Thursday, December 22, 2016

(42) mars

Gloss has 1 prosthetic arm and 1 prosthetic leg, fyi

Does she look cute in this space suit or what?

Seriously, her people did not make any attractive space gear. It’s all necessity and extra air pockets, all that boring stuff. But this thing is both fashionable and attractive. It’s pretty good being a Cattlayan sometimes, all things considered.

Maybe one day they could buy their own spaceship, you know, everyone could pitch in or something--


She jumped, “What?

Gloss smacked the side of the doorway twice, “Are you coming or what?”

Fine, fine.

The environment outside was dry and bright, the sun large in the sky. Buildings seemed to shine around the trio as they made their way to the outpost, Steve leading the way.

Their destination itself looked like just about every other structure: metal and futuristic. Inside, Steve poked around at the controls for a few minutes before another man came out from a corner, demanding the three of them leave.

“So, do we get to keep these suits?” Rui nudged Gloss.

“What are you talking about? We stole them anyways.”

Borrowed. But, they are cute.”

“You know what? You’re right. These people are rich, they can buy more. Let’s take ‘em.”

Steve was a little less tolerant of their idea when they were found out, but it didn’t really matter: he was distracted with the issue at hand. He would probably forget when they left, then they could smuggle the suits away where Steve couldn’t get them.

That was what they figured when it all went down the drain, anyway.

Everything was awful and loud and quite frankly, the planet looked like a hell hole, complete with screaming monsters… and Gloss.

No, really. She took off her arm and started beating a monster with it.

They were running for a gap, any kind of opening, just trying to get off this self destructive planet before everything collapsed in on itself. Gloss kept turning back to fight, but Rui continuously tugged her backwards, Steven yelling at them to keep up.

With a crash, they were somewhere Else.

Gloss fell to the ground, dropping her arm by her side, her one sleeve hanging loosely. “What. The hell.

….Does this mean they get to keep the suits?

listen…. I could tell you this wasn’t inspired by Doom 2016 but then i would be Lying.

i also dont remember the original setup for this

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