Friday, February 26, 2016

(21) vacation

reminder: this is a continuation of part 20!!

Rui jerked back to consciousness, and without prior warning there was water water water everywhere and panic and her arms began to kick and struggle and go towards the light and she broke the surface of the lake with a loud splash.

Guess Steve won that bet, then.

...Just like all the bets previous.

With a groan, the girl swam towards what looked like a shoreline. The moon, wherever she was, appeared to be bright and full. Thankfully it gave her enough to see by. There was a lake and rocks and a sandy shore she was now pulling herself onto, but after that it was just grasslands for miles and miles.

Her clothes were soaking wet, but Rui just sat there for a minute or two to catch her breath. Her heart was fucking pounding. Slowly, she peeled off her jacket, flinging it onto a rock to dry. Her feet were starting to get an uncomfortable wooly feel, so she took off both her boots and socks. Now, she was just sitting in her dress.

Her very, very wet dress.

...Maybe she should take that off too. There wasn’t anyone around, after all.

Not long after that, Rui was sitting on the beach in nothing but her underwear, which turned out to be a massive fucking mistake.

There was sand everywhere!

Well.. it was a beach.

When was the last time she had even been to a beach?

The island with the mountains and the dumbass monkeys did not fucking count.

After trying to manically shake as much sand off of herself as possible, Rui found herself migrating towards another dry rock and draping herself over it.

She neglected to check her phone’s state of affairs (did it even really matter anymore?). The sky was just so bright and starry. Her limbs were warmed by the heat retained by the rock from the previous day.

Rui let herself relax. Or, well, she tried to. She was still shaking with adrenaline from before, and couldn’t settle into a nice position.

Maybe she should just stay at the lodge for a while after this, when she gets back. Take it easy, right? That would be nice. No adventures, nothing trying to kill her for once.

Sometimes… sometimes she just gets so tired.

They all do, really.

It comes whenever she’s someplace that isn’t her home world, when she’s alone and the only one of her kind for lightyears. Those are the times that their endangered species status becomes even more apparent.

If everything was the same, if she’d never screwed up, she’d be in college right now. She’d major in biology or some shit, and go home to visit her mom during breaks, and date cute girls in coffee shops, and go shopping with friends and… and…

It wasn’t good to dwell on the past but she kept fucking doing it.


It felt like her head was buzzing.

When she got back to the lodge it was cold and dark and snowing like a bitch. When Rui got back into her room, she tried to change into something warm as quietly as she could, but ended up stumbling around obnoxiously for a bit.

“Rui.” Scarlet mumbled. Christ, she looked like a fucking burrito, all wrapped up in blankets.

Wincing, Rui whispered, “Sorry.” She slid under the covers with more care, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend. Mmm, her little hot water bottle of a girlfriend. Who needed a fireplace when you had a girlfriend.

That… sounded a little weird when you thought longer about it.

But there, warm under the covers, Rui could finally stop shaking.

rui blames herself for a lot of things that aren’t necessarily her fault

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