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Summer Blog Post!





Is everyone ready? I've gathered some pieces of writing that I've been working on...its epica...wellllll...?


Kay! First up-

The next part of the Labyrinth fanfiction, about March's past. Yaaaaaaaaay!

...well, actually its Part One! Yay!


Zoey...Zoey...Zoey, honey, I need you to wake up now.”

Zoey Donnelly stirred slightly in the midst of a dream. She was soaked to the skin in sweat. The dream was a nightmare. She was conscious of her dad, Erebus, trying to shake her gently awake into reality, but the nightmare was so real...

She was running. Zoey was following someone, someone with her same flaming red hair. However the other persons was long, and laid in a styled was on her back. Zoeys was short compared to hers, only to the middle of her back, where the others went below the back. Zoey needed to catch up to that person, to see their face...

Zoey screamed in the dream, as well as in real life, as strong hands grabbed both her arms, pulling her back into the shadows of wherever she was. She thrashed at the person, trying to break free. Her nails clawed at skin, and she was thrown to the ground.

Zoey!” Erebus yelled in real life.

Zoey stood quickly, looking down at her hands in the little light of the dream. Her breath caught in her throat as she saw something...felt something wet and sticky, smelled a metallic scent in the air.


Her hands were covered in it, shaking slightly. She looked up to the person in the shadows, stepping back as it made itself visible.

The face was shown, half shadowed still, with the same, sticky blood all over it. He was taller then Zoeys six year old form. The man, it was a man, bared his...fangs, and made his was towards Zoey.

No!” Zoey screamed. “Get away from me!”

The man took no heed, just continued walking towards Zoey.

Zoey stumbled away. “Get back!”

Erebus shook Zoey in real life as she thrashed around, screaming and saying all the same things in the dream.


Zoey sobbed. “No!”

Zoey's eyes snapped wide, and she froze for a second. Her lower lip quivered. She looked around the room, and her eyes landed on Erebus.

Erebus shook his head slowly. “It wasn't real. You're safe now.”

Zoey looked at him, and her breathing returned to normal, her heartbeat slowing. Erebus gently rubbed a hand in circles on her back, talking reassuringly to her.

It wasn't real. You're safe now. It's okay, you're safe now.”

- - -

Zoey held Erebus's gloved hand as they walked down the street of New York City, snow flakes gently falling in the air. She was warm in her black wool coat, a white hat with her flaming hair sticking out slightly. She had reluctantly put on a black wool skirt, insisting for a bit on pants. White knee socks and black boots covered her feet.

Erebus's eyes drifted from door to door of the shops along the street, his mouth covered in a navy scarf. However he still wore a tan trench coat, he had on black boots as well on walk in the snow.

Here.” Erebus said quietly, walking, still hand in hand with Zoey, into a narrow alley. He turned to the spot in the wall which had graffiti of a explosion. He sighed, then kicked the wall. Wincing in pain, Erebus glared as the wall opened to reveal a short pudgy man who was balding.

Hello.” Erebus said lazily.

It's you.” The man said with squeaky American accent. “What are you doing here? Don't you work for the Irish Sanctuary?”

Erebus straightened upwards slightly. “I need to speak with the elders of the New York Sanctuary Elders.”

About what, may I ask?”

Alida Vesta, and the strange appearances of vampires in the city.”

The man's eyes widened slightly. “Oh, I heard about that. You must be Erebus Donelly, correct? Your acting ridiculous. There's no way in h*** Vesta can still be alive after that.”

No!” Erebus snapped.


You don't know her, but I do.” Erebus said through clenched teeth. “And Alida could survive that. She did survive that, and I'm going to fine her!”

The man sighed. “You've been searching for four years now. It's time you gave up.”

Gave up?!”

The man scowled. “It'd be for your own good, Ere-”

I can't give up!”

Erebus.” The man stamped his foot.

Don't you Erebus me, you little-”

The mans face turned red. “Fine. Donnelly, you're being absolutely ridiculous.

Daddy?” Zoey poked her father slightly.

He glanced down slightly. “Not now sweetheart.”

You're ruining your daughters childhood-”

Shut Up, you b-”

Daaaaaaddy!” Zoey poked her father again.

