Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Superpower Would You Have?

"The League Of Extraordinary Bloggers."

Like the name? Yes, I do too. I had something like it in my mind since the superhero blog post, but then I googled the thing, and came up with the movie "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and I was all WHATTHEFLIPTHATISAWESOME.

Aaaanyway. That may be just me. I haven't even seen it (yet).

Then I walked downstairs, clutching my grey shirts that needed to be washed, I walked past the open screen door. A big gust of wind blew the curtains back, and I was hit with the smell of boiled eggs from the kitchen, and I was hit with with a massive burst of inspiration.


But I'm in a mood for monologuing, so just bear with me for a few more sentences.

For about a month I've been mulling over the whole "perfect bio-weapon" deal. Marvel has a bunch of characters like that. Super soldiers, Weapon X, yada yada yada. But what DOES make a perfect weapon? I've never really come to a conclusion with that. And while I was looking at old ipod notes, I came across something labeled "Files."

Hmm, whatever could this ever ominous "files" be? You'll never know. But I do. Mwaha.

Still thinking about the whole "perfect weapon" thing, I wondered-- "What about a perfect TEAM?"

And that's where you people come in.

This is going to be like the superhero blog post somewhere below this one. But you guys don't need to find a superhero that already exists and have their powers.

You can find your own powers.

Mix and match, powerful or not. Weapon or hand to hand. Physical super-powered appearance or hidden. I'll even let you guys decide on a costume, if you want to.

Maybe this sort-of came from the superhero genre study in school, and how I want to re-do mine, or whatever, or I sort-of want to keep making them, and one day sell them to Marvel for my own profit (Mwaha), or whatever. But like I said before. Comic books are a freak show. You can SMELL the crazy over there.

Here's a guide to get you guys started:

Superhero Name: Think of something snappy. It could be your blogger name, if it's abbreviated or something like that, or it could be something you think goes well with the powers or stuff. Go nuts. Be creative and all that jazz. Play with names from other comic universes, as well.

Age: Name self explanatory. Make it in the teens, however. Oldest to be accepted is 18. Youngest 12.

Characteristics (While powers are activated, if they are):
Height- Anything you want. Tiny, or giant, or medium. Put height if they can shrink or grow or stretch or something, as well.
Weight- Keep in mind the same thing as stated above.
Eye Color- Whatever it is when powers are active. Do they glow? Are they a weird color?
Hair- How is it styled? Is it up, or down? Are they bald? Or is it a buzz cut? And what color, as well?
Body Build- When their powers are activated are they all muscular? Or is it the exact opposite? Or do they stay the same?
Personality- Are they the same, or are they like the Hulk and go all SMAAAASH and all that?

Costume: Try and have the costume relate to their powers. Use colors associated with their powers and such. Spandex? Unitard? Cape? Cool coat? Vest? Light body armor? And please, have them be practical. (Basically, for the girls, no skirts. Please. I will not have this turned into a sparkly magical desu thing) (I just laughed hysterically at my own plead).

Powers: Go nuts. Mix and match. Be creative! Nothing more I can say here, other then remember- this is not SP. Widen your miiiiinds, yo. Go psychedelic and.... stuff. I dunno.

Weapons: A bow and arrows? A bo staff? A snazzy gun? A chainsaw of doom? Laser lipstick? A boomerang? A flamethrower? A taser? Or do you not want any weapons, and just want to use your mad skills of hand to hand combat? Speaking of which...

Skills: Can they fly a plane? Are they a wrestling master? A master sniper? A master arsonist? Can they speak multiple languages? Or do they stumble around with mad luck skills?

Source Of Powers: Now might be a good time to look back into your memory about any superhero thing you've ever viewed. Mad scientist? Alien? Were they born with it? Was it science gone wrong? But many details, while you're at it. Remember, this is all going towards a story. Don't be afraid to make it dark or just plain ironic. But if you're making it ironic, please state as so.

Weaknesses: I will not have any mary-sues or gray-stus, ehem ehem! Everyone has a weakness. So what if it's you can't fly? What if you can't swim? Have a fear of heights? Act on impulse? Or do you have extensive money shortages? Does the public think you're a monster? Are you a wanted man in multiple countries for attempted murder? Maybe you-- gasp-- don't like to fight? Maybe you're deathly afraid of the other gender? Maybe you absolutely hate authority? I can go on all day, dude.

Villains: If you want to pick a fight with any villains or characters already in the Marvel world, now would be the time to raise your hand. Not mandatory. 

Motivation: Is their any particular reason you want to fight crime? Did someone kill your parents? A good friend? Maybe you want revenge on mad scientists? Maybe you're destined for darkness, but you want to try and be as good as you can? Or maybe you're just a witty anti-hero.

Principal/Goal: What is your dream in life? Avenge your parents? Find the lost gem of your family heritage that was stolen long ago? Not much I can help you with on this one. If you don't really have one, that's okay as well.

Secret Identity/Alias/Normal name: Nothing too wonky if they're not an alien. So basically, your SP name. And if you SP name is really random, tone it down a bit.

