Monday, July 11, 2011


From the dates July 12th, to around July 26th, I will not be on the blog due to a trip.


  1. *waves*

    Byyyyeee!!!! See you soooonnn!!!

  2. Oh geez! The blogs won't be th esame without you! I really hope you have a fun and sfae trip but hurry back to us!
    *hugs and clings to her*

    Really though, I was already missing you and the others. I have taken time off the blogs so that I can write. I feel so horrible for not having updated in so long! All of you are just so addictive! :D
    I can't wait till I see you all again!
    Bye Mar!
    I will miss you very much!

  3. *waves kerchief*

    See you soon Mar, don't break yourself! Come back safe, okay?

  4. Omg...I just read the last few posts and...well, it's all just so damn epic.

    The promise of an awesome story, the crazy mini-darleks... And the flaming hair post, especially good.

    Cant wait for you to be back. Plus, this blog post title reminds me. I just finished Plague! XD

    I don't know if that means anything...wait, you do know what I'm talking about, right? REG

  5. Yes I do know.

    I've read Gone.

    But I can't find Hunger anywhere!!!

    So I've not been able to read Lies or Plague yet.