Thursday, April 28, 2016

(30) Years in the future, but not many...

> Years in the future, but not many…

Steven Saxon woke with a jolt, tangled in blankets and falling halfway off the couch.

Louie was sitting next to him, an amiable look on her face. Smells of cake batter and frosting wafted into the room, from the kitchen across the hallway. A bowl hit the counter too hard, and Steve heard Chrys curse.

Still, it was quiet. Nothing screaming, no notifications going off, not meteors raining down on his house.

Speaking of which, what… what was that?

Fucking hell.

That was all weirdly formatted and weirdly specific and you were Rui for a moment there and everything went to shit? Also, Rick Astley?

Rui’s house doesn’t even have an observatory. Also your “chumhandle” was fucking misspelled the. Entire. Time. And wouldn’t you not be in school on your birthday?

Steve scratched Louie behind the ears for a little comfort, righting himself into a sitting position. He stayed that way until his heart slowed to a normal beat, then casually grabbed his phone. There was a text notification.


Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker what the fuck.

aaaand that’s a wrap! What turned into a cute homage for 4/13 turned into me rewriting all of act one. i dont know how this happened. Homestuck has ended, and yet i am still stuck in this pit of suffering.

where’s my fucking epilogue

i don’t know if saxon is steve’s actual last name im testing out stuff

seriously disappointed that the sweet font i found isn't transferring like it's only for a few lines but damn

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