Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alice's Adventues In Stormyland

Its raining, (with lightning and thunder), and I'm sitting in the little space under my bunk bed, where I have my bookcase, and I'm reading Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Its a good book, so far.

But, my thoughts are now all spoken (at the moment) in a formal, british accent. Haven't that faintest clue as to why, but I have a feeling it has to do with the book.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if books could talk? The older books would have more stories then the ones printed, that's for sure.

Many story plotlines are twirling in my head, but I'm rather tired, and I don't know which story line to pick, and I'm still confused about what happened when we drove home, so I think I'll just go back to reading.

(My mom and I were driving home, and there were these two Idiots riding bikes on the wrong side of the road. Worse, it was at a intersection. My mom nearly ran one over when we turned, my mom called them Idiots, and I reconized the two as kids from our school. Lets see if Mir and Thalia can guess who, hmm? The one I reconized fully's initials are MM. Hmmm, he was in me and Mir's social studies class last year, I despise him with all my heart, he's obviously a numbskull, and he was in Ariah's pride last year as well. If you two guess it by the first day, I'll buy you guys some cookies in the lunchroom)


  1. Wow Mar. I'm glad you and your mom are OK.*hugs her*
    Those dudes should not be allowed to be on the road!

    I hope you can write down your thoughts and ideas so you can sort through them mor eeasily.
    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. I know who that idiot is. He was in my art class. And I was seated in between him and someone else I hate. I'll tell you who he is on the first day for security purposes. I'm pretty sure I could guess the other guy with a few tries.

    And now, Mar. Write, for your writings are always awesome!

  3. Idiots? What idiots? (Note: My brain doesn't waste time remembering insane idiots who have no life.) But I'm glad you didn't run them over, you would have guts smeared all over the bottom of your car..., thank you brain for giving me that lovely image.