Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Watching Torchwood Now...'s freaking BRILLIANT.


But I found out that my Dad watched it since when it first started. But then how come he didn't know about Doctor Who?

Weird. He usually knows that stuff... When I first asked him "What's Doctor Who?" he said he couldn't explain it...I had to ask you guys...and wikipedia, of course.

Just to repeat, Torchwood is BRILLIANT!!!


  1. I'll look for Torchwood on Netflix tomorrow! And if I can't find it, well....interwebz!

    *hugs Mar*

    In the Penguin-Mobile!

  2. Oh, Thalia, don't watch the second episode in the first season...

    ...just...stay away from that. Watch the preview if you want but...don't watch it. It's a bit...shifty. Even the preview.

    But the first and third episodes are clear!

    *grins like a lunatic*

  3. Eh? Torchwood?

    I never liked it. Mainly because Doctor who was way better. Also because it copies Doctor who with a lot of it's themes and ideas.

    But really, I dislike it because the name Torchwood is even an anagram for Doctor Who... (wait, anagram's the one where you can rearrange the words to make another one, right? Really? Oh.)

  4. well.. I watch Doctor Who and thats cool and I've heard of Torchwood but never really watched it... sounds gd though