Erebus sighed. “What is it, Zo?”

Zoey looked at the man in the Sanctuary entrance. “Is he a dwarf?”

Erebus's eyes widened slightly. A small smile formed, when the man's face got even redder, if possible.

Zoey tilted her head. “Well? He looks like a dwarf. Is he a dwarf?”

Erebus chuckled. “That, Zoey, is what we call a elf.” He looked over to the man. “Good bye!” He said, and kicked the wall again.

Zoey watched it close, hearing the fading yells of the man screaming- “I'm not a dwarf or an elf! I'm just short!”, head still tilted. Erebus led Zoey out of the alley, and patted her head. He took two plane tickets out of his pocket.

Daddy, why there elves be in the magic Sanctuary?” Zoey asked.

I don't know, Zo. But anyway, Zo,” Erebus showed her the tickets. “How do you feel about seeing Paris?”


Hah! Great, am I right?

(Heads up, I said something similar about a short man, dwarfs, and snow white at Disney World when I was four...This is where that part comes from...)

Next up, the next part of the Red Shoes Magic Fanfiction! Yaaaaaay!

(WARNING: I tried to lighten up the mood. It's...really, really...weird...Thalia, I put that certain insult about the hamster in there. [Sorry Hellboy, it's aimed at Israel. But I find it amusing. So maybe you will as well. Maaaaaaybeeeeee...])

ready for... PART FIVE!



“So, is this how I'll die, huh?” the girl asked. “It would be really great, you know, If mom could pop back into my life just for this moment...”

The vampire sneered at the cat girl. "Alida isn't here to save you now." he squeezed her throat harder. "But soon, you may just see her.”


Kasch's eyes widened slightly as a familiar voice cried out to her, and the familiar flaming, yellow eyed, black haired Bela jumped in front of her.

"Hold on!"

Kasch did her best to clasp her hands around Bela's neck as it slid under her arm, and tried to hold on as they flew away from the warehouse in a explosion of fire.

"What happened?" Bela drilled Kasch.

"Sanctuary agents...then girl died Bela. She's dead!" Kasch's shoulders shook, and she sobbed, Bela trying his best to sooth her.

"There there...It's alright..."


The vampire stepped away from the flaming cat, startled. March hung from his grip, her throat burning.

In a explosion of flames, the flaming cat and the red shoes girl were gone, the vampires making to move after them but stopping, as the pair was well out of sight already.

One vampire cursed. “Well this was for a fat lot of nothing, right then?”

“At least we managed to kill Circe, right? That's a bonus.” The other vampire who spoke laughed.

March screwed up her face. She swore a colorful line of curses.

“Now now.” the vampire holding her said. “Don't want to have those as your last words. Am I not right?”

March stared at him and swore again.

He raised an eyebrow. “That was a new one. Never heard you saw that befo-”

The vampire bellowed as Mary Hiashi launched into his back, cursing at him. The vampire collapsed on the ground, crushing March under him, causing her to shriek. Mary kicked his head for good measure, then drew a broadsword, chasing after his friends. March squirmed weakly under the vampire.

“Help...?” she muttered.

Israel answered her by shooting a a vampire with his gun, watching as it launched over where March was slowly being crushed. He turned around again to see the limp forms of the other two vampire, she were piled on a rectangular crate. Israel then blinked back to where March and the rather burly vampire were as he heard the small girl screamed, “Oi! Numbskulls!”

Israel walked to the two, bending down to pull the vampire off. He stopped slightly, however.

“Mary...” He said as she ran back.

“Yes?” she asked.

Israel raised an eyebrow as he looked up at her. “You split his skull.”

Mary smiled. “Oops.”

Israel jumped slightly as a small hand shot out and grabbed his ankle, latching on.

“The wheels are still turning, but the hamsters dead...” March muttered.

Israel raised an eyebrow as he pulled the girl out entirely from under the lump of a vampire, setting her on a crate. She girl rubbed her throat, looking around the warehouse. “Sorry.” He said.

March blinked. She stuck out her tongue at Israel.

Israel's eye twitched. He leaned forward slightly. “Wait- what did you mean by-”

“Nothing.” March quickly said.

