Friday, May 27, 2011


Thalia says hello.

We ate cake.

Thalia is twisting a miniature plastic trophy in my face.

She says not to say that.

I say I will.

She says "RAWWR!"

We both start to laugh.

Thalia begins to make star wars noises.


It is not letting me see what I am writing on my ipod.

Pardon me, but we have to take our leave.

(Thalia still smells like dead people.)


  1. *sticks out tongue at Mar*


    It was because I didn't change clothes. But now I am in my PJ's and no longer smell of the dead.

    God, that was so fun. Star Wars noises are just awesome. But I think I ate too much cake...

  2. LOL I wish I knew you guys in person and just... watch ;D

  3. Ditto.
    Although I had a friend who was being funny so I posted him...