Saturday, May 26, 2012

(READ THIS) Calling People Who Want To Be My Friend!

EDIT BEFORE POST: YES! YES! SWEET, SWEET CONNECTION! YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!! And... I have god knows how many posts to look at. And DEREK POSTED THE COVER OF KINGDOM OF THE WICKED?!?!?! My life it too cruel. Posting now.



Against contrary belief, I am amazingly BORED.

Because our internet is out. As well as our phone. And the garage door's a little funky. It has been out since last Sunday, right after my dad left for work for a freaking WEEK. This was SO planned. I swear to god. I'm gonna find D and hit him until he can't ever see out of his left eye again.

When this was typed, I'm typing it in a Untitled OpenOffice file. Because I don't feel like writing more of the Exploded Files (And Avengers fanfiction I'm writing, starring us from Ohio), I'm writing this.

Because I'm just a Mar that has nothing better to do.

(Reference from a popular book idea of my cousins, 'The Chronicles Of A Guy That Has Nothing Better To Do')

See, some funky thing happened when we (The Orchestra) was going to practice for our concert tonight (Thursday). The teachers was explaining to us what we were going to do once we went onto the stage. We were out by the front door. And I hear a weird... thumping. Flapping. Thudding. Whatever it's called. It was a helicopters rotors, m'kay?

I start looking around to see where the helicopter is, because we don't normally get helicopters around here, as far as I know. They stick closer to the city, and on the lake. But low and behold, there was not one, but two (Possibly three) big helicopters that were the cool government military model whatever. Y'know, the ones with two rotors, and they're big and wide and stuff. I nudged Mir to point (She nearly jumped out of her skin, by the way), and we started theorizing when we were inside what it could have been. First it was the government. Then it was D looking for us using a government helicopter. THEN it was a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter being all official and stuff.

You know, SHIELD, from Marvel? The comics? And most recently the awesomest movie EVER, the Avengers? Have you guys seen it?

(If you haven't, then what the hell are you doing here?! Go! Go! Nous allons au cinema (French from memory, pardon if error)! It's the best movie EVER, and you neeeeeeed to see it! It has explosions, sweet humor, angst, big flying whales, Norse gods, mystery, floating bases, and Hulk scaring the hell out of some pigeons! MWAHA!)

Now, that got me thinking (We're back to the SHIELD helicopter, remember). Cosplayers are cool. If they're good, it looks like they're the actual character. But what if you put on, say, a costume of a superhero... got their powers? That question gave me a sweet storyline.

Now, that is where YOU GUYS come in. I need YOU guys to go look at the worldwide internet, and YOU need to pick a superhero who's powers you would want. It HAS to be in the Marvel universe, though. Not DC. Marvel. Because Marvel has the Avengers, and they're going to come in at some point. And the Avengers are COOL. 'Nuff said.

Pick a superhero for their powers, if you like and/or are okay with their costume (They will be altered, for you), if you like their weapons, whatever. Maybe you like what motive they use for their powers, and you want to be like them. Whatever ya want.

Once you've found the superhero, put their name in a comment in the comment section, with any requests you want. This is YOU being the superhero, not OC. You guys. This is you with someones superpowers. I'm giving a bunch of teenagers the choice to pick powers that could be used to blow up the earth. Think about it. It'll give you nightmares, man...

If you don't know much on superheroes, don't worry. I'm sure we could find something. If you don't want to be a superhero, if you want to be a super villain, say that in the comments. But I'm not taking many super villains, so be prepared for me to say no (But I might say yes, if I can fit it into the current plot). If you don't want to be anything, shame on you (You know who you are, ding-bat). If you're not sure, there's something out there. It doesn't have to be famous or anything. It could be discreet. You don't have to be the same gender, that doesn't matter. You don't have to have anything in common with them besides you want their superpowers.

(By the way, because these are comics, and comics of the superhero genre tend to have god knows how many clones, just put the person and their clone, if they have the same power)

For people who aren't sure, I may edit this post and put a list or something of possible people. And as superheroes are chosen, I'll make a list of ones who are chosen. I'd like to stick with people not having the same superhero.

(But the thing that REALLY bugs me, if that I won't be able to post this until tomorrow, or possibly saturday. Until my dad gets back. I wanna start writing already... nyaaaaa)

Any other questions, ask me in the comments. Even if you don't want to, just put it in the comments.


  • Hey Hellboy! Can I use Elysium Asylum as a superhero base? Yes? No? I promise no one will explode it!
  • No Hulk for now. Cuz I think I may have Banner play a large-ish part in it. Or maybe. There will be interaction. 
  • No Hawkeye, now that I think about it. I want you guys to choose people with physical powers. Hawkeye may be awesome, but he doesn't have powers.
  • I am going to be writing a story with this. Because I want to, and I need to do something when I'm bored. And what better world to research then one of the comics? Face it, it's a freaking freak show. You can smell the crazy over there.
  • If you pick a particular person, you would be their skills as well. Like, say they could drive a aircraft carrier or something. You can now drive an aircraft carrier. Or if they were a spy. You are now a spy.