Characteristics (When not powered up. If powers don't change appearance, don't do this):
Eye Color-

Occupation: Student, or are you old enough to have another job?

Other- Mreeeeehhhhhhh I don't know what to put heeeeere~

Anyway. If you guys could fill that out and put it in the comments, that's awesome. :D


  • I'm still using the Elysium Asylum, Hellboy. XD
  • We'll all still be in Europe. I'm debating on Ireland or England. Or Wales! OOOOH maybe Wales. >:3
  • I'll be open to new blogger entry things for about a week or so. In that week you're free to mull over your superpower. As last time, this will be YOU, not OC. Next Sunday/Monday, I'll make another post showing all of the chosen superheroes, and more background in the story.

    Now to get you to comment- 


EDIT: Even though this isn't the latest superhero post, still put any new bios at the bottom here. Even if it doesn't look like it, I still get the comments.


  1. Awww no one has commented?

    I will be sure to fill this out.

    May take a while.

  2. You haven't seen the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen???!!!!!

    I remember that movie from forever and a day ago. It was awesome. There was Dorian Grey, Mina (in this Dracula's wife as well as a vampire...I think...), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Captain Nemo (I think), an invisible dude, some "kid", and Sean Connery! I love Sean Connery.

    There was also a movie similar to it, made a year after or something, that was pretty good too. Though I can't remember the name.

    I'll fill this out as soon as possible. My first class starts in a few minutes...

    1. *cough* Mina was the wife of a man who worked with Van Helsing to kill dracula, but got bitten in the process *cough*

      :D But is a GREAT film!! I cant believ they never made a sequel, what with that cliffie?

  3. Doing this real soon! :D Need to check a couple things with you.

  4. I didn't comment for I had nothing to put down. Nothing is coming to mind. I keep coming back here thin king maybe I will be inspired or something but I think that won't happen for a long time.
    If Mary Hiashi comes by, I hope she reads this comment. I saw she had posted a story th eother day. But when I went to go read it today, my comp is not bringing it up. :S

  5. Why is it that the only things I can thing up right now are short skirts and bowling? I hate bowling. Despise it! (has to do with family events that made me scared and cry)

  6. I finally have time to write this. And Kal, I deleted the story because it was being stupid and I didn't have time to fix it. If I do, l'll repost.

    NAME: Lady Jargon (Why not?) :p
    AGE: 18 I suppose
    HERO TIME CHARACTERISTICS: Blood red eyes and longer, more wilder hair. Everything else remains the same.
    COSTUME: Ninja gear. (Shaolin type, all black, except for bandages which are white). Face up to the nose is covered (covers nose). Left eye covered by black bandages.
    WEAPONS: Two longer daggers, a few concealed daggers, kunai, and a Shaolin broadsword.
    POWERS: Immortal. Heightened senses. Faster than average human. Stronger than average human. Also proficient in a variety of fighting styles, Shaolin being the favoured.
    REASONS FOR POWERS: Extensive training since an early age. Experiments (especially with old magic).
    WEAKNESSES: Claustrophopic (has to be REALLY small spaces). Afraid of labs. If taken down she will not die but will be out for awhile. Prone to bouts of insanity.
    SKILLS: Speaks multiple languages. Proficient in many fighting styles. Great at singing and piano. Can drive any vehicle but prefers her motorcycle. Has a personal record of 19 kills in 4 seconds (no explosives involved).
    MOTIVATION: None really, fighting is what she's good at. So she does it. Although she does want to help those who cannot defend themselves.
    VILLAINS: None.
    NORMAL NAME: Mary Hiashi (Usually what she's called. The superhero name was a joke by her friend.)
    CHARACTERISTICS: Hair: long and black.
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5.7
    Race: Caucasion

  7. PERSONALITY: Usually very kind. Can be cold. Loves the more artistic. Very intelligent. Not a big fan of REALLY dumb people. More introverted. Has slight OCD.
    GOALS: To be the best kind assassasin she can be. (Oxymoron!)
    JOB: Assassin.
    OTHER: She has three mastiffs. Ghost, Lucy, and Cerberus.

  8. I hope that does it.
    As you can see I forgot those last three bits... Almost.

    Blessed be,
    Miss Mary Hiashi

  9. Superhero Name: Yume Takuto- (Roughly translates as “The Dream Waker/ Waker of Dreams)

    Age: 17

    Characteristics (While powers are activated, if they are):
    Height- 6”2
    Weight- 8 stone/52 kilograms
    Eye Colour- A glowing violet colour. Pulses and forms a spiral pattern.
    Hair- Lengthens and turns almost entirely blue. Hair floats around randomly but generally looks as though it is being blown back by a strong wind.
    Body Build- Doesn’t change with powers but normally he has a pretty normal body build. Very thin and kind of muscular (not obviously but you can tell they are there).
    Personality- Mischievous, loyal and kind. Intently quiet and doesn’t feel obliged to talk.

    Costume: Light body armour.

