Wednesday, December 21, 2016

(41) woods

This part was originally titled ‘build that ship’ but that’s probs some obscure video game reference so let’s not do that

The rain fell down hard onto her umbrella, effectively surrounding her in an an aura of noise. If anything was following her, she couldn’t hear it. It didn’t help that her boots kept sloshing around in puddles, the water soaking right through to her socks.

Rui’s mother had told her a story once, about a little girl who was traveling in the woods alone. Though she was warned at the entrance, the girl failed to leave an offering for  the forest guardian, and lost her way, never to be found again.

There probably wasn’t any forest guardian in this forest, though. Just monsters.

Nothing a can-do attitude and a baseball bat can’t fix, of course!


Rui paused suddenly, to check her peripheral.


At yet… she had the strongest feeling that something was following her.

She started walking again, but this time a little faster.

Feelings of paranoia grew, Rui swore she heard a snarl, and soon she was running as fast as she could through the woods, bat smacking against her legs as mud hit the back of her jeans.

Rui burst through the garage door and just as quickly slammed it behind her, panting.

“Holy shit!” Chrys leapt back from a stool. “What’s wrong?”

Still trying to catch her breath, Rui looked out the window to see--

Nothing. There was nothing there.

The feeling was gone.  

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