Iron Man: By The Thalia
Doctor Strange: By The Mir
X-23: By The Mar
Deadpool: By The Hellboy
Icarus: By The Aquila
Daredevil: By The Skyril
Elektra: By The Kallista


One day, a group of superheroes was seen taking on a large, confirmed Sentinel robot in the city of London, England. They took him down with combined strengths, before the government or any other superheroes needed to be called in. All could be vaguely recognized from other sightings previous, however... there's a large detail that caught the agency SHIELD's attention. All superheroes sighted in London... were accounted for in other places of the world.

Why? No one knows for sure. The London fighters fled the scene as fast as possible, and discretely small sightings have been reported since. Either someone cloned a ton of superheroes without their knowledge, or some people got some crazy idea in their head that they could dress up like superheros and fight like they did. The second idea might have been believable, except these people had the powers of the superheroes spotted. And they could actually use them. Either way, something's amiss...


  1. WHoa! *facepalms* What is it with me checking th eblogs befor egoing to bed?
    *hugs MAr tight* I sort of skimed through this . I can' concentrate. To tired. Wish I would have been bright enough to look here earlier. Miss you a lot!
    I will read this better tomorrow. Not sure what is goign on with the superhero thing. Can I be a superhero? If so, I will let you choose. :)
    ANd what is whith the title? Am I not already you friend? Sister? Blog mother? (sorry. Just so tired am stupid. Well...stupider) :P
    NIGHT MAR *hugs tight*



    1. YES OF COURSE YOU CAN USE EA :D I can't wait to see how you integrate it.
    2. I'm a huge fan of comics/graphic novels. I wonder, am I able to be Hawkeye? He doesnt actually have any powers, though, so I suppose not.
    3. If not Hawkeye, there's always my favourite, The Merc with the Mouth, "Deadpool". He was in the same facility as Wolverine (I'm not talking about the MOVIE deadpool, COS THAT WAS A TERRIBLE REPRESENTATION OF HIM. THE DEADPOOL I'M TALKING ABOUT IS EPIC AND IS IN THE COMICS AND HAS A COSTUME AND A SCARRED ASS FACE). He's very witty and loves to blow stuff up. Search him on google. He's epic :P
    4. Ergghdshfhh i don't know what to put here. READ THE LATEST PART OF MY STORY. YOU'LL ENJOY IT ;D

  3. Thalia- WOOT! *airpunch*

    Hellboy- Hmm... I think I'll have you be Deadpool. Because that'd definitely be very... interesting, let's say, when the appearance of a particular person comes along.... (Coughshortferalmancough)

    Kal- *hugs* Get some sleep, missy! You can read more in the morning~ *hugs again* *feeds watermelon*

    1. Epic- and what is this short feral man thing? Deadpool ain't like that at all.

      Everything about him is witty and blowing-up-stuff-stuff. He even has one or two different voices in his head.

      Alright, it's not the best representation. You'd have to read his comics to understand him xD

    2. PPHH. Okay, what if I said CANADIAN short feral man. Ringing any bells noooow?

    This is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Can I be like Hawkeye!??
    Like the guy from the Avengers with the bow?
    He's awesome.. yeah, awesome. O_O
    And you know he's the chief analyst from the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol too :D
    Is that all you need to know? And, I mean, can I be like him? I mean, you know, 'cause he's a GUY and all, but I think I read that that's ok right? Is it?

    1. LOL Hellboy and I chose the same dude :P

      And you guys get to find out what it is... later? :P

    2. Or, you know, you could look in the blog post above O_o
      If you want to go THAT way

  5. I think I will either be The Black WIdow or Electa. Are either of these ok Mar? :)

    1. Hmm... Kal, which would you rather be, out of Black Widow or Elektra? Both would be awesome. :D

    2. I think I will be Electra as she suits me best. But I still think I would have been best as Loki. Then you all could have kicked my ass! XD

  6. Can I just say, I love how everyone listed in the post has "the" in front of their name. "The Skyril", "The Hellboy", "The Aquila"'s awesome :D

    1. Hehehe~ Mir and Mar looked too short, so I put 'the' and the other names looked too lonely~ Like cheese pizza. It's lonely because it doesn't have any pepperoni. D:

  7. I'm goimg to enter this because a) I want to be called The Octaboona
    b) I'm not sure if you're still doing this or not but you may still be doing so.
    c) MAINLY A!

    So can I be.... Silver Surfer