    Powers: Illusionist. Ability to create extremely realistic illusions simply by imagining them. The illusions look, sound, smell and taste realistic but the illusion is rendered useless when touched as although it will not break it becomes obvious that it is not real. Illusions are not limited to his viewpoint and can be projected anywhere but are more effective when projected in the sight of Octa as they are easier to control.

    Weapons: Skilled in Judo and proficient with a katana. But generally tends to use his illusions.

    Skills: Speaks fluent English, Japanese and Mandarin. Skilled in the art of composing haikus. Talented swimmer.

    Source Of Powers: Drugs and disease. Infected with a rare strain of yellow fever as a child which imbued Octa with his powers. He was treated with opium. Became addicted. Now maintains his powers with a concoction of opium and LSDs.

    Weaknesses: Octa loses control of his illusions when he sleeps and projects his dreams into the room around him. If anyone were to be there they could see his dreams and gain useful information from them which could be used to hurt or blackmail, especially if the dreams are embarrassing or show his fears or desires. Prone to dizziness and headaches which will disrupt his ability to concentrate on an illusion. Allergic to seafood. Has a vain streak.

    Villains: None specifically. I’m sure I’ll create a few later.

    Motivation: A hatred of Scientology. Believes that buy fighting crime he can hone his skills enough to take on the worst villains of all. Scientologists.

    Principal/Goal: The downfall of the Church of Scientology. Obviously he has dreams. Would like to raise a family. Learn. He loves to gain knowledge.

    Secret Identity/Alias/Normal name: Octa Shaoqi

    Characteristics (When not powered up. If powers don't change appearance, don't do this):
    Height- 6”2
    Weight-8 stone/52 kilograms
    Eye Colour- Blue
    Hair-Black with blue highlights. Eyebrows dyed blue. Hair is quite long but not quite shoulder length. Very straight (as in anime straight) and spiked.
    Personality-Generally the same as when using powers although less intense.

    Occupation: History student

    Other- Left handed. Gay. I should probably keep this PG so yeah nothing more to add there.
    Born in Manchuria. Moved to Tokyo when he was six. His parents disowned him when he came out aged 15 and he rebelled and became obsessed with Western culture. Ran away and moved to London. He has a cat.

    1. OK so I've thought some more about his costume now.

      The light body armour is silver in colour and is etched with sapphire blue patterns. The patterns glitter slightly. The chest is patterned with a circle with a single feather spanning the inside of it. The armour is strong but supple.
      Wears a long coat over the armour. It is very dark indigo and I'd love to make it out of velvet in the Henry VIII tudor style but I don't think it would work somehow. So instead I continue my search for the correct material.
      Finally wears a pair of nerdy glasses although he has perfectly good eyesight because they look awesome.

      EDIT: I'm going with the velvet because it's awesome and I don't care that the styles don't work :P

    2. YES! FANTASTIC Octa. Love that design! XD I was wondering though, if you were still unhappy with velvet, if perhaps you can make up a material that is somehting like velvet. In a world were some superheros are alien perhaps you roc found a lovely alien fabrick that is like velvet and was given it as a gift.
      Or, if you have seen the Incredibles, the family of super heros has this genius desinger/scientist friend. She uses science (and m ay be a bit of magic?) :D to m ake the outfits fit the power the superheros have. You could arrange for it to be the same way. But I must say, I do believe velvet is perfect and you roc will look STUNNING! I do believe you have my oc drooling over yours. ;) <3

  10. Superhero Name: Sahar Esh (translation- Fire Moon. Named after the fifth moon of planet Klomcorious, a sphere of a cold, liquid, lava-like substance)

    Age: 15 Klomcorious years, 210 earth years. Appears 15.

    Characteristics (While powers are activated, if they are):
    Height- 1 meter, 44 cm (4’8”)
    Weight- changes according to the weight of the substance her hands are at a given moment.
    Eye Color- a very, very dark indigo.
    Hair- normally styled in a long plait that starts on top of her head and goes down to her lower back. Redhead.
    Body Build- Humanoid. Very short and quite slim. Elfish features (no pointy ears, though). Athletic build. Pale skin (if you look closely, it’s close to a lilac shade, but normally looks white)
    Personality- daring, curious, adventurous, a quick learner, still very awkward around humans. Is very energetic and a passionate talker. Has a very strong sense of justice and can decide instantly whether she likes a certain person or not. Things considered trivial around humans (the existence of household pets) astound her, though things like mathematics, physics, rocket-science, religion, etc, seem stupid to her.

    Costume: Knee-high boots she has brought with her from Klomcorious (they have adjustable friction and do not make noise). Other than that, normal everyday clothes. Sahar likes t-shirts with supposedly humorous imprints such as ‘I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person’.

    Powers: Can turn her hands into any substance she knows about. If solid- remains in the shape of hands. If liquid or plasma- can shape it in any way she wants, but using only the mass of liquid equal to her hand’s mass (bones, tissue, blood, etc). If gas- can detach itself from her arms and move according to her will. Arms look like stumps until the gas is inhaled by something or someone or called back by her, in which case her arms grow back in their normal state.

    Weapons: Has a strong fear of guns, double barreled shotguns in particular. Dislikes explosions. Uses her hands in combat.

