Friday, December 23, 2016

(43) till death do us part

It happened suddenly.

A jerk, and to Rui, time skipped a beat.

Steven and the man were standing close, in an almost intimate position. Steve was leaning in, like the man was telling him a secret. It could have looked normal.

Then a second passed, and the man pulled the knife out of Steven’s stomach only to dig it back in again with another violent move.

Something roared in Rui’s ears, her arms locking up. Marcy screamed, distantly.

The knife went in again.

Steve was falling, wilting like a flower. The front of his shirt looked too red, too bright. Rui moved forward to catch him, but the man held out the knife towards her.

A threat.

“Where am I?”

Jesus christ! How does she even respond to that?

Steven was looking too white, too pale and sickly and limp to be alright, and Rui still couldn’t bring herself to say anything.

I said, where am I?”

The man shook Steven a little, and Rui blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

You’re here!”

“What does that mean?” He turned the knife to Steven again, and Rui’s knees felt like rubber. “Where the hell is this?”

Marcy whimpered, “Please-“

But abruptly, without any warning, both Steven and the man were gone, having disappeared into thin air.

There was an oppressive silence where they were left, broken only by Marcy’s crying.

Words were still caught in Rui’s throat, everything she could have said or should have said or what she could still say, trying to get out and rising up like vomit and oh wait no that’s actual vomit.

Till death do us partAAYYYYYYY

anyways. i cant figure out what’s wrong with the spacing on this doc.

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