Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dream Guardians- RE-WRITE!


It's kinda been a bit since this story's been written (my fault), and I requested that we re-write it, because of...inspirational story issues. 

It'll kinda start in the same instance as the same story, too. 

(And why is this here? Because the blog is lonely...loooonnneeeelllllyyyyy)

Ah, and Index could actually be considered Shana's 'cousin'. Toaru Majustu No Index is an anime that was made by the same...producer? Studio? Person? As Shakugan no Shana, so technically, in my mind, they're cousins. And before I could stop myself, Index was flinging herself at Shana. 

(I considered kicking Index out, but...then the words, and Index's face popped into my head (and I plan to put this into the story! Mark my words!) and she said "Shana...I laid an egg." And I kept her, because that was awesome X3)

Without furthur ado...


It at been exactly one year.

One year since her last chara had hatched, that was. Hakumei Shana was now sitting on a very peculiar place: her roof. Having been hit with the sudden nostalgic feeling of the day, She had went there when she had came home from school, and even with the sun setting, had yet to come down. What was left in life, now that her tiny true selves were gone?

I screwed up. The thought came at her with no warning.

But was it really her fault? She was a good student now. Shana wasn't afraid to do things now, thanks to Micky.

But was she too good? Was she too rambunctious, so much that she didn't fit in? Around her friends Koshimizu Holo and Erza Scarlet, she was happy, loud, and crazy. Maybe as a side effect, when she wasn't around them, she was quiet, discreet, and rude. She was so soft spoken to many it was as if she wasn't there. And when she was noticed, it was usually for yelling at someone who was annoying her.

It was about 8 months since she and Holo had quit the Guardians. The twin diamonds, walking away and turning their backs from the other chairs, and the evil companies that showed up. Away from the x-eggs and the embryo. Shana didn't even believe in the embryo, for pete's sake!

(A small part of Shana told her that it was too hard in the first place. Holo and her went to an entirely different school, after all)

She wasn't sure if Erza or Holo still had their charas. She couldn't see them, after all. Even Ceise Mei she had no other knowledge of. Where was she? Where did she go?

But that wasn't all. Lately, Shana was getting a nagging feeling in her gut. She felt as if she should remember it, but the fact was, she couldn't remember from where. 

“Shana!” A voice called from inside. Shana started from staring off into space. She slowly got up and crawled back into the window, her crimson hair flowing in the fall wind.

Shana had the strange surprise of a form about her height flying at her and catching her in a hug.

“Shana-chan!” Iguchi Index cried happily, smothering her cousin in another hug. Shana's face spread into a wide grin.

Index! Oh my gosh! When did you get here! What are you doing here? Your hair is so blue!” She squealed, hugging Index back.

“I'm going to your school!” Index said. “Dad's job moved us here, and we're next door!”

Shana frowned slightly. “How come I wasn't informed?”

“Surprise!” Index laughed. Shana laughed with her, after a moment. Index gasped. “Oh yeah! Did you hear the news, the school is under maintenance!”

Shana blinked. “Eh?”

“And the students are being moved to Seiyo Elementary!”

...since when?!”

“Some kid was messed up a lot of stuff! Like, he broke the windows, the blackboards, the desks, and basically everything else.”

Shana blinked. Little did she know that whoever vandalized the school did it on purpose, for darker intentions. But the fact that she had to go to Seiyo Elementary, where the Guardians, other Chara bearers went, who Holo and Shana deserted, and hadn't talked to in 8 months, went to school.

She was so screwed.


Did that seem a little...rushed? 

Anyway, Thalia'll write the next part. We're gonna have the Prologue in three parts, one for each of us to kind of set the tone for the story, and...stuff...


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