Sunday, September 4, 2011

Characters Please!


I am in need of some characters for a story. It's not a Skulduggery story, or a fanfic at all for that matter.

The D.A.

The Dumpling Army. A army of Dumplings. Long story. Began last year, with me as the founder. The actual D in real life is nice though. He gave us pudding at the end of the year. Yep...well, no. This is called "The Digital Army". 

The Dumpling Army will still make an appearance somewhere, and it has the main villans (D and his evil elifin army,) but the army is a digital program. takes place at school. School! High School, really. But some Middle Schools, however. Maybe. Probably. 

So! Characters! 

I already have the main character, A girl who's a freshman in high school (aka Ninth Grade. Or...whatever you call in. Ninth Years? They don't have those at hogwarts...thats...Fifth Years). 

Her name will most likely be March, with some random last name. 

There is D, aka Doctor D. Or Just Mr D.

(Mir, Thalia, what do you guys think on that?) 

The characters for the army are not your basic teachers pet, no. They're a bit of delinquents, and have a few mental problems. But, they all have like genious talents or something like that. 

And keep in mind that I may continue this idea, and take it to publishing, so if you want to keep your other characters for other things, fine by me (But I DO need some, so if you wouldn't mind...).

The places open for characters are- 

A few teachers (Maximum 3 spaces open, and I will be making two other teachers).

Students (As of current time, no limits to spaces open)

The teachers would have less exciting roles (But there may be a teacher with a major character role), and the kids would be the ones fighting D. 

Oh, and about D- he's a evil scientist who created an army of biogenetic humans who resemble elves and have strange powers to take over the world, if only one step at a time, starting with being the Headmaster of the school. However he made the wrong choice by making an enemy out of the new girl with psychological problems, and she desinged an army to fight him using a computer program. Go figure. 


  1. Hmm... I don't think any of mine are old enough to be in this story. They're too old to be kids, too young to be teachers. So meh.

  2. lol, you could use my OC! :P that would be awesome! :P doesnt matter what her age is supposed to be, people are allowed to change it! :P id advise not having mine as a teacher though :P doesnt suit her image! XP anyways, you dont have to if you dont want to lol, i just think that this seems pretty awesome, so id love my OC to be in it! :P P.S if youd like a freshly made-up character, then i can supply! ;)

  3. Awesome Mar! I'll think over this while I'm over at my grandma's today, and I'll get back to you with a character.

  4. Octa would make a good teacher I think.

    Awesome idea for a story!

  5. I agree with octa! make him a teacher! :D

  6. Ooooohhhh, Mar! Soot could be a student!

  7. Awesome ideaaaa x3!
    Um. I will get back to you on a charie for the story, unless Pandora's okay x3 I might use Jahiro... ohhh, or Wolf... *just talking to self now xP*