Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hi (Kallistaaaa! I know your there! C'mere!)

Hello. How are you all doing today? Great...I'm doing fine, thanks.

I'm in the Washington DC airport right now. Reagen National Airport. Had a great view coming in. We saw a lot of monuments. I saw the Capitol building. Washington monument. Jefferson. Lincoln. Didn't see the White House however. Dunno where that is.

Our flight is delayed. Big, big storms. Two people today went to the hospital already. We flew through the same storms, however, and we're okay. Low on gummy worms, but okay.

So, this is time to reach another point.

KALLISTA! Come over here! I wanna talk! And now is the perfect time!



  1. Now I have to go DANG IT!

    Jeez...today is so weird...

    And...I'm killing my moms IPhone.

    Hmm. Note to Self: Get a iPad...

  2. Aww..*hugs Mar*

    Sorry I missed you my friend! I had to go make dinner!
    I'm so glad you are ok MAr! *hugs tightly*
    I'm praying that you will have safe travel home.

  3. *pats Kallista on the head*

    what did ya make for dinner? Was in yummy?

  4. Please don't kill yourself, okay? I'd rather not be notified that my best friend has been turned to some pile of ash due to a lighting bolt. *Bear hugs Mar* Stay safe, okay?