    Skills: Can single-handedly pilot a vacuum-powered spaceship. Is good with electronic circuits, but doesn’t understand computers and phones. Since arriving on earth, has learnt MMA to quite impressive achievements. Fluent in 7 languages (English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Russian, and Lomcor [Klomcorious’ native language])

    Source of Powers: The Klomcorious race is very intent on speeding up evolution processes. Sahar was a lab-grown experiment that was meant to develop a new Klomcorian race stage with the ability to transform themselves into anything by will. She hatched and proved a great success, and the Me’itscim (pronounced meh-ee-zim, Lomcor for Accelerators) have given her the tools to travel the Universe in search of all substances. They want her to come back as soon as she finds them all so they could extract the information from her brain (yes, that’s as painful as it sounds) and implant it in the new generation’s chromosomes. She knows better than to get back to Klomcorious, and she’s developed a fondness for earth and mankind, so she stayed.

  11. ~continued because it wouldn't let me post it in one part~

    Weaknesses: Very, very socially awkward. Can become too loyal too quickly, and her impulse to do what is right leaves her quite vulnerable to traps and the likes. She bonds very easily, and is insulted very easily. Stands out in a crowd, draws attention to self by shouting when things get too silent in her opinion. If she turns her hands into a solid and they break/tear (fabric)/etc then her hands don’t grow back (has a missing piece on her left little finger from when the Me’itscim tested that).

    Villains: The Me’itscim, I suppose? Any organization that would want to take her and do experiments on her?

    Motivation: Curiosity and an impulse for there to be justice. Will most likely physically harm a person who cheated on their loved ones, but will not touch a person who steals a television so they could sell it so their family would have food.

    Principal/Goal: To be loved. Not as a successful experiment, not as a skilled spaceship pilot, not as a phenomenon, but as a friend, a personality.

    Secret Identity/Alias/Normal name: Alice Lang.

    Occupation: Doesn’t go to school. Lives in a fancy studio apartment in central London. Has enough money to buy the entire planet, if she wanted to, due to a program in her spaceship, which she keeps in her living room.

    Other- Loves reading. Whether it’s poetry, horror books, schoolbooks, encyclopedias, the back of a cornflake box, signs, billboards... you get the picture.

    1. *Correction to Other-
      Loves reading, is attracted to (can fall in love with) humans of any gender, wishes she had a family.

  12. The woman stood still before the huge window of the laboratory that overlooked the concrete gardens below, holding onto the last piece of the puzzle that would be her salvation. Tall and thin the woman was a silhouette as the sun filled the window with light and illuminated all around her form. A young dark haired girl stood before the grayed hair lady eyeing her apprehensively. The girl was worried. Something was up. But as she gazed at the old woman who had taken her in out from the gloomy cold several years ago, she felt reassured. Despite being old and wrinkled, Lady Serena Noble still possessed strength and a fiery will that had kept her going on for many years. Kallista adored her and would do anything for her. She would even die for her. “Lady Noble?” Kallista questioned in a small voice. “What would you have me do? ”Lady Serena was brilliant and Kallista always hated interrupting her when she was thinking. But it seemed different today. Never had she seen Lady Serena so excited. Serena looked up reluctantly from the priceless artifact in her hands. Before her stood the girl who was her ultimate goal. Serena had felt fortunate when she had spied this young beauty a few years before, lost and alone without any family. She was like a gift from the Heavens. It had been a clear sign that she was to proceed with her dreams. Dreams of eternal youth. By tonight, she would have youth, beauty and power at her disposal. The world would be hers. The one regret she had was that the faithful Kallista would be no more. Faithfulness did not come around like that everyday. But it was a price she was willing to pay.

  13. “After tonight, all this will be over.” Serena whispered with barely contained excitement. “All the years of waiting will be paid off. I finally have the last artifact.”Looking back down in her hands, Serena once again admired the priceless jewel. Large and purple it shimmered as the rays of the sun reached it.“The Eye of the Lioness.” She breathed as she spoke the name if the fabled jewel. “Well done Kallista. It could not have been easy obtaining this from Egypt.” “I had a few problems but nothing could keep me from obeying your wishes.” Kallista answered humbly.“You are sure you were not injured.” Serena raised her eyebrows, concerned. “I can't have you becoming damaged on me.” “Nothing serious, Lady.”
    The elderly lady's voice barely shook as continued. “You have been faithful to me all these years and have retrieved for me all these priceless artifacts. I know it has not been easy. But your greatest test is yet to come. Will I still find you faithful?”“Of course Lady Noble.” Kallista stepped forwards eagerly. “I would do anything for you, It all was no trouble!”“Follow me child.“ Serena walked into the next room where the equipment was set up for the Transformation. “We don't have much time. A storm is coming and Beltine is almost upon us.”
    A dread filled Kallista as she obediently followed her guardian. Pausing at the door she turned back to look out the large window one last time. It was as Lady Serena had said, a storm was coming. Already the distant sky was forming a dark angry hue.

