species? but yeah i liked this part