Saturday, February 14, 2015

(4) hot damn thats a wizard

asdfghjkl haha nah nope goodbye

Will was screaming something shrill and fierce. Fueled by pure panic, he screamed loud enough to scare away the bird from nearby trees.

It was horrible.

.......Of course, it was also what Will ALWAYS did. This was completely normal.

He had a somewhat good excuse, as well! He was bait (this time), as he had lost the bet fair and square.

Son of a bitch should never pick paper every single time he plays rock paper scissors.

Regardless, Marcy had a job to do. That involved screaming. And tiny shells with feet.

Maybe if she hadn't inhaled so much caffeine that morning she would be taking this a little more seriously. But at that moment? Nah.

Two shells down, four to go. She was running full sprint, desperately trying to stay away from Will's diversion, sticking to the back streets of the town. The shells she had gathered were wiggling around desperately in the messanger bag she had, as if they had SOMEPLACE better to be.

Who thought giving relics feet was a good idea?

Marcy quickly dropped and home run slid under a wagon, just managing to grab another shell before it jumped into the gutter.


"Gross gross gross gross grOH IT LICKED ME GROSS GROSS GROSS-"

How did it ever come to this? They were just on a supply run. They didn't MEAN to insult the storekeeper, and they didn't MEAN to scoff when said shopkeeper told them to apologize to the deities in the center of town. And Will PROBABLY didn't mean to knock that candle over.

...Or the shells. Or the basket of offerings.

...On second thought, maybe he deserved the role of bait.

But hey, even if the first part was Will's fault, neither of them knew that the literal lifeforce of every citizen in the town was literally tied to the relics. The relics with feet. The incredible CLAM-LIKE relics.

Two more freakish relics in the bag later, there was a VERY nearby explosion, and suddenly Will was sprinting around the corner and screeching "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" and something with a ghostly cloak was levitating quickly after him and the thing created a fireball out of thin air and was throwing it at HER and what was Will throwing at her fACE--?

Marcy screamed as the clam hit her in the nose. Will was still screaming. The ("FRICKING GHOST WIZARD," Will helpfully suggested) thing began to scream when all of the clams were collected in the same vicinity. There was a collective panic when all the villagers zapped back into sight.

Marcy was still screaming, lying on the ground from where she had ducked to avoid the fireball.

She didn't think she'd feel very compelled to return here anytime soon.

i regret everything i have ever done goodbye 

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