Saturday, December 31, 2016

(49) woof

I love my kids! I love running and jumping and chasing birds but not the good bird because we’re friends, but the other birds are fun fun fun fun fun to chase.

This place is very different from the place we grew up in but it’s ok! Less people less noise less light but more fun more green, more of my kids to take care of.

Marcy is older now, not small and squishy, but very busy and grown. Smells less like milk, more like moss and petrol and dust. She still cares, still plays with me good fun a lot of balls lots of tug of war! She was fun when she was still squishy but she is fun now good fun.

She has an angry friend yells a lot but it's ok he means well he yells but he’s nice deep down.

Very deep down but he’s ok.

The air is fresh here! lots of new animals and creatures but I keep my kids safe there’s no need to worry. I’m very fierce I can fight the strange things in the woods that are big and noisy and smell like trees and mud.

I can tell they all had trouble with the change in the air and the woods. It was loud loud loud for days and you could feel the Bad in the air and see it in the sky and hear the panic and the everything.

Then it was quiet.

Then the kids came back! And they were tired and sad and were bothered by the Bad but I can fix it and be there for them and it is ok!

It will be ok.

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