Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Superhero Bios Welcome!

Okay. I am pathetic. I didn't think it'd really be fair, but...

The superhero thing is going to stay open for a few more days or so. As long as I will it to be, because...

...er. Yes. Well, I haven't actually made my own yet. I can't decide on the power. Or the background. Or the weapon. Or the eye color, for petes sake.

SO, to be fair, I thought I'd give other people some more time (CoughPyrocoughHellboycough).

Write, children! Write like the wind!

And now I will respond to people's comments here, because I'm too lazy to go back to the comment section and respond there.

(We didn't have mac and cheese Sunday. I ate french toast instead. It wasn't the same... *tear*)

Kal- The more rounded a character the better. :3 For weaknesses, does the swimming still count? And what about if she's exposed to catnip she goes into a weird air headed mode? I just imagine cats giggling around catnip. Which is a bit weird. But giggling.

Thalia- I am better! Mwaha! But my mom's sick now, and no one's getting any sleep in this household. Weeeeeeird. There was only like a four hour period last night where everyone was asleep.


Octa- Er... like, what happened around him when the powers manifested? How did his parents react? Do his parents know? Dig deep, fellow blogger.

...Yes. And now I show you something funny. (Oh, for any new bios, put them below this blog post, not the other. My gmail's acting funny)

EDIT: Take not you people should still get a move on if you want to submit a bio, because I could decide mine at any second, and start on the story. MWAHA. Now I present you Loki and Anthony.


  1. Ummm...Alrighty then...

    When Mary was three years old, a private organization called Future Soldier started Project 13-8. They amassed a collection of different children (all girls), all of them sold by their parents. Each one of them was trained to fight, each one pitted against the others in death matches. The only one to survive all the trials was Mary.

    She was then taken to the labs and injected with different drugs and tested on with old magic. They gave her too much power however, and during one of the tests, she leveled the entire building, killing everyone in it.

    Not knowing what to do afterwards, she ran away. She then met an old witch who taught her how to control her powers. Mary had called her BaBa Mei.

    After BaBa Mei died, she left Mary her cabin and everything in it.

    Also, Mary's name wasn't always Mary Hiashi. Before she had been sold to the lab her name had been Elizabeth Scott, but she no longer considers that her name.

  2. I found a better weakness and added it on at the end of my bio, Mar. :D *hugs* Hope you get your mac and cheese soon sweetie. Now I am craving it. :P

  3. Blargh I don't like thisss. It's too random and I haven't thought everything through and it's getting too complicated...

    I may have to do some serious rewrites :(

    I will think about how people reacted to his powers but not yet because I'm too sick.

  4. One edit to my superhero!

    It's not big, but when I said that she could only do telekinesis on small things, I meant nothing bigger than a refrigerator. So, not really small but not huge either.