Israel leaned back again. “Were you insulting me?”


Israel nodded slowly. “Okay. Right. That's entirely believable.”

The three stood there for a few minutes. They all tried their best not to look at Thalia's corpse.

Well.” March said finally. “So far, I'm having an off day. What about you?”


Now Now Now...that insult was HILARIOUS, AM I RIGHT?! I got it from Mortal Coil. Me and Thalia were exchanging conversation, mimicking a scene. I was Skulduggery, she was Valkyrie. just occurred to me we forgot Irish accents...ah, well.


Kay, now, I give you the part 13 of the next SC Fic Dream Guardians! Yay!


Shana sat on the ground of the Christmas Company building, looking around at the parking lot like scene. It was really, really dusty. And what was that smell...?

Shana's eyes drooped, her head falling. Then she remembered the meeting, and Mei, and her head snapped back up.

"No." she said. "Not gonna."

But the world was going out of focus. It would get blurry...she felt lightheaded...maybe if she just laid down...

And....she laid down.

Shana's eyes snapped open. She gasped.

"Holy Fried Pickles!" She screeched.

She was standing, at the bottom of a floating staircase in the sky. It looked like it was from a Hayo Miazaki movie, and Shana could imagine dramatic music playing, with lots of drums and stuff. Looking up, she couldn't see the top.

"Aaaaah..." Shana drooled slightly, then whipped it away absentmindedly. She paid no attention to WHY she had magically appeared there, it was just so she began to climb.











Shana made a sound of a cat being stepped on as a landing magically appeared, spanning a small distance until the steps continued.

And Shana spun around to egg.

The egg was all black, its inky color seeming to swirl and change every second. But in the middle, all in white, was a D.

"D egg!" Shana screeched, pointing at it.

"Dreeeeee..." it seemed to murmur.

Then, many things happened at once.

One- Shana roundhouse kicked the egg.
Two- Shana woke up to being pushed off the Christmas building by a certain Erza and Holo, who were thrown by Mei.
Three- Mei was laughing.
Four- Shana, Erza, and Holo plummeted (probably to their deaths) off the building, hopelessly spiraling.
Five- Holo looked hysterical in her Pikachu pajamas, which were billowing out like some sort of demented balloon.
Six- Shana now will never climb a staircase without having a sudden urge to roundhouse kick the nearest person she sees.
Seven- Shana felt...something...she knew that

...they were coming. More of them. And together, they and Shana would once again kick butt.

Shana eggs were coming.

Very, very soon.



Hmm. D egg.


A 'dream egg' they come in your dreams, planning to steal them so you wake up as a zombie, withought a hearts egg. HAH!

A little 'Nightmare on Elmstreet'-ish.

But oh well.

Now...I...don't really have anything else to say...just...give me a sec, I'll think of something...


Er...I just found this post...well, I PLANNED to post it...never got around to it...


Okay. Weird story time.
I remember this from a church homily when I or five. It's just so epic It stayed in my head this whole time.

A burglar in breaking into a house. Actually, he's already in. All is silent. The family that lives there is on vacation in the Bahamas.

The burglar makes it to the porch, where early morning sunlight streams through the glass windows. The burglar takes a large brown bag and starts stuffing whatever he can find. He turns around, and comes face to face with....

….A pet parrot.

The parrot is one of those tropical birds, and the burglar wondered why it was left. It was sitting in a large, fancy, rich metal cage, looking at the burglar with curiosity.

The parrot blink, squawking.

The burglar shrugged, reaching down to stuff something else into the bag from a table beside a large sofa.

“Jesus is watching you.” The parrot squeaked, flapping his wings.

The burglar stood straight, staring at the bird like it was a lunatic.

“Jesus is watching you.” The bird squawked again. “He's under the couch.”

The burglar raised an eyebrow, and shrugged it off, stuffing a colorful platter into the bag. There was a church down the street, but he didn't figure the bird had ever gone to mass. And judging from the sofa, is was incredibly un likely that the holy Christ was hiding there, ready to preach the word of god.

“Jesus is watching you!” the bird screeched, raising its voice.

“Shut. Up.” The burglar whispered.

