Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm late!

We're late! The plane is late! God god, just add everything in there!

Screw this. I'm sprouting wings. We're flying alone.

Ya ta, big metal bird!

(Yeah, well, we're flying home today. Aka Akron, then we would drive home. But first we would fly to Washington DC, then to Akron. BUT, Oh, look, THE PLANE IS LATE. About getting home at ONE IN THE MORNING!!!!!!! Jeez, just give us that Hurricane to be (Emily, in case yur wondering), and we'll do just DANDY)

Columbus? We're not goin to Columbus! I don't wanna go to Columbus!

Now a word from my inner Characters.

Rex: well this sucks.
Micky: no duh, genius.
Scarlet: Yup.
Arthur: Scar, your the one with wings.
Scarlet: I'm...working on that.
Conrad: I'm hungry.
Rain: I'm hungry too.
Scarlet: I know, kids.
Micky: we just had Wendy's...
Rain: look! A racoon!
Conrad: It's a badger!

(Um, badger raccoon thing inside joke.)

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