Wednesday, December 28, 2016

(48) memories

Or also maybe ‘before the beginning’ because that was the prompt

Winters were always cold there. The first big snow storm Steven remembered was absolutely MASSIVE: it knocked out power and swept away trees and forced their town into a stand still for a week.

It was much too cold, his mom said. He wasn’t allowed to go outside, but he wanted to dig his hands into the fresh white powder SO BAD that he tried to sneak out. He picked out his winter coat all on his own and jammed a hat over his head, and was halfway to waddling to the door when his father caught him in the act.

Then his father gave him a stern Look, and Steven immediately burst into tears.

But all children, they say, can be bribed with a good cup of hot coco.

This week is shit anyway so have something ive just been sitting on

Did you hear that carrie fisher drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra?

oh wait no!!!!!!

I dont know what to do with this so….. Here i guess?????

“Rui what did you do”

“I was drunk and I got the world’s smallest tattoo where they misspelled love as ‘lvoe’”


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