Saturday, May 12, 2012


So, many of you probably don't know that last... wednesday, I think, my glasses broke right before eighth period. One of the flippy things on the side (Does anyone actually know what they're called?) looked a little funny and out of place, so I... poked it, and it completely fell off.

I had a spaz attack.

But hey, at least now I can get NEW ones. Those glasses were my first ones, purple, and sort-of wrapped around my head, giving my head the impression of a melon at some moments. Not to mention I didn't like them after a year of them, and they were all beat up with scratches right smack dab in the middle of one of the lenses.

So after my mom gets back from walking Twinkie, we're going to get me checked to see in my perscription changed at the store. She tried to get an appointment at the eye doctor, but that's scheduled for a big whopping... June 7th.


Really? Yes, I know, I thought that too. So we're gonna go to the mall and go to the store there. They have their own guy, apparently.

I'm gonna try and get Doctor glasses. :D Y'know, the ones David Tennant had. And- SHUTTUP!

*violently throws a shoe at the vent*

BLAAAAAH there are birds in my vent. Not as in I'm crazy, but as in there are real birds nesting in my vent in the corner of my room. We think they're starlings.

Baaaaaaaaah it's distracting. I now leave you with a fun Avengers picture. If anyone hasn't seen the movie, I TELL YOU NOW GO AND SEE IT! PHIL ORDERS YOU! TO SIGN HIS CAPTAIN AMERICA CARDS!

(If you don't get that, see the movie and you will~)

(And really, stay until the end of the credits. The second time I saw it, more then half the people left before they saw good scene material)

(I now present Thor flying ridiculously with his hammer as I will now shut up)

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