Friday, June 10, 2011

Calling All People With An OC!


I'm writing a story, and I need SHAPESHIFTERS!

If you ARE a shapeshifter, make a double ganger of your OC. Name, shapeshifted form preffered, clothing, personality, blah blah blah.

Different Name! not the same one!

and minor different details! 

like mirrored twins, but as OCs.

If you are NOT, a shapeshifter, then make a double ganger of your OC anyway. Then...just let me morph the character at my will...heh...

With any OC double ganger you give me, I cannot guarentee that it will be exactly the same as what you gave me.

I'm sorry, but my mind is unpredictable.

This is URGENT!

Spread the news as well! Go go go!


  1. Thalia's doppelganger - Ki Waltz. Same as Thalia in every way, except with her blond streak on the other side of her head. One of Thalia's best friends. Also a mind reader.

    I'll get you Soot's doppelganger as soon as I post her bio...

  2. Tell ya more soon but yes, I am, any animal. Bonus- I can talk to them
    Tell ya more soon;),

  3. *clones OC*
    *gives clone to Mar*
    Take good care of her, please...

  4. I don't know about the whole shapeshifting story thing, but the summer post WAS FREAKING EPICA! OMG THERE WERE SO MANY STORIES! EPIC!!!!

    I loved the hamster scene, btw. xD Awesome!

  5. Uh, yeah. I'm not a Shapeshifter... I just changed my name and hair colour.

    Everisse Eterna

    Name: Nemesie Vermillion

    Age: 18, looks about 16

    Gender: Female

    Hair: Silver-blonde,halfway down her back, wavy.

    Eyes: The palest grey, large. Mischievous glint to them, but distrustful with strangers.

    Height: 5 foot 5

    Personality: Clever, cunning, mischievous. Very quirky, says random things and loves big words. Bites her lip when she's thinking, messes her hair when she's nervous and is always humming or singing. Disregards authority and is insolent without meaning to be. She is a loyal friend and an excellent fighter.

    Wears: Normally, form-fitting t-shirts, or her favourite sparkly black halter top, and black or White shorts, even in cold weather.

    Nationality/Accent: Connecticut-born, with a slight New England accent.

    Backstory: Youngest Irish Sanctuary detective excluding Valkyrie Cain. She travelled to Ireland after discovering her powers at the age of seven, using various hitchhiking methods and sneaking aboard a plane. She moved to Elysium Asylum at the age of eleven, and is a permanent resident. 

    Weapon: Japanese katana 

    Family: Mortal mother and father back in CT. Older "sister" named Essence at the Asylum.

    Skills: Singing, drawing, puzzle solving, black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

    Power: Adept. Electrical manipulation. She can shoot lightning bolts and cause short-range power outages. She can sap energy from electrical outlets to give herself more power. She can also magnetise some metals and control the power in electrical appliances. Things tend to short out or blow fused when she is overexcited.

    Discerning features: Freckles sprinkled across cheeks and bridge of nose. Butterfly hairclip. Opal cross necklace.

    Likes: Wolves, large dogs, glitter, pineapples, fighting, rain.

    Dislikes: People who mince words, general stuffiness and pompous people, moths, vegetables, olive green, solitude.

  6. Kallista's doppelganger.
    Kali Trinity
    Close to Kallista in face and form but has her head shaved with only a few long strands left.(sort of like Tank Girl) Wears all white clothes. Mostly elegant and manish in style. Has a silk eyepatch in the shape of a heart covering her left eye. Is a bit more muscular then Kallista.
    Has strange but beautiful delicate looking tattoos down both her arms.

    She can transform into a snow leapord or a pure white horse. With her magic she can grant the power to Kallista to transform into a beautiful brilliantly colored kingfisher.
    She puts forth a tough and cold front but is a softie like Kallista Pendragon.

    IS this good enough Mar? :D

    I think Octa should do a poem about her.

  7. Oh, yes, Mar. Still haven't come up with Soot's doppelganger. But I forgot to mention...

    Ki is blind. Yep.

  8. okay... i'm not a shapeshifter... ahem... but uhh... awww man! i really can't be arsed to think up a whatsit thingy for my OC... umm... name change... name change... let's say... vannessa... something... uhh... ebony... yeah... vannessa ebony! :) and uhh... looks... bright blond hair... practically white... short, just above shoulders... and... uhh... very, VERY messy... uhh... yeah... i won't change anything else... hmm... 'kay :) done (MONSTER COMMENT!)

  9. Octaboona Ambrosius

    Name:Harmonious Barkwater

    Age: 18

    Height: 6 ft 1

    Gender: Male

    Hair: Jet black tied up in tiny braided cords I suppose.

    Eyes: Bright green, very large and sparkling

    Personality: Like Octaboona but less grumpy and less wise.

    Power: He can turn into a baharee. This is sort of like a mischevious purple spirit which prefers being in a gaseous form but when it has to take on a shape then it turns into a giant jewel encrusted purple dragon.

    Um yeah.

  10. ohhh this is epic mar-chu!

    oh god now i cant think of another name!

    ok so Skylara Wolfbane's doupleganger:

    Name: Lonna Swift-tail

    Looks: Same as Skylara except that her eyes are a dark green and her hair is a much darker brown with a red streaks.

    Wears: Same as skylara except her jacket is a black leather with a hood rather than a green canvas.

    Personality: A hell of a lot darker and more mysterious than Skylara, very untrusting, looses her temper a lot easier but is still very sarcastic like Skylara (but in a snarkier and meaner way).

    Shapeshifer form: Instead of Skylara's silver wolf with yellow eyes she transforms into a midnight black wolf with piercing light blue eyes.

    Likes: Being by herself, fighting and writing.

    Hates: Being around people, having to be civil and being proved wrong.

    Weapon of choice: a long Bow and a quiver full of arrows.