  14. “Kallista!” Serena called to her. “Come child. I need your help once more.”
    Obedient Kallista hurried over to the lady and helped the older woman as she set the artifacts in their chosen places.
    The last to be placed was the Eye of the Lioness. Just as it was fitted into the slot the first sound of thunder sounded.
    “Hurry child. We don't have much time. Now help me into this seat.”
    Kallista did as she was told, puzzled but still obedient. But when the old lady commanded the girl to belt her in, Kallista bulked.
    Serene laughed softly.
    “Come now Kallista. Are you really going to disobey me now? After all this time? I thought you would trust me better then that.”
    Chagrined Kallista hesitantly did as she was told.
    “Good girl.” Serena smiled. “Now listen close. I want you to place yourself in the other seat. See that drink there? I want you to drink that.”
    Despite her doubts Kallista did as she was told. She didn't understand but Lady Noble had never done her wrong before.

  15. Carefully she sat down on the cold leather seat even as more thunder roared across the sky. Shadows deepening in the room distracted her momentarily. Dizziness made her sway as all her senses seemed to tingle and go into overdrive. An unseen presence filled the room. She didn't know how she knew. It was just something she became aware of.
    “There is something here with us.” Kallista spoke uneasily. Her little “errands” that she had done for Serene when fetching the artifacts had taught her never to ignore such things.
    “Drink, Kallista.” Serena's voice became strained.
    Startled, Kallista glanced at her. Serena nodded reassuringly and pointed to the drink. Sighing Kallista did as she was told. Looking into the steel cup she saw it was a clear liquid. Kallista tasted it tentatively. Blue eyes widened as the sweet beverage slid over her tongue. Eagerly she finished it off.
    “What was this?” She asked in wonder, licking her lips.
    Serena rolled her eyes at the girl's slowness and decided to ignore her.
    Suddenly Kallista's body felt heavy. In a daze she lowered herself back into the chair, the cup falling from her limp hand. The weird feeling she had just moments before faded away from her as she eyelids dropped.
    “At last.” Serena beamed as she stared at the girl. “This is my last mercy to you Kallista. It's been lovely knowing you.”

  16. A flash blazed across the room as the storm hit directly over head of Serena Noble's private laboratory. A few more moments and Beltine would officially have arrived.
    Now even Serena could feel the pressure growing of an unseen presence, the same one Kallista had felt. The source seemed to come from the Eye if the Lioness it's self. The old woman could not keep her eyes of the jewel as it pulsed with power. Dimly, Serena became aware of voices whispering within the sounds of the rainfall and thunder. She knew what it was. The soul of the jewel was speaking and searching. It was a magical force searching for it’s next owner.
    Over the centuries the tale of the Lioness became myth and then became forgotten. Only few who studied things of ancient nature would no. Serena had known over forty years ago that it would be she who would obtain it.
    The older woman knew it would latch onto her, the only one with an active conscious. With barely disguised excitement she prepared her mind for the wish she new the Jewel would give her. Only one wish could be given by the Eye of the Lioness once every thousands of years. Her wish for youth and beauty would be finally reality.

    Kallista lay in a dreamless sleep. But when the last if the lights failed in the room and the light of the jewel blazed forth, Kallista jerked awake, gasping. Then sighing she settled back on the chair, unconscious.

  17. Sweat lined the forehead of the wrinkled old woman. Something was wrong. Then a beautiful but unearthly voice pieced through her mind.
    “I do not choose you.”
    Almost choking on her own panic Serena half shrieked back, her thin voice breaking. “I don’t understand! I am your owner. You are supposed to give me what I want!”
    “I do not choose you.” The voice spoke again, cold and powerful.
    “What do you mean?” Serena screamed wildly as she watched in disbelief as the Jewel dethatched it’s self from the bindings and orbited to Kallista. “I CHOSE YOU! You are supposed to be MINE!”
    Unseen energy whipped around the room, so thick Serena could feel it pressing upon her. It should have been a warning to her. But as she watched the chances of her dreams grow smaller, a rage broke through her normal regal reserve.
    “You WILL BE MINE!” She struggled futilely out of her bindings while casting withering glances over at the sleeping girl. “You CAN’T go to her. She is NOTHING!”
    “I have chosen Kallista Pendragon.” The Jewel declared, unmoved by Serena’s rage as it settled over the sleeping beauty. It sank into the girl gently and encased it’s self over her beating heart.

  18. Serena gasps as Kallista’s surname was revealed to her for the first time. The fact that Kallista wan not just a nobody wasn’t lost on her. The fact that Kallista was descended from ancient royalty, the true royalty was the last thing that Serena thought before the seizure took her.
    As she breathed her last, the words of the Jewel floated in her ears.
    “I and Kallista Pendragon are one.”
    Serena died.
    Kallista woke up to the feel of someone shaking her gently.
    Almost lazily she opened her eyes. She had been having a good dream. Her eyes met those of Dr. Tyler, Serena’s own personal assistant.
    “Kallista.” The doctor’s eyes were kindly. “How do you feel?”
    “I feel fine.” She answered puzzled. Usually the doctor took no notice of her. “What is going on?”
    “That is funny. We were going to ask you that.” The accusing voice belonged to Professor Harris, the managing assistant for Serena Noble’s facility.
    “Now, Jacob.” The Doctor half turned with a quiet warning voice to calm the agitated man. “She has just woken up.”
    “It’s been two days since Lady Noble died, Doctor.” Jacob snarled. “That is what you said when you examined her just now. How is it that Kallista is ok while Lady Noble is dead. It sure looks suspicious to me!”

