Wednesday, February 24, 2016

(18) electricity

When he got back, it was pitch black.

Trying the light switches confirmed: the power was out. Steve sighed. All he wanted to do was rest, really, so it didn’t matter, but this really needed to stop happening.

He kicked off his shoes and dumped his bag on the ground by a couch, but took care to prop his sword up against the wall and to hang his jacket up in the closet. A glance at his phone proved that yes, a few people were still in the lodge, but he hadn’t seen any so far.

“Hello?” He called out. It kind of reminded him of bad horror movies, but the lodge was safe.

“‘Sup.” That was Rui, coming from the other room.

Steve walked that way, trying to find a clear path in the dusk lighting. “Where are you?” She wasn’t sitting on a couch or chair or anything, and there wasn’t any kind of photo or computer lighting up anything.

“Here.” There was movement, and Steve could finally see that she was waving at him from… the floor?

Yeah, she was just lying on the floor, flat on her back with her eyes closed.

“What… what are you doing.”

“Resting. What are you doing?”

“I just got back. Is anyone working on the generator?”

Rui shrugged the best she could from her position. “Yeah, I think Marcy is. It was too dark for me to go to my room, so I’m just hanging out here.”

“We do have flashlights, you know.”

“Boo. Come on, join me.” She lifted a hand, beckoning. “It’s relaxing.”

Steve mentally shrugged and got on the floor right next to her, assuming the same corpse-like pose. Rui was right. It was kind of nice, actually, just kind of hanging out there. Re-aligned his back and all that.

He’d fallen asleep before he knew it, only to wake up when the power finally struggled back on. All the same, Chrys still managed to trip over him when she walked into the room. That was a bit of a shock.

i have a fucking quota to meet for this month but it took me so long to write part 16 im gonna scream


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