Jesus is watching you!” the bird screamed. “He's under the couch!”

Shut your mouth you-”

A large, white, fluffy, slobbery, DOG dashed out from under the couch. The burglar was knocked to the floor as the dog pinned him there, allowing slobber to fall on the burglar.

The burglar could see the dogs name tag from his position. He saw the dogs name.

The dogs name was Jesus!

The lesson is, that God is everywhere, even under a couch of a family that's on vacation in the Bahamas.


Sweet, huh? I heard it once at church. Takes place in the neighborhood I used to live in.

Great times, great times...


Um...let's...go to Wikipedia for a quick summary on...Maximum Ride?

Maximum Ride is a series of young adult science fiction and fantasy novels by American author James Patterson. The series chronicles the lives of six fugitive kids – Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge, and Angel – known collectively as the Flock. Bred in a laboratory called the School, they endured scientific experiments that rendered them 98% human and 2% avian.
In the first three books of the series, the Flock spends much of their time running from human-lupine hybrids created by the School called Erasers. Book 4 is mainly about the Flock rising against global warming, Book 5 is about saving Dr. Martinez while battling environmental pollution, Book 6 is about rescuing Fang, and Book 7 is about stopping the Doomsday Group from destroying the world's population. even has links.


  1. wrote this next part when I was angry.

March jammed her elbow into the mans side, then swiftly punched him in the face with her free hand. From her boot she drew the ruby dagger, and pressed it against the mans throat, staring him in the eye.

“Where. Are. They?” she said, deadly quiet, her eyes as cold as death itself.

The man swallowed. “I-I don't know.”

“You're lying.” March whispered. “Do you know what I do to liars?”

“Let them go?” The man said weakly.

“I use this knife here.” March pressed the dagger a bit harder. “And slowly cut them until they beg for mercy.”

The man stiffened.

“However, for you I have a deal.” March's eyes glinted. “I'm not in a very good mood. All in one week, my friend has died, I've nearly been choked to death, my bones have been crushed, my other friends bones have been crushed, and now my friends have been abducted by who knows what. I know that you have some part in it, you sniveling cretin, and I want to know where my friends are. Tell me before I am forced to break every bone in your body, besides your mouth so You can still tell me.”

The man tensed. “You are a lunatic. I have nothing to do with the Plan.”

March's eyes narrowed. “What. Plan?” she whispered slowly.

“I don't know what plan!” the man spat.

Tell me what the freakin plan is or I'll throw you off the cliffs!” March screamed, digging the dagger into his neck.

The man howled in pain, blood pouring from the wound. The man crumpled, and he slipped from March's grip, falling to the floor with a sickening thud. He groaned, his life seeping onto the rocks of the cliff they were standing on.

March's hands still held in the same position, having never moved, the dagger still being held where it had slit the man throat. March blinked slowly, her mouth open in horror.

She slowly looked down to the man. “I...I'm so sorry.” She whispered, trembling.

March took a step...

...and jumped off the cliff.

The air rushed at her face, her fiery crimson hair flying out behind her. Arms and legs splayed out, she stared at the quickly nearing water that would act as cement from the height March had jumped.

March flapped out her wings. She felt the wings shift from her back, felt the fiery power in them. She felt how much they were like her mothers wings, like the fiery bird that flew the sky.

Her mother would have been proud, knowing she could already shift into it. March slowly tried to shift into the rest of the bird, but it was as if something were boxing it up. Some unknown power...

March picked up speed, slowly turning back into the Ireland coast. She'd find everyone on her own...and she wouldn't need anyone help.

But all the same, if she could help it, no more blood would be spilled in this.


...Hmm. Yeah. Not a side you see of March under normal circumstances.

...Yeah, definitely not. But there is a side of her like that. You have been warned...

Well, that's about it. For now.

Epic summer post is now...over.


Just found out tomorrow is my name day! Yay!

(Hungarian Name day celebration. Apparently, they're a bit more important then birthdays. So my Mama [Pronounced Muh-Muh. Kinda like Mumu. Wait, now that I look at Mumu its like Moomoo. Um...] baked me this huge cookie that's bigger then my head. Yaaaaaaaay!)


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