  19. “I recommend looking at the security tape, Jacob.” The Doctor replied mildly with a nod towards the camera that was somewhat hidden. “I think our answers lie there.”
    Kallista had been listening in shock. Serena Noble was dead? It could not be. But there she was, lying still on the table where the doctor had placed her. Serena’s eyes were still opened in anger and horror, seemingly frozen that way.
    “You have been here unconscious apparently for two days, young lady.” The Doctor informed her gently.
    Kallista felt her head swim. But she did not faint. It felt as if her heart had been ripped from her. All that mattered was that Serena was dead. Feeling alone again for the first time in several years, Kallista set shell shocked.
    The professor made sounds of impatience at her.
    “Calm yourself Jacob, This is not the actions of a murderer. And as I have already said, Serena died if a seizure. It was not murder. I examined her myself.” Dr. Tyler turned steely eyes at the other man. “Or do you question my expertise.”
    The other man gulped and left it alone at that.
    But for Kallista, the next few days passed in a blur. Serena’s face kept appearing before her in her memory. But she did not cry. She could not. It was all knotted up deep within her, fear and grief making her almost cripple.
    Now sitting in the elegant office in what was once Serena’s home, Kallista pondered all that had taken place. She could barely remember the funeral. Not many people had showed up for it.
    Then there was the reading of the will. To her surprise she inherited everything, the mansion, the other homes in various countered, the land, and to everyone’s surprise, an island North of Egypt in the Mediterranean. To Kallista, it meant nothing. All she knew was that she was alone. The one she had loved most of all was gone. Now so were all her dreams.
    It was that thought that broke Kallista’s thin layer of control. She folded in on herself and wept for the first time in days.
    After a moment her wails turned into words of regret and loss and….
    “I am alone!”

  20. “You are never alone.” The gentle but firm voice spoke not aloud but in Kallista’s mind.
    It was soothing but it startled the girl.
    “Who are you?”
    “I am part of you.” Came the answer.
    Kallista did not understand but kept silent and wondered at the warmth the spread throughout her body. It was like a gentle hug.
    “Trust in me and let me show you all you need to know.”
    Even though Kallista didn’t understand what was going on, she found herself responding and agreeing to the promptings.
    “Who are you?” She asked out loud.
    “I am the Eye of the Lioness, child. But then again, so are you.”
    The voice sounded almost amused.
    “I don’t understand.” She cried out.
    “In time you will understand.” A vision of a silver lioness appeared before her, radiant in beauty. Kallista gasped in awe at the power that exuded from the lioness. “But for now, know this. I am only a part, and not a whole of a royal soul. Your soul. I was made long ago to be part of the soul of a worthy queen. I was made first for The Queen of Sheba. Then I was destined for Cleopatra. I was made to be with a destined Queen. But no royal blood called out to me for the longest time so I slept. But then one day I awoke to the song of the birth of a new Queen. Her soul cried out for me even though she was not aware of it. I have been trying to get to her since that day. At last I have succeeded. That Queen is you. You are my other half. I have been chosen for you and you for me as it has been destined. Now our souls are complete and we are one.”

  21. There was a lengthy pause as Kallista struggled to find words to say. Then she leaned forwards and whispered.
    “But I am no queen. I am not even a princess or a noble.”
    The Lioness smiled even as she faded from Kallista’s view. “But you are child. Even if the world thinks it’s has wiped away your royal lineage. You have much power in you child. I will help you with it. ”

    A portal opened up in front of Kallista revealing a lush forest lined along the sands of a sparkling pristine beach.
    “Step forward, Daughter of the Heavens. Fear not for what waits you. Nothing will harm thee.”
    Compelled, Kallista found herself doing as she was told. It was like stepping from one room of a house into another. Except now she stood on the beach of an island. Recognition flashed through her mind as she looked about. She knew this place! It was the island that Serena owned. She had never been there but had seen the pictures.
    “That’s right, Kallista.” The Lioness’s wise voice once more filled her mind. “It was not by chance that Serena Noble purchased this island. It was always meant for you.”
    Without needing to be guided, Kallista walked a path as if she had been here before. Past brightly colored flowers and thick green bushes and tress she walked, not pausing till she reached a little inlet. Somehow she knew that it was filled with fresh water. A crystal clear waterfall slashed dramatically down the side of a small cliff. Tall thick trees stood imposing around the surrounding rocky ledge. Kallista knew without having to be told that there was an entrance to the cave under the waterfall. This time without any hesitation she moved herself to travel under the force of the waterfall. It was magic she realized when she made it through easily. The force of the water had moved around her instead of beating down.

