Tuesday, February 3, 2015

(1) awaken

For some reason beyond the universe, Rui was pretty accustomed to waking up in strange places. If she had a buck for every time she woke up in the back of a nightclub, she’d probably be ten dollars richer.

If she had a penny for every time she woke up in a swamp, however, then she’d be able to buy her own planet.

But this time she wasn’t in a swamp, thankfully. It was actually quite comfortable! Her head was lying on something padded and everything.

Of course, that just made everything even more suspicious.

It didn’t smell like home, either, so she probably wasn’t surrounded by friends. Didn’t smell like anything she knew.

Rui allowed herself to appear as if she were relaxed. Around her general vicinity, there were hushed tones, as if someone were attempting to be quiet but failing miserably.

“Do you think… wake up soon?”

“...Telling for sure.”

“...Questions he…”

In that moment, Rui suddenly understood what Marcy meant when she complained about the horrible ‘whisper hiss tones.’

There’s movement closer to her and for a second Rui wondered whether she was hooked up to a heart monitor or not.

“She’s awake.”


Five seconds. One: open eyes. Exhale. Two: come into a sitting position, rip off the heart monitor attached to her finger. Three: Locate nearest person. Four: Bring up legs and kick the person across the room and into the (metal??) wall. Five: jump up off the gurney she was placed on.

Six seconds pass and she’s already running.

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  1. I SOLVED THE PROBLEM HAHAHAHHHA I CAN COMMENT NOW!!!! i turn off third-party cookies/site data when i'm watching stuff on kissanime to stop it from slowing down my computer and i forgot to turn it back on from like...friday lmao.

    ANYWAY!!!!!!!! MAR THIS IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! i love it. *points at rui* love that rui