Saturday, August 6, 2011


At the wedding reception in Florida! My mom gets to Facebook, I get to blog! Take that FaceBook!

Well, yes, I've been to the beach in case your wondering. Got stung by a mini baby Jellyfish. We all did.

Oh, and the movie Finding Nemo's status has now been restored to my favorite movie.

I will name him squishy and he will be mine~

...the screens all bright. My Uncle called my name about thirty times before I finally looked his way and was blinded by the flash of his camera.

Bye for now! Be back on around...Wednesday?

(MIR! Are you doing Cross Country?!?! ANSWER ME CHIBI!!!!)


  1. Awww, Hugs MAr and glares at the baby jelly fish*

    *gives it a lecture about not hurting her friend then puts it in a time out*

    I hope you have a fun vacation there MAr with no more little or big jelly fish stinging you.

  2. Bad squishy! Bad! No stinging Mar.
    LoL. Hope you have a good time in Florida! :]

  3. I actually drew Squishy with a cheap crayon on a napkin ;D

    Then I played tick tack toe with a fly. Then I fed it a French Fry.

    Good times, good times~

    *hugs everyone*

  4. Cross country next year? YES! Of course I'm doing that, I love to run!

    Squishy~ :D