  22. Music filled her ears of which the like she had never heard before. It was lovely, enduring, and pulled at her till she walked further into the cave.
    In stunned awe she looked around. Every inch of the cave was spectacularly beautiful. Diamonds covered the walls of the cave and sparkled brilliantly with a hidden light. In the center of the cave was a small pool of water that shimmered from the light of the sun that shone down through an opening in top of the cave. It all took Kallista’s breath away.
    “No other human can enter this cave or come on this island without your permission.” The Lioness spoke. “This is a place for you to come to when you need to renew your soul and refresh your spirit.”
    Kallista had so many thoughts and emotions raging through her, she felt overwhelmed.
    But one thing pressed on her the most. She turned and bowed formally to where she thought the Lioness stood.
    “Thank you Great One.” She whispered. “I do not know your name or why you are kind to one such as I. But I think you. May I have the honor of knowing your name?”
    “I am Kallista Pendragon.” The Lioness responded with the sound of gentle amusement on her voice again.” And you my child are The Lioness. You are me and I am you. We are one.”

    1. Wow Kal that's so cool! Sorry it took me so long to read it... :/

      But it's awesome!

  23. Superhero Name: Radiation

    Age: 15

    Characteristics (While powers are activated, if they are):
    Height- 5'6”
    Weight- Err...average weight. 110 pounds?
    Eye Color- Glowing light blue-ish when powers are active. Also, the pupils can't be seen when the powers are active.
    Hair- Sometimes she will put it into a bun before she fights
    Body Build- Skinny, willowy build, but can take a hit. Very pale skin.
    Personality- She gets a bit more...crazy when she's using her powers. Basically, yes, she gets a bit SMAAAASH. (see lower for the rest of her personality)

    Costume: Fuchsia pants and a black t-shirt with a circle patch of gold flames on the side (half on the front, half on the back). Also wears a dark purple scarf and steampunk-y goggles.

    Powers: She can hear and talk to the spirits of the dead (however, she can't call back spirits. Contrary to what some people believe, she can't MAKE a spirit talk to her). When she really starts to use her powers (by catching onto recent trails of ghosts or just focusing really hard) her whole body starts to glow and she can float and pass through walls and...stuff. Can do some telekinesis type stuff when she's like this, but only on small objects. And she can breath underwater.

    Weapons: A jacked-up bo staff with all kinds of crazy functions, and her other inventions.

    Skills: She's good at sneaking around quietly and driving boats. She likes boats. Boats are her friends. She usually finds information quickly and efficiently, and loves to invent.

    Source Of Powers: She was born with it! She's a mutant, this one. It started showing when she was six, but REALLY started full-force when she turned ten, with random bouts of mediumship. Over time she has gain some control over it, but it still occasionally starts up by itself, so she has to carry sunglasses wherever she goes.

    Weaknesses: She doesn't like catacombs, which is ironic, because she can talk to the dead. Sometimes she will forget to eat or sleep for days on end, and tends to pass out from fatigue and hunger at inconvenient times.

    Villains: She enjoys annoying Loki, and basically anyone else.

    Motivation: Her mom didn't want a mutant daughter, and tossed her out of the house. Her father, still loving his daughter, took her to her uncle, who was a good man and promised to take care of her. Her dad died soon after. She aspires to be strong and selfless, like him.

    Principal/Goal: Just to help the world in anyway she can.

    Secret Identity/Alias/Normal name: Amelia Norris

    Characteristics (When not powered up. If powers don't change appearance, don't do this):
    Height - Same
    Weight - Same
    Eye Color- Dark green
    Hair- Curly, dark reddish auburn. It used to brown, but after doing some undercover work for her uncle in the FBI, she had to dye it to, you know, stay alive. After being dyed red so much, the red permanently tinted her hair.
    Personality- She's a big, snarky goofball. She is a firm believer that mornings are things that happen to other people and sleeps as long as she can. Amelia is obsessed with inventing things, and likes to make silly things that provide no real use to the world (as far as anyone else can see). But she is generally calmer than when using her powers. If she gets mad, she won't talk to you for days. Despite often working with undercover agents, she has a reckless streak. Loves to investigate things.

    Occupation: Student, but she also works at a bookshop. The bookshop belongs to her uncle, and often she will disappear from school and life when helping him out on a case.

    Other: Likes to play the ukulele. Has a cat, William Shakespeare, and a dog, Professor Walnut.

    1. Edit to weakness: she is also afraid of rabbits.

  24. Superhero Name: The Lioness

    Age: 14

    Super Hero Characteristics: There are Three stages
    1st: Human
    Height- 5'10
    Weight- 113 pounds
    Eye Color- Violet
    Hair- A shimmery gold/silver blend that hangs in long corkscrew curls
    Body Build- That of a ballerina. Graceful and delicate looking yet strong and powerful.
    Personality- Has cat like traits. Will stare at a person with a mask like face and cunning eyes. Many find this disconcerting. Often will pull faces to her comrades unexpectedly at odd times, often inappropriate which she will find very amusing. Loves high places. Is protective of her friends, children, and other animals.
    2nd:Siamese Cat
    Appearance: Can transform into a Siamese Cat. Has violet eyes when in this form.
    3rd Gold/Silver Lioness
    Appearance: Can also transformed into a Lioness. IS larger then a real Lioness and can change color a from gold to silver depending o n what she is dealing with. If she is silver she is in a more forgiving mood. If she is all gold then you all better watch out! ;P

