Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 EDIT: I..well, I added more to the descriptions.

Okay. Time To begin a brilliant writing project.

But You're going to choose.


Vote for the two you like the best below. Then Maybe I'll morph something, take a little of this, a little of that, and dramatic music will play in the background, like it is now.

I set Up a few story ideas, and the Pros and Cons about each.

Idea Seven is mainly subections, so choose which one you want for the whole story.



Story One: A girl lives in a huge community, set in modern day. In this community are artists, mucisians, writers, philosiphers, and anyone who has a endless supply of wit. These people stay away from all the other people un-like them, those from another part of a community.

However one day she finds its all a lie. She's really in a brain stimulation machine, located in a 'insane' institute in a valley somewhere in the northern part of the world. Everyone in her community has their own room, and is hooked up to their own machine somewhere in the Institute. They are all kept there because they have the possibility to take over to world.

Or Destroy it.

Pros: Great Idea. It's just like school.

Cons: Hmm... I see a mix of Divergent, and a bit of Maximum Ride, with the whole Institute thing...


Story Two:

“Math Kills!”

Ever say that? One girl did. Or used to, depending on when you look at it. Because, It really did kill her.

 Sample: "Warning! I'm really her spirit. She died a while ago."

"...What killed you?"

"Remember that math test on lesson 3?"


"That did."


"Textbooks are very dangerous my friend."

Pros: I can SO relate. So can many of you...

Cons: Um...well that description wasn't very detailed...


Story Three:

When a Girl Sleepwalks, she wakes in another world.

Sample: "HOLY CRAP!" (Authors Note: ...I honestly don't know.)

Pros: Errr...I dunno. I thought of this on the bus, really...

Cons: Same as Pros.


Story Idea Four: I pick really cool actors, give them something to 'act' and write a story about it. List some actors or actresses below if you like...

Pros: I can have FUN with this...!

Cons: You'll possibly pick someone like Lady Gaga.


Story Idea Five: The H-Tardis (Hellboy Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) expariment!

How will we turn Hellboy back to normal? Well let's at least have a little fun with it first!

Ha Ha Ha...!

Sample: "Who the h*** are you?" The Doctor asked.

Mar rocked back and forth on her heels. She looked at Hellboy/Rob/Israel (Authors Note: errr...what should I refer to you as...?), who was looking around the Tardis in awe. Thalia, JimmyBelle, and Mir were looking at her, expecting her to say something. Mar looked down at the frypan that was rigged with other technology. Mar looked back at the Doctor, feeling a weird sense of Deja Vu.

"Why...I'm the... Dentist."

Pros: I nearly give JimmyBells dad a heart attack. Story to possibly include a Sonic Frypan. Whatever that is, if I can make it...

Cons: We all fall on Hellboy at one point...


Story Idea Six: Something Clever.

(Don't Actually Vote For That, LOL!)


Point Of View: First Person, Second Person, Or Third Person?
Short Story or 'Novel'?


Story Idea Eight: A girl gets sucked into a video game, where she meets all different weird proto-types, pixels, and bosses.

Sample: "...Why shouldn't I go into the candycane forest?"

"Because the unicorns will eat you."


"Well, they DO breath fire."

Pros: Cool characters~

Cons: Um...various...pixilated unicorns. Yeah. That breath FIRE!


Hmm... Well, I may have another post like this later.

Remember, two story ideas, and everyone must vote for things in sub-section seven.

Basically: Two story ideas and sub-section seven!


Point Of View: First Person, Second Person, Or Third Person?
Short Story or 'Novel'?



  1. Idea's one and five.

    Third Person


    (p.s. Jimmybelle has an 'e' at the end)


  2. LOL "You'll probably pick someone like Lady Ga-ga." I could almost feel the burn of that glare you were giving to everyone ;)

    I like 1 and 5 as well. I like one because it has the most detail and i can see where you're going with it, and i like five because...well, because of this: *runs back to own blog* 'Oooh-wee-ooh...oo-we-oo-oo-oooo!'

    ...Yeah. That.

  3. LOL
    I pick 1 and 5 as well. I would love to see what you come up with!

  4. 1 and 4!

    ...plus, can you actually add the cons from story 8?

    i actually like the idea of pixel fire-breathing unicorns!

    HAHAHAHA! :)

  5. Hmmm...
    Four and five.
    And... third person.


  6. one and five! :D and the third person is good! :) although, i gotta say, that it would be quite nice to have it first person... i always like those kinds of stories... :D

  7. One and five~ (It's hard to pick because everything you write is brilliant!)

  8. Good god...all you people are choosing "One and five"

    so...That combination is no longer avaiable.

    one or the other. one or five. five or one.

    still two choices.

    If you chose "One and five", I want you to re-vote.

    Sorry, its just that way too many of you are choosing that.

  9. *glares at Mar*


    Five and eight.

  10. Hope I'm not too late!
    This is going to be hard! So many cool sounding ideas! :D
    Ok ummm

    I'm trying to choose 2 from 3 I find really awesome sounding/funny....

    Ok.... I pick......

    and second person


  11. I ALMOST chose 5 just 'cause it looks so HILARIOUSLY awesome, but then I saw the first two people chose 1 an 5 so decided to be different :P

  12. LOL Mar did you think my name's Rob? ;] That's my dad's name, my name in real life is Joseph/Joe xD

    I think that if you're referring to me as a Skulduggery lover, then it would be Joe. If you're writing about me being Israel Elysium, then it should be Israel. But if you're writing about me being a blogger, then it should definitely be Hellboy.

    But most people don't even know my real name, so it'd just be better to call me Hellboy or Israel, depending on the story.

    And I dont think I voted for seven. It should be third or second person (I forgot the difference) and should be past tense. Also should be a novel.

  13. ...oh my god...your names Rob, not Joe- NO! JOE, NOT ROB!



    *laughs from weird joke*

  14. I chose 1 and 5.
    1 and 5
    1 and 5
    1 and 5
    1 and 5
    1 and 5
    1 and 5
    1 and 5

  15. O.o steven-robert? Now that IS weird, because my dad had about five different friends with the name 'Steve' back in school....

    Alright, not reaaaally connected, but i had to try and relate to it somehow.

    ...1 and 5...1 and 5...1 and 5...