Thursday, August 4, 2011

Managing Stories

Hello there!

I'm sure your all wondering when I'll be posting the nest part of my various fan fictions, am I right?

Well, I am here to explain that all.

Lets see...where to begin...well, lets start from the beginning.

Ah, the SP fanfiction. The first one. Here's a picture that may re-fresh your minds.

Remember? Okay, well, don't ask why its to the side like that because I never intended for it to be.

The deal with this fan fiction is that it will probably never be continued. Never. That was merely me experimenting with fan fictions. It had no plot what so ever, so BYE BYE fan fiction.

Even if I were to continue, it would be the most messed up fanfiction ever, and it may end with us all being turned into vampires, or worse, falling into a large black pit with spikes at the bottom.

That, is one of my worst nightmares on how to die. Being sliced and chopped up...but still alive.



Ah, yes. Cirque De Birds.

Maximum Ride fan fiction, about us, as kids with wings. Only wrote the prologue to that. May pick that up again sometime soon, may not. Or I may make another Maximum Ride fan fiction, because that serious gave me a whole new way to fly, my most wanted dream (I first flew on a airplane when I was under the age of three. I grew up going to airports. Now Its my favorite place to people watch. Of COURSE I'll want to fly!).

Aaaaaah...Red Shoes Magic...a truly morbid tale of what happens when the Red Shoes are actually real. Poor, poor Kasch. At least she has Bela.

WELL. The thing is, with Red Shoes, I may continue it, or I may not. Depends when inspiration strikes. Be patient.

The Shugo Chara fan fiction, Dream Guardians.

Well, you see...

Don't be ridiculous. Of COURSE I'm still gonna write that with Mir and Thalia!

Labyrinth. The story of March's past.

I'm deserting that. Truth it, I really don't know what happened when March was little. And the times and dates and stuff confuses me.

No picture for that.

The Hacker...that story about how Jodi Harte and my newer OC break into the sanctuary...well, I never really started that. Maybe will. Inspiration will strike....

Aaaaand...that's about it, right? 

Well. That is all.

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