Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The origonal title was "curses!". Can't remember why.

I just saw the trailer for the last Harry Potter movie.


Oh, I love it love it love it....!

Well, now we come to the reason why I'm writing this post now.

I'm hungry for writing. If that may sound weird, then I'm shocked it does to you by now. After all, I AM Mar.

Now, WHY and I sitting at this keyboard cracking my knuckles?

(They made lovely snapping noises if you're curious)

And cracking my toes, and my ankle? And doing that thing with my thumb that I can only do with the one that got litterally squished flat in a door when I was five?

Well, I'm excited. You want to watch out when I'm exited.

(I also just watched the trailer for the new X Men movie. I can't say it's very appealing too me. Not enough exploding stuff. However maybe it's just because I'm kinda itching to see the beginning of the first movie, because I only saw the end and I'm slightly confused...but my favorite characters Kurt. The Nightcrawler. He's like a blue, kinder, German version of Fletcher. With a tail. OK, well, not really, but...they ARE teleporters...)

Hmm. Do you know why I started to write in the first place?

I have tons of books from when I was three, four, or five, which just has scribbles that are me pretending to write. I LOVED writing. Still do.

But why did I want to become a author?

Well, my first grade teacher inspired me. She said "I know you'll just be a award winning author some day!" and later she would say "I'll be the first to your book sighning in New York!".

She's still waiting. Love that lady. Well anyway,

I won't let her down. NOPE!

So, I am making a strategy. Well, I already have a few in mind.

One involves a contest. The other just lets my mind go wild. Dangerous stuff.

But...I need characters.

And I'm coming to you guys for help.

Please? Help a friend from her place in no where important?

If YES (Hopefully, hmmm!), then fill out the required.


-The character can NOT be based off of yourself, or your OC.
-It has to be creative. Everyone's unique.
-Cool name. But not too strange, these people may start out normal, be aware.
-Between the ages of 7-10, or 13-19, or 20-30. 
-You may make more then one. Two at the most. If it's three, it has to be a good reason why. Put the reason in the comment.
-Be prepared for me to change some details.
-If you put copyright on everything, please take it off, I don't want to get arrested by ninjas in the middle of the night...
-If you make a history, don't make it THAT detailed.
-No Mary-sue characters. Please think the character traits over...
-No, it can NOT be a bad guy. I prefer to make those on my own, thank you...

Okay? Any other questions, ask in the comments below.

Make a sort of bio sheet likes the ones you put on Bio-rama.


...go see the Harry Potter movie. It. looks. AWESOME!

(WARNING: On my moms side of the family, my cousins and aunt and uncle are Harry Potter fanatics. So when the movie comes out, I will be bouncing off the walls. OOOh! maybe we'll see it opening night...! Yeah. That's right. And we wear cool hats that we can stuff over my little cousins face in the iffy scenes.)



  1. Well, how couldn't I, being asked that nice.

    Erm... do they have magic? *wonders* *shrugs*

    Gender: Female
    Age: 13-19
    Name: Finn Stone (I really like Finn but didn't find a better surname... ^^)
    Peronality: Quiet. She doesn't talk much, but when she does she exspects to be heard.

    *looks at post again*
    ...what else did you want...

    ...creative... erm...
    *wonders if the "quiet" part was creative enough*
    ...propably not... hmmmm...
    Can't think of anything more right now. But I hope that's better than nothing. And you'll have a lot of space to change her. ^^

  2. Name: Demetria "Demi" Calder
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Short brown hair and pale eyes. Demi was born blind, and her other senses are only slightly heightened.
    Stuff: She has a fraternal twin sister named Daphne who helps her.
    Personality: Extremely extroverted, loud, hyper.

  3. Name: Daphne "Daffy" Calder
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Short brown hair, brown eyes
    Stuff: Blind fraternal twin named Demitria
    Personality: Shy, introverted. Lets Demi do all the talking.

  4. I already have some characters in my head, it would be nice to see them out into a story made by someone who has almost as much writing talent as the Golden God himself. I'll post the character sheets on my blog, okay? (Oh, and by the way, I loved that trailer to! With all of Voldemort's Epic screaming~ *cough*kidsreactreference*cough* Maybe when it comes out Thalia, you, and I can go see it together~)

  5. Mir- well actually, I discovered that when the movie comes out me, my mom, grandma, cousin, and aunt are on vacation. In Montana. So I'm currently devising a plan for me and my mom to sneak away one day and go see it, because my cousin is freaked out by the Harry Potter movies and can't even make it through the third one.

    *shakes head*

    REALLY...I can't believe it...

    ...hmm. I need to keep all the gory moments in Skulduggery hidden from her...then shove the first book in her face one day...heh heh heh...

  6. Lucy Gentry
    Age 13-14
    Medium height and very slender, willowy.
    Has an intense but quiet personality. Is very intelligent and watchful. Wears nice clothes. Nothing to showy. Elegant but casual. Keeps away from being center of attention. Like s to be sensitive to others. Especially the underdogs.
    HAs long honey blond hair and violet eyes.

    That's all I can think of right now.

  7. name: morven brook
    age: 13-19 (i don't mind)
    medium hight slender.
    hair: VERRY long brown hair which she sometimes dose in a single plat.
    eyes: green and blue
    wears: nomale unshowy clothes. her t-shirt usewelly has some strange logo on.
    personality: is a book worm, always unotised and forgoten. she sees every thing but dose not always understand it.
    history: you make it up
    tanks hope you will use mine


  8. Hmmm I'm sure I'm quite late with this post since it was... 6 days ago that you posted it?
    Sorry about that...
    Still, I'm going to submit! Yes, I shall!
    ~strikes a pose, quickly getting struck by lightening...]
    ~cough, cough~ moving on....

    Name: Cornelius Fink
    Age: 16
    Personality: clever and willing to use his wits. Popular fellow, but tends to seclude himself
    Appearance: short, light, tousled brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, likes wearing long sleeve brown shirts and black pants, height is average. Often he is seen with a wolfish grin, especially when he's obviously superior in verbal banter

  9. By the way, he's skinny and likes to read books far beyond his school year [as he's quite genius]. He could pass a doctor's exam, but doesn't want to be a doctor or lawyer or anything like that. He doesn't really know what he wants to do, but if something come his way that he finds interesting, he'll leap in with vigor...

    Forgot to add those little details :P

  10. Vivianna Spark
    Hair:Long, blonde, straight
    Body:Curvy, slim
    Weapon: Gun and sword
    Clothes: either white tank top and black shorts, or formfitting black leather jacket with black shorts.
    Skin color: pale, scar on neck
    Information: death magic, and elemental. Has a power like China sorrows, people fall in love with her instantly for her beauty

    Hope you like it(: