Monday, December 26, 2016

(45) mothers

Will’s mother seemed to be more focused on social appearances than her actual children. She would do what she had to, and wished her children well, but spent a great majority of her time at social gatherings. There were once ugly rumors at Will’s school, about how his mother never wanted children but couldn’t handle the social stigma of an abortion. One time, Artie got in trouble for punching a girl in the bathroom over these rumors. Will never told his mom about that.

Marcy’s mother was just like her husband: always working. She was even more distant than Marcy’s father, if that was possible. In the end, it was Marcy’s aunt who took Marcy to her first day of school, and who comforted her when she cried. A small part of Marcy wished it could have been different, but… that never played out.

Rui’s mother did what was best for her daughter. She worked hard to make sure her daughter had food on the table and a roof under her head. She paid for school trips and extra books; listened to her daughter talk about whatever interested her at the time. It was hard on her sometimes, from what Rui was able to see, but she never blamed her mother. Ms. Carter was raising a little girl all on her own, away from other family and support, and Rui loved her for it.

Steven’s mother was the mother of five very particular children. It was hard having so many when they were younger, but once Emile was old enough to drive, she could relax some. Mrs. Segura wanted them to be prepared for anything, made sure they were ready to take on the world regardless of what may be in it. The Segura children grew up in a large and supportive family, in the end. The only time they didn’t go to their mother with a problem was when they didn’t want to worry her too much. Regardless, Steven always had someone.

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