Saturday, December 24, 2016

(44) fathers

William Grim, Rui Carter, Steven Segura, Marcy ???

Will's father was professional. He always dressed in suits and neatly ironed pants. Nothing more, nothing less. Will and his father has a good relationship, if a minimal one. He made sure Will was provided for, and encouraged his interest in computers, if nothing else. Mr. Grim saved all his disappointment for his eldest son.

Rui never knew her father; it was a choice her mother made when she was very young. From a young age Rui was spirited away to the north, away from her father and her grandparents and into the night. When asked about it, her mother said it had been the best choice available to them. Rui trusted her mother.

Marcy's father was distant; he was always busy working. There were mild, obligatory attempts of affection, but it never truly meant anything. For the most part, Marcy grew up away from his gaze.

Steven's father, most definitely, was the best. Mr. Segura did his best to give all his children what they needed; he did whatever he could. Children should be cherished, as should wives and good art. He was very traditional in that way, but loved his children regardless of what they decided to become. If one of his children wanted to pursue an unorthodox profession, he was fine with that. He never pushed Steven to do anything he didn't want to do.

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