Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm really...really BORED.

Play with me and you can be my friend!

The room's so bright now, because I've actually turned on the lamp. I'm going to experiment now. Do...stuff.

That's Remus Crux the bear.  He just kind of popped up one day on my desk, and me and my cousin gave him facial hair, in remembrance of the Faceless Ones trailer we did.

Now, I think I'll show you a video I just shot of myself blowing bubbles for like, what, 48 seconds. It doesn't actually SHOW me, though, and I edited out the part where I started gagging when I got bubbles in my eye and looked at the bubble thing to see if the bubbles were toxic or not ( they weren't, don't worry). But it's taking the weird little video FIFTEEN minutes to load, believe it or not. 

So. What to do in the meantime...

...Oh hey, look! It's done! WHAT?


  1. Yay! Bubbles!!!

    Woah. That bear scares me...


  2. Is it sad, that whenever I see the bubbles fall down, it is my first instinct to attempt to attack them through the screen? XD