    *In any of her shapes, she is able t o communicate with others using her mind. She can also absorb the force of any weapon and electricity then re use it against enemies. Sh e is nor easily killed. Her jewel heart will shine through and put up a shield like barrier. But she is no immortal. She doe have nine lives though.
    Costume: (as human) A pearly white material like silk that is draped over one shoulder and gathered at the waist loosely and belted with pearls. It is like a long tunic, old Egyptian style. She has leggins of the same color and material with knee high silver boots

  25. Powers: Has the agility of a cat and can jump great distances. Can also jump from create heights and land unharmed. Is like an acrobat but a thousand times better. Can climb the sides of buildings. Her fingernails can turn into claws. Also possesses the Lioness's Cry, where she can utter a sonic boom. (not sure how to describe it) It has the effect of a tornado/earthquake. She has the ability to influence all animals to do her will.

    Weapons: Is being trained with all weapons in all the different styles. The Eye of The Lioness enables her to pick up the skills fast and easily. Prefers to fight with only her body but will often use what ever is handy as a weapon.

    Skills: Likes anything on wheels: Cars, motorcycles, skateboards, roller blades and is a master of all. She is a martial artist and also a dancer.

    Source Of Powers: The ancient magic of the rare Eye of the Lioness jewel. It is part of her now and is encased over her heart.

    Weaknesses: Large bodies of water. Can swim but is rendered weak.

    Villains: Whoever violates the rights of humans, animals, nature.

    Motivation: Her need to protect the innocent and vulnerable and to love and to be loved..

    Principal/Goal: To see all that she loves and cares about is safe and healthy.

    True Name: Kallista Pendragon
    Legal Name: Lady Kallista Noble

    Normal Characteristics
    Height - 5'7
    Weight – 107 pounds
    Eye Color- blue
    Hair- Straight black.
    Personality- Very kind but is a natural born troublemaker. Loves anything that sparkles and shimmers. Charms wealthy people into gifting her with jewels all the time.

    Occupation: She is a wealthy girl who is privately tutored by specialists who are masters in unique studies. Is preparing to be a debutant.
    Has a faithful guardian until she is of age, Dr.Tyler. He oversees things.

    Other: Likes to dress like she is a serious person. Often seen wearing an upper class chic school girls uniform complete with tie and a short plaid skirt. Wears glasses to continue her pretense as a serious minded individual. This enables her to hoodwink anyone unsuspecting. She will never truly take advantage of anyone or harm another person. (if they are innocent)
    She is a very graceful fun loving person but will hide how much she cares for people.

    1. I will add a bi tmore to this BIO tomorrow. I apoligies for all thetypos. I was falling alseep when I typed it up. :)
      The story above will provide some extras I forgot to put in the BIO. :D
      Also, she will have some more weaknesses that what I have put down.
      ....and if she seems like a Mary Sue it is because I wanred her that way.

    2. On more thing (sorry) Kallista can also appear to be lazy. (just like a cat) She will be aloof and coy some times, teasing and lazy. But she is always aware and always ready to pounce. She can move as fast as lightning when she needs to and will suddenly startle evil dudes when one moment she is lazy and the next moment she is at thier throats, deadly, cunning, and smug.
      She does love and needs affection from those she loves. Also loves to tease and sometimes, in her two animal forms, will stalk her friends (most likely at an inappropriate time. Delibrate on her part) But she is sensitive to thier moods too and will always be there for them to encourage, love, and support.
      Her weakness: The Wormwood Onyx. It is an old jewel almost as old as the Eye of The Lioness. It was teh result of a curse brought on jealouse vengeful Egyptian princess. It is meant to kill whoever the Eye of The Lioness choosses. But by the power of the Lioness Jewel, to preserve the life of the Chosen one, the Chosen One willl not die but turn into an Empress Tree and slumber till one skilled in magic can take the Wormwood Onyx away.
      Kallista will not be able to be in the same room with some one who possesses the jewel. It will weaken her and the closer it gets to her, the more she will lose strength and consciousness. If it touches her or is bound to her that is when she will turn into the Empress Tree.
      The current wearabouts of The Wormwood Onyx is unknonw as is it's history and threat. It was lost over time. Or....was it? :D

    3. Forget what I said about the solution to Kallista's ultimate threat. The only way to free her from the tree bondage is to find the pool of Daphne's Tears, fetch a portion of it using Cassandra's ivory and crystal vase and bring it back to the Kallista Empress tress and pour it around the base of the tree.
      *Please note: Cassandra and Daphne are from Greek myths but I did make up the vase and the pool. :D
      Sorry to get so involved in this. I didn't mean too and hope I have not annoyed anyone. Especially Mar! *hugs*

  26. WOW! BRILLIANT OC's guys! I can't w ait to see them used in a s tory together! YAY! FTW