Monday, August 1, 2011

March Pathway


This is a bit awkward, but this thought has been thrown around in my mind too much so...I'll just come out and say it. I think. Aaah...

Well, I'm sure you are all aware of my OC, March Pathway. If your not, offence, but...yeah, um, so you are all aware of March, you know, has a frying pan, is on Dusk's 'Kill' list.

I've...been considering this for awhile, and...ah, what the heck.

Should I re-write March's bio completely?

She'd still be short, be a shapeshifter, and have the same weird hair and eye color, but besides that, I'd change a bunch.

I realized...maybe I'm not satisfied with her or something? With her strange raw curiosity? Maybe I just need something (or someONE, rather) to help me with writers block? Or maybe I should just make a different version of her alltogether? Like, keep the one now andmake a copy or something?

(I apologize for any typos. Ipod is being a idiot)

Or...I honestly dont know. Help? Please?

Maybe I should just make another character alltogether...I've already made three others.

Rex: Thanks for agkowlaging us.
Arthur: Shut Up, Rex. She's talking.
Micky: what are you guys doing?
Micky: I think you spelled that wrong.
Arthur: me?
Micky: no, Rex.

...yesss...? Noooo...?

*shuffles feet*

They're...not from the Skulduggery world, if your wondering.

Arthur: But I blow stuff up.
Me: Your an assassin, you kill PEOPLE, not machines.
Arthur: was. Was an assassin.
Micky: Oooh, is this online? HELLO...O...O...!
Rex: I apologize, for them.
Me: thank you, Rex. For being serious.
Rex: but I have the cool boots.
Me: *headdesk*
Micky: no you don't! I do!
Rex: Yeah right!


  1. LOL
    Mar, I like the new ones. ^^
    And she's your OC, it's up to you to change her. *shrugs*
    But maybe you should include something like... you know... everyone who's using the current version can continue with it. *shrugs*

    Anyway, I like the new ones. ^^

  2. Mar! *hugs her*
    You are a brilliant person with a brilliant oc! I remember how I could not wait to use her. She is perfect as is. If you want to change her, it's up to you. I will love her no matter what. I just hope you don't change her to much. :)

    And I love the new OC's too. LOL
    Micky or Mick is a nickname of mine. :D